20 Fantastic Braid Styles for Girls


Braids are not only a timeless style but also a great option for the upcoming summers. They are versatile, elegant, cute, and look amazing on most of the girls. It looks good on every kind of outfits. It is a universal hairstyle and you can experiment with volume, different hair texture and length. In this article, you will come across the list of 20 fantastic braid styles for girls. All these hairstyles are interesting and full of creativity.

List of 20 Fantastic Braid styles for Girls:

1.) Fishtail Braids for Girls:

fishtail braid braidstyles for girls

This is one of the awesome hairstyles for medium haired and long haired girls. It is easy to make one and perfect for the upcoming summers. It is also great for taming stubborn frizzy hair.

2.) Headband Braid styles for Girls:

headband braidstyles for girls

This hairstyle is excellent for girls who want a style plus want to keep the motto of simplicity. Comb your bangs to one side and let it flow on the forehead.

3.) French Braids for Girls:

french braidstyles for girls

A french braided style is going to make you look adorable and cute. It’s not too hard, just a few practice sessions and you will master it. Leave some loose hair strands loose around the face.

4.) Two French Braids into a Pony:

two french braids into a pony braidstyles for girls

This hairstyle is perfect for school going girls who want a chic hairstyle right from the childhood. Make two french braids on both the sides of the head and bring them back and make a ponytail including the hair.

5.) Milkmaid Braid styles for Girls:

milkmaid braidstyles for girls

A milkmaid braid is a great style to get a princess look. Make a full milkmaid braid that covers the crown area. This sleek and polished look is perfect for every occasion.

6.) High Bun with a Braided Hair Wrap:

high bun with braided hair wrap braidstyles for girls

Who said that bun hairstyles are only for mature ladies? Even small girls can try this hairstyle with the same elegance. Make a high pony and twist it to make a bun. Wrap a braided section of hair around the bun.

7.) Inverted French Braided Bun:

inverted french braid bun braidstyles for girls

This inverted french braid bun is a great option for girls who want a new style every day and at the same time doesn’t want to sweat. A big bow will compliment this hairstyle.

8.) Ponytail Braid Styles for Girls:
ponytail braidstyles for girls

Do you know the best thing about this hairstyle? The best thing is its versatility. Make a very high pony and then just weave it. It is totally your choice whether you want a simple braid or a fishtail braid like this.

9.) Side Braid for Short Hair:

side braid for short hair

Who said that girls with short hair cannot enjoy the beauty of braids? Obviously, they can. Just look at the beautiful image of this girl. Weave a side braid with a medium sized section of hair and pin it back behind the ear.

10.) Faux Fishtail Braids for Girls:

faux hawk fishtail braidstyles for girls

This hairstyle is wonderful for all the girls who believe in setting a new trend. This style offers you the beauty of three styles, faux hawk, fishtail braid and a crown style.

11.) Upside Down Braid with a Pony:

upside down braid with a pony braidstyles for girls

This hairstyle calls out for the girls who want to do all the work the other way. Instead of a normal braid weave an upside down braid and then resolve it into a high pony.

12.) High Pony with the Beauty of Braids:

high pony with the beauty of braid braidstyles for girls

The time-saving quality is the best thing about this hairstyle. You will just need 10 minutes to make this glamorous style. Make a tight side braid on the top of the head and blend it with the ponytail.

13.) Braided Pigtails for Cute Little Girls:

braided pigtails braidstyles for girls

This is one of the cutest hairstyles for your little ones to try. It is a great look for the hot summers. Make a center part and make two high ponies. Weave both the ponies and secure with colorful bands.

14.) Fishtail Braided Bun for Girls:

fishtail braided bun braidstyles for girls

You just can’t ignore and underestimate the beauty of this hairstyle. Braids are so much fun to play with and sometimes they offer a hairstyle that has crossed every level of uniqueness.

15.) Braided Ponytail with Cornrows:

braided ponytail with cornrows braidstyles for girls

Do you just love the beauty of cornrows? If yes, then you are definitely going to love this style. The cornrows on the top of the head and the braided ponytail with beads will make your girl look cute and adorable.

16.) Topknot with Cornrows for Girls:

topknot with cornrows braidstyles for girls

You can enjoy the gracefulness of both the topknot and cornrows with this wonderful style. The colorful beaded headband increases the beauty of this hairstyle. This is one of the unique braid styles for girls.

17.) Short Box Braids for Girls:

short box braidstyles for girls

This is one of the best braid styles for girls. So if you are not willing to braid the hair into an Upo, then try these clinking box braids. This hairstyle will make you look faultless.

18.) Fishbone Cornrows for Girls:

fishbone cornrows braidstyles for girls

This is one of the most creative braid styles for girls. It has everything from flair to texture. Make two fishbone cornrows and blend it with a normal braid.

19.) French Braided Side Bun:

french braided side bun braidstyles for girls

This is one of the most enchanting braid styles for girls. Make a diagonal french braid and blend it into a bun on the side. This elegant and classic style is perfect for wedding seasons.

20.) Four Strand Braid styles for Girls:

four strand braidstyles for girls

This is one of the best and simple braids for girls. Whether it’s a floral dress or jeans, a braid looks good on any outfit. This four strand braid will give you a cutie pie look.


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