20 Different Hairstyles for Older Women


By the age of 50 and 60 you are well aware of that, what is good for you and what is not. A hairstyle is also an important part of life and this point of age you very well know which haircut will flatter you. A right hairstyle can give you a lovely, beautiful, elegant and sophisticated look. In this article, you will come across the best 20 different hairstyles for older women. So if you have a nature of experimenting styles, then you are really going to love this article.

Best 20 Different Hairstyles for Older Women:

1.) Bouncy Bob for Old Women:

bouncy bob hairstyles for older women

Layers are a great way to add shape to short hair. This is an ideal hairstyle for thin haired old women. Use a large curling barrel to flip up the ends. It is a great hairstyle for those who want to keep up with the latest trend.

2.) Straight Blonde Bob with Side Bangs:

straight blonde bob with side bangs hairstyles for older women

This is an excellent look for all the modern and stylish grannies. Create a deep side part and sweep the bangs to one side. It is an ideal hairstyle for all hair lengths and textures.

3.) Medium Layered Hairstyles for Mature Women:

medium layered hairstyles for older women

The discreet layers will make all the fair women look stunning. The top layers are cut short while the side-swept bangs will complete the look. It is easy to maintain and hence is a preferred choice of old women.

4.) Bold and Spiky Pixie Hairstyles for Older Women:

bold and spiky pixie hairstyles for older women

This hairstyle proves that you should be young by heart and not by age. This bold color beautifully complements this spiky pixie style. Style your sassy spikes with wax and swept them towards the front.

5.) Soft Curly Bob Hairstyles for Old Women:

soft curly bob hairstyles for older women

This hairstyle is suitable for women who want to embrace the natural texture of hair. This is a wash and go style and you can enjoy the messiness of this look.

6.) Long Blonde Bob for Old Women:

long blonde bob hairstyles for older women

It is an excellent choice for ladies with 40s, 50s, and 60s. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it works well in conservative environments and also in casual occasions.

7.) Soft Tousled Waves Hairstyles for Older Women:

soft tousled waves hairstyles for older women

Committing to a different hairdo completely is a daring thing to do. So why not style your hair in a new way. The soft flicks throughout the crown will give your hair a beautiful tousled texture.

8.) Stacked Bob Hairstyles for Old Women:

stacked bob hairstyles for older women

The youthfulness of this hairstyle is loved by most of the older women. This hairstyle offers tons of volume and the polished look gives it a clean and neat shape.

9.) Shoulder Length Hairstyle with Flicked Out Ends:

shoulder length hairstyle with flicked out ends hairstyles for older women

Women of old age do not want a hairstyle that is complicated. They just want to keep things simple and look gorgeous. This layered hairstyle with flicked out ends is perfect for every situation.

10.) Slick Tapered Hairstyles for Older Women:

slick tapered hairstyles for older women

If you are hunting for an edgy yet sophisticated hairstyle, then try this slick tapered style. The long bangs on the side will reduce the width of a round face. Short layers will add texture and volume.

11.) Voluminous Short Curly Hairstyle with Highlights:

voluminous short curly hairstyle with highlights hairstyles for older women

Older women want a hairstyle that fits well in every situation but is also easily manageable. This voluminous hairstyle gives you a chance to embrace the texture of hair without any styling issues.

12.) Asymmetrical Bob with Highlights:

asymmetrical bob with highlights hairstyles for older women

This asymmetrical bob with highlights is for old women who love to experiment. The stacked layers in this hairstyle add tons of volume to the hair. This style will make you look fabulous.

13.) Bedhead Hairstyles for Older Women:

bedhead hairstyles for older women

The crazy texture offered by this hairstyle is loved by all the fearless and confident old ladies. It will make you stand out of the crowd and give you a stunning look.

14.) Spiraled Layers for Old Women:

spiraled layers hairstyles for older women

The combination of layers and spirals is perfect for mature ladies. This hairstyle is ideal for older women with short and medium length hair. Whether you are going for a casual event or a party this is a great hairstyle.

15.) Straight Silver Bob for Old Women:

straight silver bob hairstyles for older women

Nowadays women are willing to embrace the natural color of hair and not preferring the dye jobs. This hairstyle is the right choice for those women. Try this straight side-parted bob to get an elegant look.

16.) Layered Blonde Hair with Dark Underside:

layered blonde hair with dark underside hairstyles for older women

An unexpected element or a small detail can give a new and modern touch to your boring hairstyle. Try this short layered blonde bob with a contrast of dark underside.

17.) Shoulder-Length Waves for Old Women:

shoulder length waves hairstyles for older women

You will just love these center-parted waves touching your cheeks gently. It is the best fit for square and round face shapes. Try some caramel highlights to refresh the overall look.

18.) Ultra Short Bob Hairstyles for Older Women:

ultra short bob hairstyles for older women

In this hairstyle, the graded edges and the volume on the top are going to give you an extremely classy look. It is a perfect match for mature women with an oval face shape.

19.) Backcombed Pixie Hairstyles for Old Women:

backcombed pixie hairstyles for older women

Who said that you can’t look gorgeous and sexy at the age of 50? This backcombed overgrown pixie will give you a sophisticated and elegant look.

20.) Gray Pixie with Swoopy Bangs:

gray pixie with swoopy bangs hairstyles for older women

This is a timeless and classic hairstyle that looks good on most of the old ladies. The long side bangs will accentuate your cheekbones and funky frames.


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