20 Best Selena Gomez Hairstyles


Selena Gomez is a popular American actress, a famous singer, musician and dancer. She has appeared in many films and has fans all over the world. Except for the much work in the entertainment field, she also gets involved in a lot of philanthropic activities. She even has the dare to try out the various kinds of hairstyles and she creates them fabulously. Here are some of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles, from which you can pick out the suitable for yourselves.

20 Best Selena Gomez Hairstyles

1.) Elegant Layer Haircut

This is a simple layered haircut. The side parted bangs on the forehead frame the face perfectly. When Selena sweeps all the long locks to one side in the front. She looks great. If you want to do this hairstyle, please trim the fringe so that you can maintain a great look.

layer haircut selena gomez hairstyles

2.) Messy curls hairstyle

This is probably one of the best Selena Gomez Hairstyles. Medium length hair with messy waves curls looks fabulous and fresh. It makes her look more chubby, girly and bubbly.

Messy curls selena gomez hairstyle

3.) Medium straight

This hairstyle of Selena Gomez is even much loved by hers as she has been spotted flaunting it various times. In this hairstyle, she looks classy and elegant. Girls having medium length hair can surely try this beautiful hairstyle as sported by Selena.

Medium straight selena gomez hairstyle

4.) Braided side pony

Braids never seem to go out of trend. This hairstyle of Selena Gomez looks very attractive and lively, just and sunshine. It looks cool and you don’t need to manage your hair again and again with this hairstyle. This hairstyle is just perfect for a daylong session or for going to clubbing with friends.

Braided side pony selena gomez hairstyles

5.) Side curls and loose braid

This hairstyle is actually a combination of two different hairstyles. Selena Gomez has slightly curled her hair and made a very loose braided side pony. This perfectly frames her face in a very beautiful way. This hairstyle of Selena is perfect for evening events and outing.

Side curls and loose braid selena gomez hairstyle

6.) Princess look ponytail

It is no doubt that Selena looks like a princess from a beautiful fairyland. This one of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles. The princess ponytail looks just perfect on her.

Princess look ponytail selena gomez hairstyle

7.) The Chick Updo

Selena loves to experiment with her looks and hairstyle. She has done a very cool and stylish chic updo hairstyle. You must try this hairstyle if you have a round face like Selena.

The Chick Updo selena gomez hairstyle

8.) Cool fringed hairstyle

This is one the best Selena Gomez hairstyles as she looks like a doll in this hairstyle. The length is kept medium which perfectly suits the hairstyle.

Cool fringed hairstyle selena gomez hairstyles

9.) Stylish bob cut

This awesome bob cuts cut is just perfect the teenager. If you have thick hair then you should try this hairstyle. This is very simple yet super cute Selena Gomez bob hairstyle. There is no doubt that she looks so adorable with this hairstyle.

Stylish bob cut selena gomez hairstyle

10.) Retro Curls

When it comes to Selena’s retro curls hairstyle, so you cannot deny how beautiful and classy she looks. There is no doubt that it is one of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles.

Retro Curls selena gomez hairstyle

11.) Super Voluminous Waves with Ombre

When you style your thick hair in waves, they get extremely voluminous and seem bulky. Pin up a few side locks at the back to prevent them from falling forwards and getting onto your face. leave face-framing locks and do not try to get a perfect hairstyle.

Super Voluminous Waves with Ombre selena gomez hairstyle

12.) Beach Waves

It is a cool hairstyle for summer, especially if you have long and thick hair. You can rock them messy and natural looking or with an added shine finish.

Beach Waves selena gomez hairstyles

13.) Messy side braid

It is a trendy and effortless solution to complete your casual looks. If you have long hair, so start your braid low to preserve the flattering volume around your face. Keep in mind to not plat too tightly. Pull gently at your braid when it is finished, to make it chunkier.

Messy side braid selena gomez hairstyle

14.) Low braided bun

Selena Gomez is looking awesome in this low braided bun. This looks professional and you can wear it in any party. It is one of the best Selena Gomez hairstyles.

Low braided bun selena gomez hairstyles

15.) French Twist with a Bouffant and low bun

Thick long hair is meant for eye-catching sophisticated updos, and Selena Gomez are pleasing us with a new breathtaking updo idea.

French Twist with a Bouffant and low bun selena gomez hairstyles

16.) Braided Pompadour

This is one the best Selena Gomez hairstyles, it looks special and stunning. If you also want to try out the fun hairstyle, you just need to follow this. Section off your hair from the front of the hairline and tease it back with a comb.  Fix the section with an invisible bobby pin to maintain it in the place. Take the remaining hair and create five small ponytails down the middle of your head. Then style a French braid with all of the 5 ponytails.

Braided Pampodour selena gomez hairstyles

17.) Brown hair and loose curls

Selena Gomez adds some length to her locks with the long loose brunette curls. The long layers are cut around the sides to lighten the length and encourage the movement of the natural curls.

Brown hair and loose curls selena gomez hairstyles

18.) Chic updo

Selena Gomez wears a super delectable tightly woven French brad which features the tons of volume and splendid shape. The raven hair is twisted several times and fix it into the place in back with the hair ends sprigging upward and outward.

The Chick Updo selena gomez hairstyle

19.) Medium haircut trends

The bouncy and luscious medium curls make Selena Gomez look stunning and sexy. The curls add much volume and make the whole look full of life. This fascinating hairstyle is better for the formal occasions.

Medium haircut trends selena gomez hairstyles

20.) Updo with bangs

The soft curls at the sides highlight the shiny gloss. This luscious updo hairstyle exposes her dangly earring.

Updo with bangs selena gomez hairstyle


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