20 Hot Brunette Hairstyles


You may not agree, but your hair color says a lot about your personality. For example, redheads are known to be passionate while blackheads are more thoughtful. Similarly, brunettes are seen as reliable, smart and good people. So why not go brunette this year? From light brown to chestnut you have so many shades of brunettes to try. Even nowadays most of your favorite celebrities are also rocking the beautiful shades of brown. They make you look super sexy and beautiful. Read this article and find out the best 20 hot brunette hairstyles.

Best 20 Hot Brunette Hairstyles:

1.) Messy Ponytail Brunette Hairstyles:

messy ponytail brunette hairstyles

There are several reasons to try this amazing hairstyle. Firstly, it is easy to make and secondly, it accentuates the beauty of facial features. You don’t even need a comb. Just finger comb your hair towards the back, pull them high and tie them.

2.) Puffy High Bun with Braided Hair Wrap:

puffy high bun with braided hair wrap brunette hairstyles

This hairstyle will make your man fall in love with you once again. The slight puff on the top of the head takes this regular bun to a new level. Girls with medium length hair can also try this hairstyle. After completing the bun, weave a section of hair and wrap it around the bun.

3.) Braided Crown Hairstyles:

braided crown brunette hairstyles

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among girls who are looking for an easy and cute braided style. Part your hair from the middle and create two traditional braids and join them together at the back. This lovely look is punctuated by the dark shade of brunette.

4.) Side Braided Bun Brunette Hairstyles:

side braided bun brunette hairstyles

Whether you are going for an award function or to a wedding ceremony, this hairstyle is really going to turn heads. Weave side braid starting from the middle of the head and blend it with a sleek bun at the back.

5.) Volumized Traditional Braid for Brunettes:

volumized traditional braid brunette hairstyles

The volume, the braid, the shade of brunette, everything is just so amazing in this hairstyle. The volume in the crown area is the most attractive element of this hairstyle. This hairstyle is really going to make an impressive statement about your personality.

6.) Braided Hairstyle with Brunette Highlights:

braided hairstyle with brunette highlights brunette hairstyles

Though this is simple but still very unique. Deeply part your hair from the side and grab a section of hair from the major part of the hair. Create a Dutch braid and secure it with elastic. Let it hang loose on the side.

7.) Twisted Brunette Hairstyles:

twisted brunette hairstyles

Do you want a simple yet stunning hairstyle for your brunette hair? This hairstyle looks great on girls with long hair. Make a center part and twist two sections of hair on both the sides and pin them at the back.

8.) Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Brunettes:

fishtail braid brunette hairstyles

This side fishtail braid looks great on long haired girls. This is really a beautiful and shiny shade of brown. The best thing about a fishtail braid is you can wear it with any outfit and at any occasion.

9.) Double Braided Fishtail Crown Updo:

double braided fishtail crown updo brunette hairstyles

This double braided fishtail crown Updo is the perfect hairstyle for this hot summer. Part your hair from the center and weave two fishtail braids on either side of the head. Wrap them around the head and use hair clips to fix them.

10.) High Ponytail Hairstyles for Brunette Hair:

high ponytail brunette hairstyles

This shade of brunette looks good on girls with a fair skin tone. A set of long danglers will compliment your look. The best thing is that you can try this hairstyle with any hair length.

11.) Half Up Brunette Hairstyles:

half up brunette hairstyles

This shade of brunette is really going to make you look gorgeous and sexy. Comb the upper layer of hair towards the back and clutch them in the middle. Leave some strands loose.

12.) Half Ponytail Hairstyles for Brunettes:

half ponytail brunette hairstyles

This half ponytail is going to give you a glamorous look. Grab the upper layer of hair and tie up a high and tight pony. Split the pony from the middle so that it falls on both the shoulders.

13.) Headband Braided Hairstyles for Brunettes:

headband braided brunette hairstyles

Girl with long layered locks looks extremely beautiful in this hairstyle. You can spice up your layered locks with a thin headband braid that is wrapped around the head.

14.) Side Parted Half Up Half Down Hairstyles:

side parted half up half down brunette hairstyles

This side parted half up half down hairstyle is perfect for a romantic date. A deep side part will give you an ultra feminine and delicate look. Hold some hair strands from both the sides of the head and pin them at the back.

15.) Bouffant Half Up Hairstyles:

bouffant half up brunette hairstyles

This bouffant half up hairstyle looks flattering on most of the face shapes. The bouffant on the crown area will create height. It is perfect for all the occasions.

16.) Brunette French Roll:

brunette french roll brunette hairstyles

This hairstyle is ideal for all the ladies who want an elegant and sophisticated look. It is a right Updo for special occasion and night out. It is a great look for long and medium length hair.

17.) Waterfall Braid Brunette Hairstyles:

waterfall braid brunette hairstyles

A waterfall braid starts at one side of the head and ends on the other side. This waterfall braid looks great on long and thick brunette hair. You can create this on your own or ask your hair stylist to do so.

18.) Brunette Messy Updo:

brunette messy updo brunette hairstyles

Texture added curls and braids can make this Updo really a super hit. Make side braid and mix it with the messy Updo. It is really going to make you look mesmerizing.

19.) Twisted Side Bun Brunette Hairstyles:

twisted side bun brunette hairstyles

If you are just bored wearing a low bun at the nape, then try this love side brunette bun. The twisted sides incorporated in the bun will make this style looking outstanding.

20.) Brunette Sleek Chignon:

brunette sleek chignon brunette hairstyles

This classy and romantic chignon is exemplary for occasions like wedding or date with the Mr.perfect. The best thing about a chignon is that it works well with every hair length.


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