20 Cute Ponytails with Bangs


One of the sweetest looks that you can sport is a ponytail. It is easy to do and is a great option for last minute girls. Whether it’s a formal meeting or a casual get together, this hairstyle works in all situations. When you add bangs to the ponytail, a box of 100 possibilities opens up. Bangs not only flatter the face shape but also add dimension and intrigue. In this article, you will come across the best 20 cute ponytails with bangs. The best thing about ponytails is that you can try it anytime and with any hair length and texture.

Best 20 Cute Ponytails with Bangs:

1.) High Braided Ponytail with Bangs:

high braided ponytails with bangs

This is an amazing hairstyle for pretty girls with long and thick hair. Gather up your hair high on the top of the head and tie it with elastic. Either weave a fishtail braid or a simple braid according to your fish. Let the bangs flow on the forehead.

2.) Bubble Ponytails with Bangs:

bubble ponytails with bangs

This is a perfect example of how bangs can transform your look. The bangs on the forehead draw attention towards the expressive eyes. Tie up a high bubble pony and you are ready to conquer the world.

3.) Sleek High Ponytail with Bangs:

sleek high ponytails with bangs

This ponytail is perfect for special occasions like a wedding or an award function. It will really make you look like a diva. Use a straightener to straighten each of the hair strands and straighten your bangs also. Tie up a high ponytail and you can also dye the ends.

4.) Half Braid Ponytail with Long Bangs:

Summers have arrived and now you just leave your hair open. You can enjoy the beauty of braids and the casual look of a pony in one hairstyle. Make a loose half braid and leave the rest of the hair open. Use a straightener to straighten up your bangs.

5.) Sleek Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs:

sleek ponytail with side swept bangs ponytails with bangs

This ponytail option is perfect for long and medium length hair. It is a great style for formal functions or evening parties. The side swept bangs will give you a comfortable and elegant look.

6.) Double Tied Ponytails with Bangs:

double tied ponytails with bangs

This pony hairstyle is suitable for girls with long and medium length hair. The perfect bangs in this hairstyle will save you from a bad hair day. Gather half of your hair into a high pony and the rest half into a low one.

7.) High and Glossy Blonde Ponytail with Bangs:

high and glossy blonde ponytails with bangs

To get this classic and elegant look you just need a satin hairspray to make your locks look sleek and shiny. Tie up a tight pony in the middle of the head and straighten your bangs to make them look silkier.

8.) High Ponytail with Parted Bangs:

high ponytail with parted bangs ponytails with bangs

Going for an award function? Looking for a feminine hairstyle? Lacking time? If these are your issues, then try this amazing high ponytail with parted bangs. It is an excellent choice for medium length hair.

9.) Curly Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs:

curly ponytail with side swept bangs ponytails with bangs

This is a wonderful hairstyle for curly haired queens. It is ideal for both casual and formal occasions. You just need to make sure that you tie a tight pony.

10.) Poofy Pony with Curtain Bangs:

poofy pony with curtain bangs ponytails with bangs

This is a great hairstyle for long haired girls. The curtain bangs not only frame the face but draws the attention towards the beautiful eyes. The little poof will add height to the hairstyle.

11.) Two Toned Ponytail with Bangs:

two tone ponytails with bangs

This hairstyle is not for the faint-hearted but for daring girls. This is a simple yet creative hairstyle. Make sure that you choose a color combination that flatters your face.

12.) Vintage Curled Ponytails with Bangs:

vinatge curled ponytails with bangs

You are just going to fall in love with this vintage curled ponytail with side bangs. Make a loose side ponytail and sweep the bangs to one side. Use a light spray on the bangs for a finishing look.

13.) Ponytail with Fishtail Braids and Bangs:

ponytail with fishtail braids and bangs ponytails with bangs

In this hairstyle, you need to weave several fishtail braids and a loose french braid on the crown of the head. Gather the hair into a low side pony and comb the bangs to one side.

14.) Cute High Ponytail with Side Swept Bangs:

cute high ponytail with side swept bangs ponytails with bangs

This is really a high pony which is perfect for a casual together or an evening party. The cute headband makes the pony attractive and pretty. The long bangs will spice up the look.

15.) Messy Ponytail with Side Bangs:

messy ponytail with side bangs ponytails with bangs

This is a super easy to do ponytail and you can easily replicate it. Sweep your bangs to one side to create a beautiful frame for your face. This messy ponytail has tons of volume and texture.

16.) Ponytail with Thin Bangs:

ponytail with thin bangs ponytails with bangs

This is an ideal ponytail style for girls with super long bangs. It is perfect for casual purposes and you simply need to pull your hair up into a pony. The thin bangs will bring out the best facial features.

17.) Ponytail with Layered Bangs:

ponytail with layered bangs ponytails with bangs

This is one of the cutest ponytails with bangs. Whether it’s school or work, layered bangs give an easy and classic look. It gives a sophisticated look and since the fringe is little longer it flatters the face.

18.) High Ponytail with Blunt Bangs:

high ponytail with blunt bangs ponytails with bangs

Thick haired beauties will shine in this hairstyle. It is easy to pull off this pony and will give you a glamorous look. Make sure it is a bit messy.

19.) Loose Side Ponytail with Floral Accessory:

loose side ponytail with floral acessory ponytails with bangs

This hairstyle is really going to make you win a lot of compliments. Use a roller to create loose curls towards the end. Tie a loose side pony and use a bright colored flower to make it look more attractive.

20.) Short Ponytail with Bangs:

short ponytails with bangs

Who said that girls with short hair cannot tie a ponytail? Straighten your hair and tie a tight pony at the back. Sweep your bangs to one side and enjoy the compliments. Pair with long beautiful earrings.


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