20 Superchic Straight Hairstyles


Is straight hair a curse or a blessing? It totally depends on you whether you turn it into a blessing or a curse. Straight hair can look dull if you do not style it properly and infact, this is the biggest fear of most of the girls. No worry girls! We have jotted down the best 20 superchic straight hairstyles. French braids, fishtail braid, high ponytail and high bun will just make you fall in love with once you try them.

Best 20 Superchic Straight Hairstyles:

1.) Sleek High Ponytail Hairstyles:

sleek high ponytail straight hairstyles

This is one of the most straight hairstyles that is loved by most of the girls. Maybe it’s because of the comfort level that this hairstyle offers. Create a high ponytail and shine in your gang.

2.) Straight Hair with a Center Part:

straight hair with a center part straight hairstyles

Who said that a center part has gone out of fashion? It is still there, especially if you have long and straight hair. To create this hairstyle you just need a good styling gel and a straightener.Tuck back your straight hair strands behind your ears for a gorgeous look.

3.) Waterfall Braid Straight Hairstyles:

waterfall braid straight hairstyles

This waterfall braid can make any girl look perfect and stunning. It is a time saving hairstyle and is an ideal choice for all the busy mornings. Your straight hair will make this hairstyle look more enchanting.

4.) Simple Half Up Straight Hairstyles:

simple half up straight hairstyles

If you are always confused between a side part and a center part, then choose this simple half up hairstyle. Pull back a section of your hair from the front and tuck it back with a hairpin or clutch.

5.) Sleek Long Side Ponytail:

sleek long side ponytail straight hairstyles

Are you looking for a cheerful and simple hairstyle? This unusual hairdo looks great on girls with straight hair. Less that 5 minutes and you are done with the styling part. Now you can spend more time for makeup.

6.) Colored High Side Ponytail Hairstyles:

colored high side ponytail straight hairstyles

Colors have the power to make your life as well as hair beautiful. This high and colored side ponytail will make you the queen of the party. People will not be able to take off their eyes from this blue and pink colored ponytail.

7.) Sleek Pompadour Straight Hairstyles:

sleek pompadour straight hairstyles

This sleek pompadour is perfect to give your straight hair some dimension and body. Comb the underneath portion of your hair and then with the rest of the hair pull a half pony and secure it with an elastic.

8.) Puff Tied Up Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

puff tied up straight hairstyles

Puff can transform the look and style of your hair. It looks improbable on girls with straight hair. You just need some Bobby pins to create and fix a puff. The blonde color of the hair and the puff is a perfect choice for an elegant hairstyle.

9.) Beehive Updo Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

beehive updo straight hairstyles

This beehive Updo is really going to make you look tall. No need to give your feet more trouble by wearing high heels. It is a great hairstyle if you have straight and sleek hair.

10.) Braided Bangs Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

braided bangs straight hairstyles

This is an amazing hairstyle if you just want to change your overall look. It will just confuse people that whether you have bangs or not. Braid your bangs and hide it underneath your hair.

11.) Braided Headband Straight Hairstyles:

braided headband straight hairstyles

Many girls complain that when they create headband braids it does not look like a headband. Maybe you are doing it all wrong. Don’t weave braids on both the sides of the temple. Instead, just weave one single braid and pull it across the head and tuck it to the other side of the temple.

12.) Fishtail Braids Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

fishtail braid straight hairstyles

Having straight hair is not less than a blessing. Makeup is enough for making you look beautiful from the front. This fishtail braid will make you look fantastic from the side. Try this amazing hairstyle and look awesome from all sides.

13.) French Braids Straight Hairstyles:

french braid straight hairstyles

This side French braid is going to make you a magnificent. It is a perfect hairstyle to give you a look that is super cute and stunning at the same time. A bright red lipstick is going to compliment your hairstyle.

14.) Side Small Braids for Straight Hair:

side small braids straight hairstyles

A simple braid also can do wonders for your straight hair. You know what’s the best part of this hairstyle. It actually allows you to sleep a little extra in the morning. Weave a thin braid near your temple and blend it with the rest of the hair.

15.) French Braid Ponytail for Straight Hair:

french braid ponytail straight hairstyles

Meeting your friends after a long time? If yes, then why not give them a surprise with your changed look. Don’t worry, this hairstyle is not going to take much of your time. Weave three thin French braids and blend it into a straight ponytail.

16.) Straight Hair with Blunt Bangs:

straight hair with blunt bangs straight hairstyles

Straight hair and blunt bangs is a deadly combination. It is an optimal hairstyle to bring all the focus to the eyes. Whether you are an office going lady or a school student, you can just rock this hairstyle.

17.) Straight Hair with Added Crimps:

straight hair with added crimps straight hairstyles

Mornings are just so busy and sometimes you want something chic but you really have no time. No worries! Add some crimps to your straight strands and get a gorgeous look within minutes.

18.) Chignon Hairstyles for Straight Hair:

chignon straight hairstyles

This chignon bun is actually a great option when you are in no mood to open your straight hair. It is created easily and is perfect for rocking your friend’s wedding.

19.) Straight and High Bun:

straight and high bun straight hairstyles

Buns have always been in trend. This straight and high bun is perfect for achieving height and a red carpet look. It’s completely your wish whether you want to compliment it with a hair jewel or not.

20.) Straight Hair with a Side Part:

straight hair with a side part straight hairstyles

Getting late for office but still want a hairstyle that is sweet, simple and elegant. Part your hair from side and apply a styling gel and get ready to give a mind blowing presentation.


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