Best Gray Hair Trend


When you are done with blonde and brunette then try the new making waves technique in your hairstyle. Gray hair is highly in the trend and taken the internet by storm. You can go for plenty of dye job solid gray, gray balayage, gray and gray ombre. The only risk of trying this trendy gray, you may look older than. First, you should check out our best gray hair trend gallery for a fair decision.

Best Gray Hair Trend

1.) Dance Floor Ready

Go for loose waves that add dimension in the gray hair. The gray hair looks absolutely stunning with fabulous lengthier locks. You can add light and dark highlights that change according to the lights and movement of your tresses. Just go to the dance floor to rock the hairstyle. Go with a dark base and lighter ends that look truly fantastic. The dance floor ready is one of the best gray hair trends.

dance floor ready gray hair trend

2.) Curly Pixie

Just enhance you curly pixie with the gray hair trend. Ask your hairstyle, add sassy hair color in your pixie haircut. You can see even short hairstyle rock the look. If you have curly hair then you have the advantage to rock the hairstyle. Any texture can go for this hairstyle, but it is best suitable with curly hair. Young girls pull off this look nicely. Paired this look with any casual outfits.

curly pixie gray hair trend

3.) Blue Gray Madness

If you are tired of monotonous looks, then trey blue madness in shoulder length hair. Run the silver hair trend by adding lovely loose waves to your look. You can add the hint of blue highlight that takes the style to the next level. Paired the look with any casual dress for an everyday beautiful look. The blue-gray madness is one of the best gray hair trends that is absolutely sassy.

blue gray madness gray hair trend

4.) Gothic Gray

Black and silver hair, which is one of the dark sides of the gray also embrace the blunt bob. You can get this perfect style in shoulder length hair. Add gray hue in the color so that it gets blended softly with dark natural hue. Go for side part that takes the gray hair color to the new level. You can wear this hairstyle daily without taking so much pain to maintain the style.

gothic gray hair trend

5.) Arctic Hair

When nothing comes in the mind, then must try some color in your hair. Adding gray hair in your looks makes you a bold lady who daring enough to try. You can combine your look with dark roots and layers that enhance your overall personality. It is best suitable for medium to long hair, but medium hair is the best show off your stunning layers with trendy gray. The arctic hair is one of the gray hair trends.

Artic layers gray hair trend

6.) Raven Goddess

When we talk about dye job, then it doesn’t mean that you should go for global hair color. You can add gray highlight to raven lock that makes an amazing sense of style. A touch of gray and blue makes you head turner. All eyes will be on you. paired the look with sassy waves or you can leave it straight. Don’t forget to check your splits ends before visiting the saloon.

raven goddess gray hair trend

7.) Neutral Gray

Try light blue highlights spreading over the salt and pepper that look absolutely stunning on any occasion. The best advantage of gray hair is that it gets easily blend with naturally dark hair and give you neutral look. You can go with this style in any season, but it looks best in the winter season. Paired the look with winter wears that make your appearance ravishing. The neutral gray is one of the stylish gray hair trends.

Neutral gray hair trend

8.) Bob Cut with Bangs

Try this amazing gray style that runs the trend. Ask your hairstylist to give you a bob cut with bangs. Add a wow factor to your look with dark roots and gray highlights that are quick and elegant. Any face shape can rock the hairstyle. Paired your look with sassy eye makeup to get the desirable compliments. The bob cut with bangs is one of the top gray hair trends.

bob cut with bangs gray hair trend

9.) Ash Gray Ombre

Nothing is beautiful than the dye job. You can make your own style by adding a styling technique in gray hair. Add volume and texture to your look with lovely curls and ash gray ombre.

Ash gray ombre gray hair trend

10.) Titanium White Streaks

When you have decided to go with trendy gray hair color, then opt for a unique look. Go with faux-hawks pixie that looks fantastic in gray hue. Make the look sexier with makeup and sassy accessories.

titanium white strikes gray hair trend

11.) Blue Steel Waves

Put your best smile on your face with this gorgeous hairstyle while walking on the street. The style takes the all attention on your shiny gray hair. You can add seamless green and blue highlights that easily get blend in the hair color.

blue steal waves gray hair trend

12.) Silver Spice

Silver spice adds length and marvelous style in your look. You can enhance your look by adding thin red highlights that get blended easily in your hair.

silver spice gray hair trend

13.) Frost Queen

When you have long hair, you afraid to choose hair color to avoid the damage. The silver hair looks edgy and soft to take your beauty to the next level. The frost queen is one of the amazing gray hair trends.

frost queen gray hair trend

14.) Bold Purple Gray Balayage

If you really want to be in the latest trend, then try bold purple gray balayage. Add style and boldness to your look by adding soft ocean waves in your tresses.

Bold purple gray balayage gray hair trend

15.) Silver Streaks

Don’t run, just visit a nice salon and trust your stylist.  The hairstyle is best for every occasion and makes you trendy in no time. The silver streaks are one of the fabulous gray hair trends.

Silver streaks gray hair trend


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