20 Soft Ombre Hairstyles


The subtle ombre color technique is trending now a day due to its overall effort less and cool girl vibe that it lends to any hairstyle. whether your hair is straight, short or long and flowing, a graduated hair color can easily enhance your look. From red, definitely blonde and even gray color it will definitely give you exciting look. Here are 20 best soft ombre hairstyles will definitely suit you.

20 Best Soft Ombre Hairstyles

1.) Soft brown blonde waves

The most common idea of ombre color is fade from dark to light and it also looks beautiful on every woman. This soft ombre hairstyle is best for those who want a low maintenance look that promises about no worries about root touch ups. This hairstyle is best for those who have long hair because it gives your style a weightless effect.

Blunt Haircut For Straight Hair And Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

2.) Straight blunt bob

The blunt bob is edgy as well stylish at the same time and it looks flattering on many different hair styles. Grey is on trend and the cool tones contrast well with a warm complexion.

Straight Blunt bob soft ombre hairstyles

3.) Medium length curls

This brown red ombre hair color is very beautiful, which you must wear if you are thinking about color to your hair. the ends of the strands seem to be lightened by the sun. it shows that the technique works well with red tones.

Medium Length Curls soft ombre hairstyles

4.) Waist length ombre curls

if your hair is too long then this blonde hair color might seem disconnected from the roots when using this color technique. There is a simple way which you can use to incorporate with highlight is tie through the crown to tie the different colors together.

Waist Length Ombre Curls soft ombre hairstyles

5.) Long natural brown blonde waves

A long layered haircut offers you a different hairstyle to take you from a work day to the weekend. It also allows you to show off the tones in your hair color so beautifully. This is one of the best soft ombre hairstyles.

Long Natural Brown Blonde Waves soft ombre hairstyles

6.) Bright blonde curls

For a more subtle ombre hairstyle, try sticking with the same color family. Your hair color should be same but with the different tones. The color is blonde overall, but the color changes when it comes to the ends to strands to the platinum. It is perfect for the women who want to dye their hair but want to maintain their overall color.

Bright Blonde Curls soft ombre hairstyles

7.) Loose brunette curls

For a more noticeable look try a fade from dark to light with fewer highlight throughout the bottom. The result is cute, your hair will look beautiful, you must try this hairstyle.

Loose Brunette Curls soft ombre hairstyles

8.) Long hair with face framing ombre

If you use a lighter tone not as a traditional fade but like a frame, your dye job will definitely stand out from other classic and reverse ombre looks.  This mix of golden blonde and light brown is adorable.

Long Hair With Face-Framing Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

9.) Medium length and soft color fade

If you want more realistic ombre hairstyle, try incorporating with thin highlights or baby lights throughout your locks for a sunny effortless look. This look will definitely look gorgeous on you.

Medium Length And Soft Color Fade soft ombre hairstyles

10.) Ash brown soft ombre

This is something very beautiful, unique and attractive color hairstyle. IF you grew up obsesses with fairies and princess, then this style is definitely for you.

Ash Brown Soft Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

11.) Long blonde highlights

If you have such a long hair, then it is important to give your haircut some layers so that it does not drag you down. These long blonde curls are always appealing, you must try this look. This is one of the best soft ombre hairstyles.

Long Blonde Highlights soft ombre hairstyles

12.) Long reddish brown curls

If you are looking for a perfect date look, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. This rich copper locks will brighten your face and will help you to shine through the night of romance.

Long Reddish-Brown Curls soft ombre hairstyles

13.) Side parted hair with subtle ombre

This sophisticated dark brown with golden blonde ombre features a fairly smooth transition of color that reveals the beauty at fullest thanks to the styling.

Side-Parted Hair With Subtle Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

14.) Glamorous copper curls

If you have to go on a formal occasion nothing can be good than this soft ombre hairstyles. Try this posh curled style for medium length hair. this is an amazing style and you must wear this style.

Glamorous Copper Curls soft ombre hairstyles

15.) Waist length spirals

If you have grown up listening and watching fairy tale stories, then you will definitely like this soft ombre hairstyles. This blonde Rapunzel-like ombre will definitely suit your face.

Waist-Length Spirals soft ombre hairstyles

16.) Straight and simple

Sometimes it is best to keep sweet and simple. This brunette haircut with long layers and natural looking hairstyle will give you a versatile look which is suitable for any occasion.

Straight and Simple soft ombre hairstyles

17.) Sunny soft ombre

This golden highlight in your brown hair is an easy way to give your overall look a blonde effect without taking on the maintenance of fully lightening your hair. to get this look keep your roots dark.

Sunny Soft Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

18.) Blunt haircut for straight hair and ombre

In this blunt haircut, your hair color will suit. To get this look. Your hair color starts getting dark and becomes blonde the end of the strands.

Blunt Haircut For Straight Hair And Ombre soft ombre hairstyles

19.) Old Hollywood waves

This long brushed out waves looks very soft and styling. This is one of the best soft ombre hairstyles, you must try this look.

Old Hollywood Waves soft ombre hairstyles

20.) Medium-light copper curls

Copper brown is an ideal hair color. This looks amazing on every woman. This is one of the best soft ombre hairstyles. it is universally flattering color.

Medium Light Copper Curls soft ombre hairstyles


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