20 Caramel Highlights for Women


A mouth-watering caramel hue that is an incredible and highly tempting. Go for highlights, down lights and dip dyes for a sensational look. This is truly gourmet treatment to your hairstyle. These sassy caramel highlights on medium length hair are phenomenal. Here are 20 amazing caramelized look that surely will blow your mind. Here are 20 Caramel Highlights for women.

20 Caramel Highlights for Women

1.)  Short and Sweet Blonde Accent

Short and sweet blonde accent is one of the caramel highlights for women. Add a splash of caramel in your hairstyle which makes the huge difference in your hairstyle. Go for perfect hair color that gives you a flattering hairstyle with any haircut. But if you want to be stylish and sassy then try A-line cut. It is very suitable in shorter lengths.

short and sweet caramel highlights for women

2.) Go with Caramel Flow

Go with the caramel flow with flawless curly hair. Curling your hair is the time taking process, but if you have naturally wavy hair, then try to go with caramel flow. Opt for hair color that will look stunning on curls. Go for dark base hair color that will get lighter in the end. Lighter skin pulls off the look nicely. The hairstyle looks best on the women who love to live carefreely.

go with caramel flow caramel highlights for women

3.) Subtle Fade Brown Hair

Subtle fade for brown hair is one of the caramel highlights for women. You can enhance your look with touches of gold. As you can see in the picture that how amazing the hairstyle look. Subtle of color fading add wow factor in the hairstyle. Go with the darker top that goes down into golden tresses. Wear your black dress for the better appealing look.

subtle fade caramel highlights for women

4.) Below Shoulder Caramel Beauty

Want that real shine and dimension in your hair, try honey brown hair woven into darker base hue. The below shoulder caramel beauty is one of the caramel highlights for women. If you don’t want to create the mess, then achieved this hairstyle with large barrel curling iron. Make it gorgeous with different angles that shine and brightness in the lock.

below shoulder caramel highlights for women

5.) Long and Lovely Brown Hair

Long and lovely brown hair is one of the caramel highlights for women. Show off your hairstyle with two-toned coloring that looks beautiful on long mega lock. You can go for good hair color that adds shine and dimension to your hairstyle. You can wear your denim jackets to enhance the look.

long and lovely brown hair caramel highlights for women

6.) Chop It Up with Highlights

Highlights for dark hair should not be much price like a diamond. So keep your hairstyle shoulder so that minimal color will be used. If you are bored with a short hair then choppy hairstyle that adds more fun and interest to your hairstyle. You can curl your end with barrel curling iron for the perfect look. the hairstyle is best for both formal and casual look.

chop it up caramel highlights for women

7.) Caramel Highlights and Tousled Waves

Caramel highlights and tousled waves are one of the dazzling caramel highlights for women. in this hairstyle, the undone waves with golden highlights look adorable. Get more dimension in the look with the help of the honey streaks with dark brown pieces. The lighter and darker shades work best in the hairstyle.

caramel highlights with tousled waved caramel highlights for women

8.) Long Bob with Golden Curls

Long bob with golden curls is one of the striking caramel highlights for women. Magnify your look with brown hair with the highlights that is totally satisfied. You can try so many different techniques that are very much in trend and truly inspirational. For any hair color start with a natural base, then lighter color in the end.

long bob with curls caramel highlights for women

9.) Dark Brown and Amber Retro Waves

Dark brown and amber retro waves add glossy look in your hairdo. You can achieve this look with amazing hair products that surely available in your nearby salon. It is best suitable for medium to long length.

dark brown with retro waves caramel highlights for women

10.) Chocolate and Caramel Hair Color

Chocolate and caramel hair color is one of the caramel highlights for women. The look is truly magnificent. You can get this look with conditioning, layering, and balayage highlights. Go to your nearest salon and ask your hairstylist add layers in your hairstyle to embrace the hair color.

chocolate caramel hair color caramel highlights for women

11.) Dark Base with Flicked –out Blonde Ends

Dark root and the lighter end is a mind blowing options. Intensify your look with two-tone hair color. You can get this amazing look with round hair brush and a blow dryer. For long lasting look, try hairspray to hold the hairstyle.

dark brown base with flicked out ends caramel highlights for women

12.) Polished Golden Blonde Waves

Polished golden blonde waves are one of the caramel highlights for women. get the famous look with blending ash brown base with gorgeous blonde painted highlights.

polished golden blonde waves caramel highlights for women

13.) Caramel Highlights with Brunette Hair

Caramel highlights with brunette hair that works best with long hair. If you have healthy and lovely hair, then must consider that you want to dye your hair or go for streaks.

charamel highlights withn brunette hair caramel highlights for women

14.) Medium Length Dark Hair with Highlights

Make your hairstyle vibrant with medium length dark hair with highlights. The hairstyle doesn’t need high maintenance as you dye your whole head. Go for golden streaks that brighten your look.

medium length dark hair with highlights caramel highlights for women

15.) Tousled Bob with Golden Highlights

Get the best effect with look waves. In this hairstyle the natural brown hair is modish but the golden highlights add wow factor in this hairstyle.

tousled bob with caramel highlights caramel highlights for women

16.) Dark Brown Base with Caramel Blonde

The exciting look will surely inspire you with a dark brown base with a caramel base. Achieve this look with contrasting to lighter length. If you have raven black hair, then try highlights few inches down from the darker base.

dark brown base with caramel blonde caramel highlights for women

17.) Light Caramel Highlights

Afraid to dye your hair? Don’t worry, you don’t need to dye hair completely to achieve this look. Jazz up your look with beachy vibes that look gorgeous on every woman.

light charamel hihjlights caramel highlights for women

18.) Ash Brown with Honey Blonde

Both blonde and brown look perfect with the look. Enhance your hairstyle with caramel shade. It is one caramel highlights for women.

Ash brown with honey blonde caramel highlights for women

19.) Caramel Against Dark

Caramel against the dark is one of the caramel highlights for women. Flaunt your dark brown hair with caramel highlights that look perfect for a head turner.

20.) Layer Upon Layer on Brown Hair

Achieve this look in lovely dramatic length. Add layers to your hairstyle which looks absolutely sassy with caramel highlights. It is one of the caramel highlights for women.

layer upon layer on brown hair caramel highlights for women


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