20 Sweet and Cute Hairstyles for School


School days are the best part of a person’s life. The memories which you create are cherished always. Whether it is checking of uniform or hair, nothing should be inappropriate. Neat and tidy dress and cute and simple hairstyle can make your memories wonderful. Sometimes it can hectic to create a hairstyle in the busy morning. Just chill! Here are some sweet and cute hairstyles for school. All these hairstyles will definitely make mornings easier.

List of 20 Sweet and Cute Hairstyles for School:

1.) Braided Ponytail Hairstyles for School:

braided ponytail hairstyles for school

This is one of the best hairstyles for teenage girls. It is a great choice when you are in no mood to do much effort in the morning. A fun braid will make you simple ponytail look different.

2.) Half Ponytail Hairstyles for School:

half pony hairstyles for school

This hairstyle is sweet and simple. To make this hairstyle, divide your hair into two layers. You will create the ponytail with the top layers. Pull back the hair away from the face and tie a half ponytail. Secure the pony with elastic.

3.) Two Braids School Girl Hairstyles:

two braids hairstyles for school

This is one of the most common hairstyle that most girls wear to school. It looks decent plus keeps your hair away from the face. Create a side part or a middle part and then braid both the sections. Since it is a school hairstyle use black colored elastics to secure your braids.

4.) Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for School:

fishtail braid hairstyles for school

This hairstyle will make you gain lots of appreciation without breaking any school rules. You must have seen that in many schools only braids are allowed. Try this fishtail braid and display your creative skills.

5.) Crossover Clip School Girl Hairstyles:

cross over clip hairstyles for school

This crossover clip hairstyle is simple and you easily get a cute girl look. Hold two sections from the top layer of hair and pull them back. Cross over the sections and use a pin to secure the hair. It is perfect hairstyle for days when you got up late.

6.) High Ponytail Hairstyles for School:

high ponytail hairstyles for school

Want a classy and cute hairstyle that matches your knee length skirt and white T-shirt? If yes, then this high ponytail will help you to achieve your hairstyle goals. It is simple to make a high pony and you can also look tall.

7.) Twirled Half Ponytail Hairstyles:

twirled half ponytail hairstyles for school

Divide your hair into two layers and pull two hair strands from both sides of the temples towards back. Make a half ponytail and twist both the hair strands. Secure your half ponytail with a hair tie.

8.) Side Ponytail Hairstyles for School:

side ponytail hairstyles for school

This side ponytail is enough to make you look simple and cute. It totally depends on you whether you want it to be straight or messy. Comb all your hair to one side and tie it with a rubber band.

9.) Low Updo School Girl Hairstyles:

low updo hairstyles for school

This hairstyle is perfect for giving you a tousled and messy look. It is a great hairstyle to try at school. You can even try this hairstyle if you are participating in a musical concert or something else.

10.) Flower Braid Hairstyles for School:

flower braid hairstyles for school

A few quick steps and you can master this lovely and cute hairstyle. First make a simple half up style and fix it with a rubber band. Weave the half pony and then twist it so that it looks like a flower.

11.) Ballerina Bun School Girl Hairstyles:

ballerina bun hairstyles for school

For a busy morning, this hairstyle is just awesome. You can even do this on wet hair. Pull back your hair into a ponytail and then twist the tail to create a ballerina bun. The plus point of this hairstyle is that your hair looks wavy when you open the hair.

12.) Half Up Side Do Hairstyles:

half up side do hairstyles for school

This is one of the best hairstyles if you are celebrating your birthday in school. Pull back your hair above the ears and twist some strands. Use pins to secure the hair strands. Bring all the hair to one side and let it rest on the shoulder.

13.) Low Bun with a Side Braid Hairstyles for School:

low bun hairstyles with a side braid hairstyles for school

This low bun with a side braid is a hairstyle with title of cute, simple, elegant and classy. A simple bun may become too boring for school girls. Add a side braid to make this low bun attractive and unique.

14.) Chignon Hairstyles for School:

chignon hairstyles for school

This hairstyle is perfect for school girls because it is simple and your hair doesn’t look overdone. Make a ponytail and then twist it to make a chignon. It is a great hairstyle to try at your school annual function.

15.) Crown Braid School Girl Hairstyles:

crown braid hairstyles for school

Annual functions and concerts are the most memorable days of school. The fun, mischief, bunking classes is all you enjoy. So why not make it more special by trying out a totally different hairstyle. This crown braid is just an awesome hairstyle.

16.) French Braid Hairstyles for School:

french braid hairstyles for school

A French braid is another creative options if you are bound to make a braid on the school campus. You can either go for a side braid or a braid starting from the top of the head.

17.) Curly Ponytail School Girl Hairstyles:

curly ponytail hairstyles for school

The best way to make your ponytail different is to add texture to it. It is a cute and simple hairstyle which is perfect to wear at school. The bouncy curls at the ends will make you gain a lot of appreciation.

18.) Headband School Girl Hairstyles:

headband hairstyles for school

This headband hairstyle is perfect to keep away your hair strands from the face. Make a thin braid starting from the temple and then cross it over the crown so that it looks like a headband.

19.) Waterfall Braid School Girl Hairstyles:

waterfall braid hairstyles for school

This hairstyle may seem a little complicated but is fairly easy. A few practice sessions and you will master this waterfall braid. This hairstyle has gained a lot of popularity among school girls and college students.

20.) Basket Weave Braid Hairstyles for School:

basket weave hairstyles for school

This hairstyle looks great on school girls. It is a great hairstyle to carry, especially during the spring seasons. Basket weave makes you free from styling whole day.


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