20 Cute Haircuts for Girls


A young stage of life where you love to experiment with your look. Try modish, stunning and adorable haircuts ideas that make you fall in love with growing age. There is multiple options are available according to your hair texture that never let your beauty down at any stage of your life. Here are 20 cute haircuts for girls which jazz up your look completely.

20 Cute Haircuts for Girls

1.) Cute Pink Strip Of Color

The cute pink strip of color is one of the cute haircuts for girls. When we talk about girls haircut, we cannot forget the cute pink hair color to add fun to the hairstyle. Add a cute pink strip in the hairstyle to boost up princess look. The hairstyle is very suitable for fine and delicate hair. Straight hair works best to achieve this look.

cute strip cute haircuts for girls

2.) Cute Long Layer

Switch up your little one’s hairstyle to cute long layer. The hairstyle is best for the school girls. In this hairstyle, Add little flattering layers in the bottom of her medium cut. The change is minimal, but add a dimension in your girl hairstyle. Layer give you vibrant and charming look. It is one of the adorable haircuts for girls.

cute long layer cute haircuts for girls

3.) Cotton Candy Girl

The hairstyle for cute girls should be full of charms and color. It is one of the cute haircuts for girls. Don’t let your child enjoyment down and colorful preference. Go pixie or short bob with creative colors which are ethereal and whimsical. You can go for purple and green, which is a great option to achieve this look.

cotton candy cute haircuts for girls

4.) Wonderful Wavy Haircut

The girls who starting showing interest in clothes and look for teen, the hairstyle is perfect for you. The wonderful wavy haircut is one of the cute haircuts for girls. It’s a perfect age to get the perfect cool haircut. An angular wave is the best option for growing girls. Add the wavy look in your hairstyle with the help curling iron and hair styling products.

Wonderful wavy haircut cute haircuts for girls

 5.) Medium Haircut with V-Cut Layer

Medium Haircut with the V-cut layer is one of the cute haircuts for girls. The hairstyle looks gorgeous in natural black or brown hair. You can add angled layers at the end to enhance the hairstyle. The hairstyle adds beautiful texture to the hairstyle. You can achieve V-cut layer in any length, but it looks best in medium length.

Medium haircut with v cut layer cute haircuts for girls

6.) Bodacious Bob Blowout

Started hearing things like long bob, highlights, and blowout, then you are not underage for this haircut. Get this mature look with full and voluminous bob that goes well with the professional look. you can achieve this look at home with the help your blow dryer and round brush. Take a section of damp hair and give movement with a blow dryer to magnify your look. The hairstyle is best for both fine and thick hair. Straight hair is a perfect texture for bodacious bob blowout.

Bodacious bob cute haircuts for girls

7.) Honey Colored Ombre for Girls

Fussing about the first impression in the college? Don’t worry, try this honey colored ombre for girls. The hairstyle is very sassy and makes your head tuner between the crowd. Honey ombre works best to intensify the hairstyle. So girls don’t ruin your college first day with boring haircuts.

Honey colored ombre hair haircut cute haircuts for girls

8.) Blunt Bob Haircut

Blunt bob haircut is best for your child. It is one of the cute haircuts for girls. The hairstyle is best for all those school girls who hate ponytail. No complaints and no punishment anymore. It’s a true beauty hack to maintain your beauty at school. Once it is done, you don’t have to go salon every month to maintain the hairstyle.

Blunt bob haircut cute haircuts for girls

9.) Long Bohemian Waves for Little Girls

Long bohemian waves for a little girl is a truly gorgeous look which will give wings to your princess. The hairstyle is very adorable and turns your girls into a bohemian princess in no time. You can create waves with the help of curling iron to get a smooth and polished look. Fancy dresses and beautiful accessories go well with long bohemian waves for little girls.

long bohemian waves cute haircuts for girls

10.) Jet black Chin Length Haircut

Enhance your natural hair texture with jet black chin length haircuts. The hairstyle is best for short hair. It is one of the cute and winsome short haircut. The perfect look can be only be achieved in straight hair.

Jet black chin length haircut cute haircuts for girls

11.) Pixie with Shade of Purple

When we talk about the short haircut, we cannot forget about the trendy pixie. Enhance your pixie with some brighten and cool color. You can use pink or purple to add some fun and spunk to your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks enchanting on fair skin tone.

Pixie with shades of purple cute haircuts for girls

12.) Boycut Haircut

If you don’t like to maintain your hair every time, try boycut haircut. No more using of styling products and styling tools. It is very easy to maintain, even without a comb. It is one of the cute haircuts for girls.

boycut hair cute haircuts for girls

13.) Cute Chesnut Cut

The cute chestnut cut is one of the fetching haircuts for girls. In this hairstyle, the reddish brown hair with side bangs is an ultimate combination for girls. It gives you adorable face frame and very easy to maintain.

Cute chesnut cut cute haircuts for girls

14.) Long Platinum Locks for Girls

Want to refresh your bob hairstyle, try blonde platinum locks for girls. The straight bob with bangs is absolutely endearing with platinum blonde hue. It is one of the cute hairstyles for girls.

Long platinum locks cute haircuts for girls

15.) Stacked Bob for Fine Hair

Stacked bob with fine hair is one of the cute hairstyles for girls that never fades her smile. You can add volume to the fine and delicate hair with this cute haircut.

Stacked bob for fine hair cute haircuts for girls

16.) Sleek and Straight

Sleek and straight is one of the sweet hairstyles for girls. The hairstyle is best for the school going girls. It is mostly suitable for thick hair lucky ladies.

Sleek and straight cute haircuts for girls

17.) Short Girl Haircut for Wavy Hair

 Those pretty girls who are blessed with natural wavy texture, it’s a great advantage for you to flaunt this look. Enhance this hairstyle with layers and side bangs which are absolutely sensational.

Short girl haircut for wavy hair cute haircuts for girls

18.) Beach Waves

Beach waves haircut should be fun and free. These beach waves are the best example for a perfect haircut for your little princess.  Curly beachy waves look absolutely cut without adding any other efforts in the hairstyle.

baby beach waves cute haircuts for girls

19.) Traditional Girls Haircut

The classic and flattering look is perfect for your girl. Traditional girls haircut is one of the delightful haircuts for girls.

traditional haircut cute haircuts for girls

20.) Emo Cutie

Emo cutie is one of the cute haircuts for girls. You can get this look by keeping your hairstyle edgy and adding lots of layer around the crown area.

Emo haircut cute haircuts for girls


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