20 Hairstyles for Little Girls


Little girls are full of charm and beauty. At the tenderest age, princess show interest in dress and makeup. These hairstyle look endearing on special occasions, normal days and school days. These hairstyles are very helpful for those mommies who never compromise with their princess look.Here are 20 hairstyles for little girls that is truly adorable.

20 Hairstyles for Little Girls

1.) Dutch Braids Into Voluminous Buns

Cute hairstyles are always incomplete without the braids. As these braids are highly in trendy and eye-catching. You can add buns to create a little fun in your girl’s hairstyle. To achieve this look you need part your girl’s hair from the center. Begin a Dutch braid from the nape of the neck and take it to the top at the crown area and twist into cute small buns. The dutch braids are one of the hairstyle for little girls.

dutch braids into voluminous bun hairstyles for little girls

2.) Fancy Hairstyle with the Braids

The adorable hairstyle is best suitable for your daughter that look extremely beautiful with this braid hairstyle. Fancy hairstyle with braid is one of the fab hairstyles for little girls. Magnify her look with braid that look completely astounding. For this look, you need to create three braids, begin at the hairline. Join those sassy braids with mid height cute ponytail to side.  You can use cute hair accessories to decorate the hairstyle.

fancy hairstyles with braids hairstyles for little girls

3.) Triple Lace Braids with Rosette

Hair accessories play an important role, especially when it’s about your little princess look. For the perfect look, Get this hairstyle by weaving three gorgeous braids diagonally across your girl’s head. Add a wow factor in her look by bringing the ends of braids together into a flat rosette. To hold the look long, you can secure it with a hairpin in the center. The triple lace braids with rosette are one of the adorable hairstyles for little girls.

tripple braids into rosette hairstyles for little girls

4.) Multi Strand French and Bun

Opt for a lovable and sweet hairstyle with multi-strand french and bun. The multi- strand French and bun is one of the lovable hairstyles for little girls. Achieve this hairstyle with multi-strand braid diagonally along your princess’s head. And wrapped those amazing braids into a braided bun. It is best suitable for medium to long hair.

multiple french and bun hairstyles for little girls

5.) Hearts Braid and Ponytail

Enhance your sweetheart look with a heart shape braid hairstyle. The heart braid with the ponytail is one of the endearing hairstyles for little girls. You can get this heart shape with a French braid. Get this hairstyle in a side parting and tight braids which look lovely on your girl. Decorate this hairstyle with an eye-catching bow.

heart braid and ponytail hairstyles for little girls

6.) Half Updo with Ribbon Braids for Girls

Cute Hairstyle always looks adorable with fun and adornment like cute and sparkly hair clips and colorful ribbons. Half updo with ribbon braids for girls is one of the most winsome hairstyles for the little princess. You can weave in ribbon into your girl’s braid. The hairstyle is best for the festival seasons and special occasion.

half updo with ribbon braid hairstyles for little girls

7.) Diagonal Pull-Through Braids for Girls

Diagonal pull through braids for girls is one of the pretty hairstyles for a little princess. The funky little hairstyle is awe-inspiring, especially with the long hair. Magnify your look with pull through braid if you really want all spotlights on your little princess. For complete and adorable look, finishing it with fetching bow.

diagonal pull through braid hairstyles for little girls

8.) Tied Mini Ponytail

Looking for an easy hairstyle? If yes, then this hairstyle is for you.  It doesn’t take your precious time and look adorable on your baby girl. The tied mini ponytail is one of the adsorb hairstyles for little girls. For this hairstyle, you need to tie her each ponytail together and take it to the crisscross ends with braid and ponytail. Don’t forget to use cute hair ribbon at the end.

tie mini ponytail hairstyles for little girls

9.) Half Loop Braid Hairstyle

Half loop braid hairstyle is fancy hairstyle for little girls. This magical hairstyle is pretty complicated. Try this new braid pattern. You can experiment your half loop braid hairstyle with different type of braid. If you are looking for simple and easy hairstyle, you can create a half loop braid with normal braids.

half loop braid hairstyles for little girls

10.) Fishtail and Zig zag Braids

Fishtail is highly in trend and fishtail with zigzag braid is unique. Do some experiment with your fishtail by leaving the a section of beforehand. You need to create a proper fishtail by leaving a section of hair. Create thin braid with the section you left. Wrap the thin braid around the loop of fancy fishtail braid. The hairstyle looks best in medium to long hair.

Fishtail with zig zag hairstyles for little girls

11.) Double Heart Pigtails with Buns

Kids add fun and love in the hairstyle with double heart pigtails with buns. The double heart pigtails with bun is one of the sassy hairstyles for little girls. Create an amazing updo with average pigtails to double heart. Go for parting of hair and divide each section into three square sections. You need to twist those sections into heart shape. Secure the ends into loose pigtails and enhance it with bow.

double heart pigtail buns hairstyles for little girls

12.) Dutch Braid Ponytail for Kids

The Dutch braid ponytail is one of the cute hairstyles for little girls. You can create hairstyle with dutch braid starting at the temple area. When  the braids reach to the back, then braid it into cross one braid over the other.

dutch braid ponytail for kids hairstyles for little girls

13.) Simple Rose Twists into High Bun

Simple rose twists into high bun is one of the stunning hairstyles for little girls. You need to part the hair with twist it into the buns. And finally gathered into messy buns.

simple rose twist hairstyles for little girls

14.) Upside Down Braided with Bow

The upside down braided with bow is one of the hairstyles for little girls. The hairstyle is best for any occasion. This cute hairstyle works best in long hair.

upside down with braid hairstyles for little girls

15.) Braided Pigtails

You can make sassy and cute pigtails by braiding into fishtails. Magnify the look with gorgeous ribbon both the side to finish off the look.

braided pigtail with ribbon hairstyles for little girls

16.) Basket Weave Hairdo

 You can achieve this look with rainbow colored elastic bands. The hairstyle looks best in shoulder length hair. It is one of the cute hairstyle for little girls.

basket weave hairdo hairstyles for little girls

17.) Braided Updo with Side Updo

Braided updo with side updo is one of the adorable hairstyles for little princess. Create small cute six braids out of the underneath hair and brushed the hair and pull all the hair into bun.

braided updo with side updo hairstyles for little girls

18.) Twisted Girly Fun

Thick braids and twist is one of the fabulous hairstyles for little girls. Add ribbons or flowers to magnify your look. Secure this hairstyle with plenty of bobby pins and elastic bands.

twisted girly fun hairstyles for little girls

19.) Messy Buns and Braid

Messy buns and braid is one of the hairstyles for little girls. begin with French braid either side of the head and make a messy bun on the both sides.

messy braid and fun hairstyles for little girls

20.) Loose and Wavy Style

If you have thick and long hair, you can embrace this look with loose and wavy style. The loose and wavy style is one of the adorable hairstyles for little girls.

loose and wavy hairstyles for little girls


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