15 Simple Haircuts for Round Faces


A haircut should be such that increases your self-confidence. A good haircut can make you look wow and a bad one can ruin your overall look. Ladies with round faces always find it difficult to find a suitable haircut. They often avoid short haircuts as it makes the face look fuller. Just relax! Read our article and find out the top 15 simple haircuts for round faces. All these haircuts will reduce the width of your round face and will help you to achieve a slim face.

Top 15 Simple Haircuts for Round Faces:

1.) Long Bob for Round Faces:

long bob haircuts for round faces

This is one of the simplest haircuts for round faces. A long bob is a flattering haircut for round faces. It is a natural and effortless haircut that gives you a chic look. It is very easy to maintain this haircut and you just need to give regular touch ups.

2.) Bob Haircut with a Heavy Side Bang:

bob haircut with a heavy side bang haircuts for round face

A short haircut offers both, versatility and femininity. But it is difficult to choose a short haircut for a round face. Don’t worry, this haircut is just perfect for you as it frames your face correctly. It is also a great choice if you want to fake a pixie.

3.) Mermaid Bob for Round Face:

mermaid bob haircuts for round faces

Who said that women with darker complexions cannot try cool toned hair colors. This shoulder length bob can make you look gorgeous and for sure you will leave a mark wherever you go. The green and cobalt blue will make this haircut appealing and original.

4.) Collar-bone Bob Haircuts for Thin Hair:

collarbone haircuts for round faces

Thin hair and a round face can cause trouble for you. A wrong haircut for this kind of hair and face shape can ruin your personality. Just relax! Here is a solution. Try a collarbone bob and add some side bangs for a flattering look.

5.) Inverted Bob Haircuts for Round Faces:

inverted bob haircuts for round faces

Women with round faces often get disappointed because they are unable to wear short haircuts. Don’t worry, these stacked and inverted layers will create a lot of volume at the back that will balance out the roundness of your cheeks.

6.) Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces:

pixie haircuts for round faces

This pixie haircut is going to make you look super cool. The deep hair color compliments the skin tone of this lady in the image. The asymmetrical haircut makes this pixie haircut unique. It is a sleek plus messy haircut.

7.) Spiky Pixie Haircuts for Round Faces:

spiky pixie haircuts for round faces

This short and spiky pixie is going to make your day. It looks great and you just need a mousse and a blow dryer to set it. The spikes grab all the attention and your round face is spared from being highlighted.

8.) A-line Haircuts for Round Faces:

A-line haircuts for round faces

The long front layers and a short back will make your round face look appealing. The subtle highlights make this haircut classy and sexy. The front layers will perfectly hide the fullness of your face.

9.) Sleek Haircuts for Round Faces:

sleek haircuts for round faces

An ultra sleek haircut is an ideal choice for a round face. You can mix up a new style or a new color to prevent it from becoming boring. It looks great on every kind of hair textures.

10.) Long Hair with Layers for Round Face:

long hair with layers haircuts for round faces

The key to remove the attention from the roundness of your face is by adding layers. But make sure the layers does not end at the chin, otherwise your round face will grab all the attention. Long layers will decrease the width of your face.

11.) Long Curly Haircuts for Round Face:

long curly haircuts for round faces

Curls make you look fabulous without overwhelming your face. Let your curls grow and add some choppy layers at the back and bottom. Make sure that your curls are below the chin line.

12.) Cropped Haircuts for Round Face:

cropped haircuts for round faces

This cropped haircut looks stunning on women with round faces. The long bangs not only fake length but also minimizes the roundness of your face. It is a perfect haircut for getting a slimmer face.

13.) Feathered Haircuts for Round Faces:

feathered haircuts for round faces

These feathered layers will help you to hide the roundness of your face. The flicks give you an impressive look for a whole day. The fringes will help you to get a softer face. Try this haircut and increase your self-esteem.

14.) Forward Styled Pixie Haircuts:

forward styled pixie haircuts for round faces

This forward styled pixie haircut looks great on round faces. The Y piece bangs and the spikes on the top of the head make this haircut look appealing. This forward styled pixie is ideal for a lively look.

15.) Blunt Platinum Blonde Bob:

blunt platinum blonde bob haircuts for round faces

This edgy haircut is going to make you look super sexy. This blunt platinum bob is going to give you an iconic look. It will minimize the roundness of your face and hence your self-confidence will increase.


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