20 Different Asymmetrical Bobs


The asymmetrical bobs is trends in this year. It doesn’t matter whether it is short, medium and long, the hairstyle has conquered the heart of many top celebrities, models, singer and actresses. The haircut is extremely stylish cool and looks good on women with all face sizes. In this article, you will see the different asymmetrical bob and will like to make your haircut like that.

Best 20 Different Asymmetrical Bobs

1.) Rosamund pike asymmetrical bobs

This leading actress in gone girl and Oscar nominee actress is looking gorgeous in this asymmetrical bobs hairstyle. Shad has apple-shaped face and this hairstyle suit her well. this hairstyle is longer on one side and shorter on other side. If you have long face you must try this hairstyle.

rosamound pike asymmetrical bobs

2.) Scarlet Johansson Wavy asymmetrical bob

Scarlet Johansson is one of the gorgeous actress in Hollywood and her acting skills is also mind blowing. She has the most hypnotic eyes and luscious lips. If you have full face features and you want to show them, then go for wavy asymmetrical bobs.

scarlet Johansson Wavy asymmetrical bobs

3.) Rita Ora Short Asymmetrical Bobs with Side-Swept Fringe

Rita ora is a very famous pop singer and her blond hair is also marvelous. Her most recent short asymmetrical bobs comes with a side swept fringe. It is stylish and incredibly interesting.

Rita Ora Short Asymmetrical Bob with Side-Swept Fringes

4.) Marion Cotillard Curly Asymmetrical Bob

This french actress is looking gorgeous in this hairstyle. this hairstyle if perfect for women with round, heart-shaped complexions, this style will help to show you jaw line, and simplicity your eyes and cheekbones.

Marion Cottillard Curly Asymmetrical Bobs

5.) Kristen Bell Medium-Length Asymmetrical Bobs

Kristen bell may 20 because of her beautiful face features, but she is actually 34. She has always had blonde hair. She is looking amazing in this hairstyle. if you will wear this hairstyle you will also look amazing.

Kristen Bell Medium-Length Asymmetrical Bobs

6.)  Katy Perry Striking Blue Asymmetrical Bobs

At the start of her career Katy Perry had straight black hair with bangs. This hairstyle is looking amazing on her because it actually matching her green eyes.

Katy Perry Striking Blue Asymmetrical Bobs

7.) Victoria Beckham Messy Asymmetrical Bobs

This messy asymmetrical bobs is looking gorgeous on victoria Beckham. Her hair is side swept from the front and messy from the side and back.

Victoria Beckham Messy Asymmetrical Bobs

8.) Reese Witherspoon Layered Asymmetrical Bobs

When your face looks like a doll so any type of hairstyle can fit great on you. She has natural blonde hair and a heart shaped face. A layered asymmetrical bobs matches women with a strong jaw line. It shows the cheekbones and emphasize the rest of your face characteristic.

Reese Witherspoon Layered Asymmetrical Bobs

9.) January Jones Vintage-Inspired Asymmetrical Bobs

Actress January jones knows how to rock a 50s inspired bob hairstyle. Her hair is wavy from one side and shorter on the other side, she is looking amazing in this hairstyle.

January Jones Vintage-Inspired Asymmetrical Bobs

10.) Lady Gaga Sleek Asymmetrical Bobs

Lady gaga always experiment with her hair. aside from being an excellent singer she also has extravagant in the good sense of the ord. she likes to try new things. Her asymmetrical bobs hairstyle suits her face.

Lady Gaga Sleek Asymmetrical Bobs

11.) Kate Bosworth asymmetrical bobs

Kate Bosworth has finally trimmed her long hair after so many years. her new bouncy asymmetrical bobs looks incredibly beautiful on her.

Kate Bosworth Asymmetrical Bobs

12.) Lucy Hale Messy Asymmetrical Bobs

Lucy was a proud owner of the most beautiful hairstyle. long dark and curvy that was her signature hairdo, which perfectly matched with those big brown eyes. a couple of season later we see hale with a shorter, trendier hairdo. That fits her great especially because she got such a small face. If your hair is too big and your face is small, you need to proper trim to do miracles for your face features.

Lucy Hale Messy Asymmetrical Bobs

13.) Rachel McAdams Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bob

Rachels asymmetrical bobs fits her face perfectly. This pink blonde nance is perfect for women with pole skin who don’t want to look conventional. You must try this hairstyle.

Rachel McAdams Chin-Length Asymmetrical Bobs

14.) Elizabeth Olsen Choppy Asymmetrical Bob

Elizabeth Olsen wavy hair s looking gorgeous on her. She never dared to cut it until now. The asymmetrical she chose is stylish and choppy.

Elizabeth Olsen Choppy Asymmetrical Bobs

15.) Anne Hathaway Chic Wavy Asymmetrical Bob

Anne hathway had log brown hair for several years. she had cut if off completely.we must praise her for havng the courage tdo that. This asymmetrical bob is looking gorgeous on her.

Anne Hathaway Chic Wavy Asymmetrical Bobs

16.) Jessica Simpson Simple Asymmetrical Bob

Jesssica simpon trimmed her hair into amedium length bob. It suits her great because she has got deliace face features. Her hair is curls from the end.

Jessica Simpson Simple Asymmetrical Bobs

17.) emma stone shapely asymmertical bobs

Her bob haircut s cute and stylish. The choppy ends of the cut give it a fresh appeal to the whole look. If you are looking for a modern bob that it is the perfect hairstyle.

Emma Stone Shapely Asymmetrical Bobs

18.) Dianna argon fringed asymmetrical bobs

Singer, dancer actress dianna argon has the most adorable skin and blonde hair. her locks always had length and not that much volume. It is nice to see that she finally realize that she looks more good in short hair.

Dianna Agron Fringed Asymmetrical Bobs

19.) demi lovata glossy asymmetrical bobs

Demi lovata loves to change her hairstyle. her latest glossy bob looks sleek and stylish. We sure appreciate that her hairstyle is unique and beautiful.

Demi Lovato Glossy Asymmetrical Bobs

20.) Jennifer Lawrence chic asymmetrical bob

Jennifer Lawrence certainly known to make an impression. Her graceful pixie crop hairstyle has a rough but extremely interesting texture. you should also try this hairstyle.

Jennifer Lawrence Chic Asymmetrical Bobs


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