20 Ideas for Red Ombre Hair


Passion, excitement, love, attention, intensity and energy are some of the best expressions to define the beautiful color red. There is a shade of red of every girl. Life is not permanent, so why keep the hair color permanent. Read our article to choose the best shade of red ombre for yourself and add some innovation and romance to your hairstyle. These 20 ideas for red ombre hair will fully inspire you. Red ombre hair is becoming popular worldwide because of the numerous options available.

List of 20 Ideas for Red Ombre Hair:

1.) Red Balayage Ombre Hair Color:

red balayage red ombre hair

This sweet chocolate look that you get is hard to resist. It is a perfect choice if you do not like to go too bright. The brown locks with balayage highlights is a great combination. Every hairstyle will look flattering with this color combination.

2.) Fiery Red Ombre Hair:

fiery red ombre hair

The stunning and fiery look of this ombre will make you look the epitome of perfection. The fiery red is at the top while the ombre covers the bottom hair. This is a perfect color combination for summer seasons.

3.) Vibrant Red Ombre Hair Color:

vibrant red ombre hair

This vibrant red color is going to drive other people crazy. Give your dark colored locks life and a dramatic appeal by adding this vibrant color. It is a great hair color to add flair to your looks.

4.) Red and Blonde Ombre Hair Color:

red and blonde red ombre hair

Red is the king of the colors. So many options and so many varieties. The blend of red and golden blonde will make your hair look beautiful and your personality stunning.

5.) Brown and Burgundy Waves:

brown and burgundy waves

Hair color not only makes you the star of any event, but it also adds shine and dimension to your locks. Try this dark red hue to make a huge personalized statement.

6.) Black to Red Ombre Hair Color:

black to red ombre hair

You can experiment with this color combination at any time. Whether you have short locks or long, this hair color just looks improbable. These two gorgeous hair color will take your styling sense to a whole new level. Girls with light and chocolate skin should try this hair color.

7.) Cherry Coca-Cola Red Ombre:

cherry coca cola red ombre hair

If you don’t want to keep standard red all over the head, then mix up some colors. This coca cola shade of red is an amazing alternative. Try this cherry coca cola to balance the look of your straight or wavy hair.

8.) Patchy Peachy Red Ombre:

patchy peachy red ombre hair

This hair color works exceptionally if you have shoulder length or longer hair. Start out with a peachy color which will fade out into a red. Make sure that this color fade occurs at different points so that you get a striking look.

9.) Dip Dyed Hair Color:

dip dyed hair color red ombre hair

This is one of the coolest hair color options. The bottom of the hair is dip dyed with red color. The upper part looks wonderful with a white ombre. The color combination of white and red is fantastic.

10.) Red and Pink Ombre Hair:

red and pink red ombre hair

The color transformation of red to pink looks fabulous. This color combination is really a stand out in the world of hair colors. A funky outfit makes this style flattering and great.

11.) Brown to Red Balayage:

brown to red balayage red ombre hair

The stunning bottom of this style is improbable and breathtaking. The top is dark brown with a fiery tone on one side while the bottom has fiery balayage highlights. This is a wonderful combo of red and blonde.

12.) Reverse Ombre with Red:

reverse red ombre hair

The top is covered with this wonderful blonde and the red streaks are spread beautifully. The bottom of the hair is covered with a light vibrant red. You can create waves or curls to enhance the beauty of this color combination.

13.) Vibrant Red Color Melt:

vibrant red color melt red ombre hair

This style will change the whole meaning of color melt and take it to a whole new level. The top is covered with a dark brown shade while the middle and bottom section have highlights of red and orange.

14.) Red to Yellow Ombre Hair:

red to yellow ombre red ombre hair

This vibrant color combination will make you look wonderful and fill your hair with life. The top is covered with a red color while the tips are dip dyed with this yellow ombre. This yellow color for sure is going to give you a wow look.

15.) Velvet Red Ombre Hair:

velvet red ombre hair

This ombre hair idea is a great color to try. This velvet red tone will make your hair look beautiful and gorgeous. If you want to enjoy the vibrancy of colors, then this color combination is worth trying.

16.) Three Tone Ombre Hair:

three tone red ombre hair

This is a wonderful combination of three warm colors. The balayage highlights of red and ombre locks at the bottom look ravishing. This romantic hair color combination will give you a wow look.

17.) Ombre Hair with Ruby and Black:

ombre hair with ruby and black red ombre hair

The peek-a-boo highlights of ruby look amazing at the black roots. It is a great hair color to brighten up your day instantly. It is also a great choice for working women.

18.) Golden Red Ombre Hair:

golden red ombre hair

This stunning natural hair color will make your locks look natural. The top layers of the hair have a deep red color while the bottom layers have a golden brown color. The mixture of colors will make your hair look beautiful.

19.) Blood Red Orange Hair:

blood red orange hair red ombre hair

The combination of red and orange is just awesome. It works well on every kind of hair texture. Medium red with a red-orange will make you look fantastic and your hair amazing.

20.) Light Burgundy Ombre Hair:

light burgundy red ombre hair

It is not necessary that a red ombre should be bold and bright. A light and decent shade also look dazzling. This hair color looks awesome when paired with dramatic makeup and chunky jewelry.


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