20 Stunning Medium Haircuts


Every woman has a desire of looking well-groomed and feminine. There are a diversity of hairstyles and coloristic solution which are amaze balls. Women who have luxurious hair texture like a thick, thin and wavy hairstyle. You can achieve choppy, layer, blunt and sassy look in medium length with these haircuts. Here are 20 Stunning medium haircuts.

20 Stunning Medium Haircuts:

1.) Angled Layers for Medium Length Hair

The angled layers for medium length hair is one of the stunning medium haircuts. In this hairstyle, the jagged layers jazz up the look which looks gorgeous on wavy hair. You can get this look without any styling technique, you just have to give blow dry your hair. You can enhance your look with a long bang and side part.

Angled layer medium haircuts

2.) Updo with Fringe Bangs

Updo with fringe bangs is one of the stunning medium haircuts. You can add fringe bangs that look phenomenal in medium hair. Blend your tresses with low bun by creating few pieces on the face-framing pieces. The hairstyle is best for a special occasion. You can enhance this hairstyle with a beautiful gown.

Updo with fringe haircut medium haircuts

3.) Medium Cut with Side Bangs

Medium cut with side bangs is one of the sassy medium haircuts. You can achieve this look without using color or style. Wavy hair works well with rich and polished shades that give a frame to your face. Enhance your chic look with effortless style. Go for polished brown shade to get the mesmerizing look.

Medium cuts with side bangs medium haircuts

4.) Medium Shaggy Waves

Medium shaggy waves are one of the medium haircuts. Just give a blow-dry to your hair to get the messy wavy look. For a better look, create waves from hair straightener and leave the ends untouched and shaggy. You can go for chunky highlights that look awesome with a medium shag haircut. The hairstyle looks best in casual tops and t-shirts.

Medium cuts with side bangs medium haircuts

5.) Layered Medium Lob

Lob are very popular nowadays. The hairstyle is flattering, versatile and modern. In this hairstyle, the hand painted lob feature in short haircut increase volume in the hairstyle without making it bulky and unattractive. Layered medium long is one of the medium haircuts that is suitable for long, oval and heart shape.

medium layered lob medium haircuts

6.) Fancy Roll for Medium Hair

Fancy roll for medium hair is one of the medium haircuts. For thrilling look, you can go for the messy looped style. You can go for chunky highlights that look gorgeous in medium hair style. Create a swirled mix of caramel and coffee hue to maintain the visual interest. Embrace this look with the fancy outfit and fetching hair accessories.

Fancy Roll medium haircuts

7.) Contrasting Medium Layered Cut

If you love warm or cool skin tone, then go for contrasting medium layered cut. It is best for the warm skin tone that looks gorgeous with warm layered complexion. The hairstyle doesn’t give too much orange and give you desirable effect. Pull off the look with denim jackets and blue jeans that look stunning on women.

Contrasting medium layered cut medium haircuts

8.) Choppy Wavy Ahead Captain!

Want to jazz up your look with the new hairstyle, try choppy wavy ahead, captain. The longer side bangs add height and dimension to your look with side swept bangs. The haircut is eye catching and looks phenomenal on every woman. Searching bright and bouncy look add very light blonde highlights to achieve the look. Flip ends are extremely beautiful.

choppy waves ahead captain medium haircuts

9.) Classy Medium Blonde Bob

Classy medium Blonde bob is one of the medium haircuts. You can add classic long bob that looks fantastic in shoulder length hairstyle. Magnify your beauty by slightly curling your ends. You cannot resist with this stylish and elegant hairstyle. Upgrade your hairstyle with trendy classy medium blonde bob.

Classy medium blonde bob medium haircuts

10.) Layering and Headband Twist

The layering and headband twist is one of the stunning medium haircuts. Headband plays an important role which is decorative and a practical function. Make twist of front bangs and secure it at the back or above the ear. The hairstyle looks sassy in straight and thin hair.

layering and headband twist medium haircuts

11.) Heat Free Layered Hairstyle

As you must be getting it from the name the hairstyle doesn’t lead your hair to heavy damage and breakage. For this look, you don’t have to go for heating tools which result in damage to your hair. You just have to take the head wash and texturize it with hairspray to achieve heat free layered hairstyle.

Heat free layered hairstyle medium haircuts

12.) Shoulder Length Layered Hair

Shoulder length layered hair is one of the medium haircuts. Go V shape cut that adds body and life to your hair. Layers hair is heavy and very important for medium length haircut and long tresses. Wear this look with your casual outfits and normal fetching hair accessories.

Shoulder length layered medium haircuts

13.) Swoopy Layers in Medium Length

The hairstyle is elegant and modish. It is not made for particular age, every woman look classic and dynamic in this look. Swoopy layers can create amazing lines in your hair. The hairstyle is best for the hair. Swoopy layers in medium length are one of the gorgeous medium length haircuts.

Swoopy layers medium haircuts

14.) Layered and Winged

Layered and winged is one of the fabulous medium haircuts of this season. The side swept layers in this hairstyle give you the illusion of winged hairstyle of 90’s. If you want to recreate the old hairstyle, then flaunt it with sassy swoop with the help of round hair brush and blow dryer.

Layered and winged medium haircuts

15.) Choppy Medium Layers

The hairstyle focuses on the layers and barely there layering. The hairstyle relies on uneven choppy layers. Jazz up your look with edgy and jagged appearance. In this hairstyle, little to no blending involve which make the hairstyle fresh and gorgeous every day.

Choppy medium layer medium haircuts

16.) Face Framing Fringes

Face framing fringes are one of the medium haircuts. You can get this shoulder length haircut with a chic vibe. Enhance your hairstyle with loose peek-a-boo hairstyle with half updo. You can also secure it by using pins or making braids.

Face framing fringes medium haircuts

17.) Layered and Flipped

The hairstyle is best to give the illusion of heavy hair. The hairstyle is best for the women who have long hair and want to try short hairstyle. The layered and flipped is one of the medium haircuts.

Layered and flipped medium haircuts

18.) Chic Medium Chignon

The chic medium chignon is one of the medium haircuts. The hairstyle adds volume and thickness to the hairstyle. Make it more appealing with gorgeous dresses.

Chic medium chignon medium haircuts

19.) Medium Brown Hair with Angled Hair

Embrace your bob haircut with angled cut. The medium brown hair with angled hair is one of the medium haircuts.

Medium brown hair medium haircuts

20.) Curled Golden Hairstyle

Curled golden hairstyle is one of the medium haircuts. You can achieve this look in beautiful shoulder length hairstyle. Achieved this look by using barrel curling iron.

curled golden medium haircuts


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