15 Short Shag Hairstyles


Whether it’s the app on your phone or a twist in the new style, everything works and looks better in an upgraded version. Shag cuts add a stylish twist to your look and add upgrades your hairstyle instantly. Shags look fantastic on every hair length. Short shag hairstyles are famous for giving a trendy disheveled style. Shag Hairstyles look improbable on straight, curly and wavy hair. So girls, if you are looking for a sassy and sexy hairstyle, then read our article and find the best short shag hairstyle from the given suggestions.

Best 15 Short Shag Hairstyles:

1.) Shaggy Curls Short Hairstyles:

shaggy curls short shag hairstyles

No doubt that the charm of the perfectly curled curls is irresistible, but you can’t use a curling iron every time. Frequent styling treatments can damage your hair. Chill! Use a blow dryer, wide comb and mousse to create this wonderfully messy and curly style.

2.) Spiky Straight and Shaggy Hairstyles:

spiky straight short shag hairstyles

This is one of the most attractive short shag hairstyles. This hairstyle will prove everyone wrong who think that spikes are only reserved for rock stars. You just need some hair gel and then you can go crazy with your hair.

3.) Posh Shaggy Messy Bob:

posh shaggy messy bob short shag hairstyles

Are you searching for an elegant and simple look? If yes, then take some inspiration from the lady in the image. This short shag hairstyle will make you the fashion icon. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you need not wash your hair before creating this hairstyle.

4.) Platinum Short Shag Hairstyles:

platinum short shag hairstyles

If you are a blonde headed from childhood, but wants to change the hair color because you think you have limited options then you are absolutely wrong. It will be a pleasure for you to wear this short shag style. It is easy to style and gives you a red carpet look.

5.) Short Chopped Shag Hairstyles with Bangs:

short chopped short shag hairstyles with bangs

If spontaneous and sassy hairstyles are your choice, then you will definitely love this shag hairstyle. The chopped and shag hair gives you a hairstyle that is messy and attractive to look. The bangs touching the forehead draws the attention towards the mascara-coated eyes.

6.) Blue Short Shag Hairstyles:

blue short shag hairstyles

This is one of the most attractive and impressive members of the shag family. It is a mermaid inspired style that will make you look charismatic. If you have any doubt or getting nervous, then go for a temporary dye that only stays for a few weeks.

7.) Layered Shag Hairstyles for Mature Women:

layered short shag hairstyles for mature women

Whether you are in your twenties or fifties, a shag is always a great option. Women over 50 have complained of having thin hair. No worries! Add some layers to your shag and enjoy the blast of volume.

8.) Side Parted Colored Short Shag Hairstyles:

side parted colored short shag hairstyles

The choppy layers in this side parted shag hairstyles create a lot of fullness throughout the crown. A punchy color will instantly elevate your hairstyle. You can even add thin fringes to frame your face.

9.) Longer Waves Short Shag Hairstyles:

longer waves short shag hairstyles

Nineties shags were longer and cropped towards the face, but these modern shags involve hairstyles that are free falling. A layered style and a texturizing product are enough to get an enchanting look.

10.) Bed Head Bangs Short Shag Hairstyles:

bed head bangs short shag hairstyles

In the morning there are so many jobs to do. In that hassle spending time on hair styling is a little difficult. The bangs and the bed look will give you an effortlessly chic look.

11.) Short Shag Blunt Hairstyle:

short shag blunt hairstyle short shag hairstyles

If you are going for a pixie cut, then ask your hair stylist to leave a little length. The length is going to give your hairstyle a shaggy appearance. The angled sideburns and the blunt line of the nape will give your hairstyle a unique and impressive appearance.

12.) Crazy Curls Short Shag Hairstyles:

crazy curls short shag hairstyles

Imagine you get up and don’t want have to worry about hair styling. What a lovely morning it would be. This imagination can become reality with this hairstyle. You can add sophistication by using scarf or hair accessories to make this hairstyle acceptable outside.

13.) Messy Undercut Curls Hairstyles:

messy undercut and curls short shag hairstyles

If you want to show the world that you are a tough girl, then you can nail this look with this messy undercut. The curls will give you the look of a cute girl. This is a flattering shag hairstyle that suits most of the girls.

14.) Blonde Shaggy Waves Dark Roots:

blonde shaggy waves dark roots short shag hairstyles

Girls with an olive complexion rock this blonde short shaggy hairstyle. Make sure that the roots are dark for an impressive look. Smoky eye makeup and the balance of light and dark will make you look gorgeous.

15.) Mixed Up Braids for Short Shaggy Hair:

mixed up braids short shag hairstyles

Matching two to three styles together looks very attractive and impressive. The size, length, and style of the braid totally depend on you. Incorporating these braids together add a sense of variety.


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