20 Medium Layered Haircuts


Medium layers add movement and life in your hairstyle. You are going to shock by watching diversity and colors in medium layered hairstyle in this article. Layers give shattered shape to your hairstyle and also enhances your facial features. Girls who are getting layers in thin hair, gaining kudos for their hairstyle. Try flattering look by adding layers and flip in your hairstyle. Here 20 medium layered haircuts.

20 Medium Layered Haircuts:

1.) Feathered V Layers

Feathered V layers are one of the medium layered haircuts. The medium length is easy to manage and very astounding. Add short feathers in the hairstyle which give you an adorable frame to the face. The hairstyle is best for both casual and formal look. The light color of clothes looks perfect with this look.

Feathered V layers medium layered haircuts

2.) Middle Part and Middle Length

The middle part and middle length are one of the medium layered haircuts. The medium long style looks gorgeous on a special occasion. The flattering layers will fall on the face and won’t distract your face frame. You can add charm to your look with light makeup and sexy jewelry.

middle part and middle length medium layered haircuts

3.) Layered Wavy Bob

Layered wavy bob is one of the medium layered haircuts. In this hairstyle, the long flattering bob looks gorgeous on curly hair. The hand painted feather looks truly sensational with black hair that also boosts volume in the hairstyle.

layered wavy bob medium layered haircuts

4.) Choppy Waves

Choppy waves add interest even in the boring haircut. If you want a new hairstyle, try choppy waves that absolutely stunning. You can add bangs on the long side that gives you beautiful texture and also add dimension to your hairstyle. It is very suitable for medium to cool skin tone. The hairstyle is for oval, long and heart-shaped face cut.

Choppy waves medium layered haircuts

5.) Messy Medium Layered Cut

The best thing about this haircut, it adds texture to the end. It is best suitable for fine hair. It gives you the appearance of thick hair. You can add layered bangs which are great options to enhance your look. Wear this hairstyle with cool shirt and denim jeans. You can go for a nose piercing to enhance the look.

messy medium layered cut medium layered haircuts

6.) Heat Free Layered Hairstyle

The heat free layered hairstyle is one of the medium layered haircuts. The best thing about the hairstyle, you don’t need hairstyling tool and products. You can create the messy look by washing your hair. You can give a beautiful hair texture by using hair spray. The hairstyle is best for a casual look. If you are planning a vacation, then you can try this messy look with a carefree attitude.

heat free layered hairstyle medium layered haircuts

7.) Shoulder Length Layered Hair

The additional V cut layers add grace in the hairstyle which lifts the hairstyle. The hairstyle adds body and shape in the hairstyle. The layer keeps the hairstyle heavy and thick. If you have fine hair then you should try this hairstyle to boost the volume and dimension in the haircut. It is similar like a shag haircut. It is one of the gorgeous medium layered haircuts.

Shoulder length layered medium layered haircuts

8.) Layered and Winged

Give wings to the hairstyle with layered and winged haircuts. To magnify your look with side swept layered. You can recreate your look with round brush and blow dryer. Give wings to your hairstyle with gorgeous dresses, especially white gown. The hairstyle is best for the special occasion. You can achieve this look in thick and fine hair.

Layered and winged medium layered haircuts

9.) Face Framing Fringes

Face framing fringes are one of the medium layered haircuts. Enhance your hairstyle with layered cut with chic vibes. You can magnify your look with breathtaking experiment with hair. Create braids or fringes to make it more attracted.  You can also try half updo in the hairstyle for the special occasion.

Face framing fringes medium layered haircuts

10.) Layered and Flipped

The hairstyle looks boring and simple without layers. Layered and flipped hair makes your hairstyle heavy. The hairstyle is suitable for medium hair length. Start giving layer from the bottom of the hairstyle. The haircut will give you bouncy and voluminous hair by adding movement to your hairstyle.

layered and flipped medium layered haircuts

11.) Layered Radiant Orchid Hair

Layered radiant orchid hair is one of the medium layered haircuts. Shoulder length hairstyle is truly sensational. You can enhance your beauty with striking color. You can go for orchid hair, which is very much in trend and make you very popular in no time.

Layered radiant orchid medium layered haircuts

12.) Layered A line with Razored End

Layered A line with razored end is one of the medium layered haircut. If you bob lover then try layered A-line with razored end. The gorgeous hair with fan out and flip up in the back. The angled in the front and sassy layers make this hairstyle more awesome.

layered A line with razored ends medium layered haircuts

13.) Windswept Layers

Windswept layers are one of the medium layered haircuts. For neat and sassy look, you can try windswept layers haircut. Get this look by your favorite hair stylist to get the professional look. You can add chunky highlights to enhance your amazing look. The hairstyle looks best in fine hair.

wind swept layer medium layered haircuts

14.) Layered, Flipped and Tousled

The hairstyle is a combination of important keys which are required in the hairstyle to enhance the look. The observer thinks that the hairstyle takes less time, but it’s not true. It takes your more time as necessary tools are required to achieve this look. You can save this hairstyle for the special occasion.

layered fipped and tousled medium layered haircuts

15.) Shagged and Jagged

Shagged and jagged is one of the medium layered haircuts. The hairstyle doesn’t need maintenance. Choppy layers and subtle layers to achieve shagged and jagged haircut. You can add gorgeous hair color to make it more stunning.

Shagged and jagged medium layered haircuts

16.) Medium Length Cascade

The soft and sweet look is perfect for medium length. It is one of the medium layered haircuts. You can add feathers in this hairstyle for natural gorgeous hair. Brighten your look with hair colors like orange or brown.

medium length cascade medium layered haircuts

17.) Effortless Tousled

Effortless tousled is one of the medium layered haircuts. The Bedhead look is enchanting and appealing. The hairstyle is easy to maintain. You can set your hair with a round brush or fingers to get the beguiling look.

Effortless tousled medium layered haircuts

18.) Medium Middle Part Hairstyle

Medium middle part hairstyle is one of the medium layered haircuts. The hairstyle is very suitable for both casual and formal look.

Medium middle part style medium layered haircuts

19.) Loose and Layered

Loose and layered is one of the medium layered haircuts. The hairstyle is very elegant and easy to maintain. It is best for those women who love simplicity.

loose and layered medium layered haircuts

20.) Medium Coffee Colored Bob

Medium coffee colored bob is one of the medium layered haircuts. The hairstyle enhances the volume flat look. Choppy layers add thickness and volume.

medium coffee colored waves medium layered haircuts


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