Best Medium Length Haircuts


Medium length haircuts fall right at the perfect spot. They look sensational and truly flattering when you style your hair in the right way. When you opt for medium length hairstyles they offer you plenty of ideas to style your locks. Wavy, straight, curly and sleek works like icing on the cake in the medium length haircut. Here are best medium length haircuts they look dynamic with your personality.

Best Medium Length Haircuts

1.) Feathered V Layers

The feathered v layers are one of the medium length haircuts.Get this effortless look in medium length which is very easy to manage and lengthy enough with at the ends. Go for short feathered layers which add a frame to your face. You can go longer layers that draw the eye downward.  You can flaunt your layers in with every outfit.

feathered length haircuts medium length haircuts

2.) Casual Braided Pompadour

Sometimes you can get cute length haircut without taking the cut. Instead of going salon, you can style your locks at home. The casual braided pompadour is one of the medium length haircuts. Braided pompadour looks best in the finer hair. Make your hairstyle inspirational by creating the French braid. You can create braids in the top section of the hair. It is one of the cute medium length haircuts.

casual braided pompadour medium length haircuts

3.) Medium Cut with Bangs

Medium cut with bangs is one of the medium length haircuts. Hair texture will look incomplete without hair color. Give a new level to your wavy hair with the rich and polished look. The hairstyle gives you beautiful face frame with these look. Embrace your hairstyle with light makeup. The hairstyle looks best on an oval, long and round face shape.

medium cut with bangs medium length haircuts

4.) Layering and a Headband Twist

Layering and a headband twist are one of the medium length haircuts. In this hairstyle, the bob hairstyle with headband twist look extremely decorative and a practical function. You just have to keep the long bangs off from the headband that looks absolutely eye catchy hairstyle. Embrace your look with fancy accessories with this hairstyle.

layering with headbands medium length haircuts

5.) Middle Part and Medium Length

The middle part and medium length are one of the medium length haircuts. You can achieve this look with medium long styles that add versatility in hairstyle. You can create a flattering look with razor end that looks fantastic in medium locks. Go for darker roots with the lighter end that look sassy in medium length hairstyle.

middle part and medium length medium length haircuts

6.) Layered Wavy Lob

The long bob is very much popular, especially in a medium layered haircut. The flattering look gorgeous, modern and versatile. The hand painted lob feature that adds volume to the hairstyle with short layered. You can create wavy lob with barrel curling iron to achieve this mesmerizing look. The hairstyle looks best on fair skin tone.

layered wavy lob medium length haircuts

7.) Updo with Fringe Bangs

Updo with fringe bangs is one of the medium length haircuts. The hairstyle looks best in the shaggy layered hairstyle.  Make your look more appealing with the low bun that gives you striking look. The face framing pieces make this hairstyle more beautiful. You can wear your fancy gown and fetching hair accessories to embrace the look.

Updo with fringes medium length haircuts

8.) Contrasting Medium Layered Cut

The contrasting medium layered cut is medium length haircuts. The hairstyle looks best in warm or cool skin tone. You can magnify your look by making it wavy or curly. Try chunky highlights to get the sexy and appealing look.  Paired your hairstyle with a denim jacket.

contrasting layered cut medium length haircuts

9.) Angled Thin Layer

Angled thin layer is one of the medium length haircuts. If you have straight hair then try angled thin hair which looks lovely on thin and straight hair. The hairstyle looks best in the shoulder length haircut. You can make your look more stunning with winsome outfits.

angled thin hair medium length haircuts

10.) Braided Beauty

When you have fine hair you care about your look. Fine hair doesn’t have much volume and sometimes look lifeless. Adding a small braid from the front make the hairstyle eye catchy and get easily noticed. Braided beauty is one of the medium length haircuts. You can get this look in the short to medium length hair.

braided beauty medium length haircuts

11.) Messy Medium Layered Cut

The messy medium layered cut is one of the medium length haircuts. If you have fine hair then try a messy and gorgeous look that add volume in the hairstyle and give you thicker look. You can embrace this look with casual t-shirts. Make it more appealing with amazing makeup. Paired your hairstyle with the nose piercing.

messy layered cut medium length haircuts

12.) Heat Free Layered Hairstyle

Heat free layered hairstyle is one of the medium length haircuts. It’s not necessary that you need heating tools to style your hair which leads to damage and breakage. You can create this hairstyle without hairstyling tools or hair products. For this look, you just need to wash your hair and give texture to your hair with hairspray.

heat free layered haircut medium length haircuts

13.) Layered and Winged

Layered and winged give you the illusion of side swept of 90’s. For the perfect look, style your hair with round hair brush and hair dryer. You can flip end to get the dazzling medium length haircut. If you have straight and fine hair, try layered and winged hairstyle. It is one of the winsome medium length haircuts.

layered and winged medium length haircuts

14.) Face Framing Fringes

The face framing fringes are one of the medium length haircuts. Achieve this hairstyle with cool face framing bangs or you can create braid in your hair that looks fantastic in medium length hair.

face framing fringes medium length haircuts

15.) Sleek, Straight and Layered

Looking for a gorgeous hairstyle?  Try sleek, straight and layered hairstyle. It is one of the medium length haircuts. You can rock the look with pretty dresses.

sleek straight medium length haircuts


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