Medium Length Hair Styles


Medium shag haircuts are very popular nowadays. You can see many celebrities to show off their shoulder length hairstyles. You can go for plenty of hairstyles that makes your appearance alluring. Medium length hairstyle is universal and easy to manage. If you can go for plenty haircuts that add charm to your personality. You can add colors to medium length hair that take the style to a whole new level. Here are 20 Medium length hair styles.

20 Medium Length Hair Styles

1.) Layered Haircut with medium Layers

If you want to achieve the fullness at the crown area, then try a layered haircut with medium layers. You can get maximum volume by adding layers to your hairstyle and teasing the section with combs. If you have thick hair then must try this hairstyle which clearly shows you each layer. Add beautiful texture by adding soft balayage highlights to your look.

layered haircut with medium layers medium length hair styles

2.) Casual Braided Pompadour

Sometimes cute haircut looks extremely sassy and stylish. Just go creative with by styling your locks. If you have fine hair then go for a braided pompadour which adds a wow factor to your looks. Make your hairstyle inspirational by adding French braid which surely reminds your childhood tricks. You need to braid the hair for the top of the section to get the kick ass look and leave the rest of hair free. The causal braided pompadour is one of the best medium length hair styles.

Causal braided pompadour medium length hair styles

3.) Shaggy Chestnut Locks

You can opt for warm chestnut hair color to accentuate the medium length hairstyle. Just add light brown shade in your hair style that adds dimension and depth in your hairstyle. You can add layers to your hairstyle to add movement in your hair. The shaggy chestnut look is one of the sassy medium length hair styles. You can pair the look with a casual outfit that looks extremely cool.

Shaggy chesnut locks medium length hair styles

4.) Layering and Headband Twist

You can see in the picture the style is truly mesmerizing. Layering and headband twist is a layered collarbone bob. You can enhance your look by adding a headband twist and practical function. You can keep your long bang off from your face by twisting it into headband twist. The hairstyle looks best with the straight hair. You can wear your cool accessories for the alluring appearance.

Layering and headband twist medium length hair styles

5.) Angled Layers for Medium Length Hair

Jazz up your look with jagged layers that look fabulous. Just style your locks with styling technique. For the perfect messy look, just dry blow dry your hair and rock the look. Opt for side part and long bangs that add life to your look. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine. Wear your best tees and top to make the look sensational with angled layers for medium length hair.

angled layers medium length hair styles

6.) Balayage for Shoulder Length Shag

Shaggy hairstyle with a side balayage that look fabulous on every girl. for better hair texture, add feathers in your look which create volume and style to the look. You can wrap the hair around the curling wand to get the amazing hair texture to maintain the look. The balayage for shoulder length shag is one of the trendy medium length hair styles.

balayage for shoulder length shag medium length hair styles

7.) A Flip of Blonde

Champagne blond is fun to wear and stylish to flaunt. Just work with the common blonde shade that takes the style to the whole new level. You can flip your ends by blow drying your hair and flip it with round brush. Add wow factor to your look with an amazing hue that can make the look or break the look. The hairstyle is best for thin hair as it gives you illusion long hair.

A flip of blonde medium length hair styles

8.) Medium Shaggy Waves

Medium length hair is the best to opt for any style. You can flaunt your shaggy waves in a trendy way to make your appearance sensational. You need to blow dry your hair and a few loose waves with the help of curling wand. Make sure, leave the ends untouched to get the shaggy texture. The hairstyle is best for the late night parties, wedding and for a romantic date.

Medium shaggy waves medium length hair styles

9.) Medium Loose Chocolate Locks

If you want to highlight your full hair, then try medium loose chocolate locks. Add layers to your look with light feathers that add weight and movement in your hairstyle that add shape to your look. So say goodbye to those boring looks that are not for you.

Medium loose chocolate bob medium length hair styles

10.) Angled Thin Hair

Straight your hair and add the angle in your hair with angled cut.  You can add movement and volume to your lifeless hair, which always remains flat. Go for shoulder length cuts so that it gets managed easily.

Angled thin hair medium length hair styles

11.) Shaggy Shoulder Length Bob

Ends of layers locks stick to a different style to make the look adorable. If you have very thick hair then make it less bulky with this hairstyle. The shaggy shoulder length bob is one of the trendy medium length hair styles.

Shaggy shoulder length bob medium length hair styles

12.) Beach Waved Shag

Shaggy hairstyles are not neat and tidy. The effortless look is about all about messing them to get the tousled look. If you have curly hair then opt for Beachy waves that totally look ravishing. For better hair texture, curl your hair with a flat iron to achieve the perfect look.

Beach waved shag medium length hair styles

13.) Braided Beauty

When you have fine hair, they usually fall on the face. You can get rid of this problem by adding a small braid in your hairstyle to make the hairstyle sassy.

Braided beauty medium length hair styles

14.) Medium Haircut with Bangs

The simple and stylish haircut for those ladies who are not very much into the styling of hair. You can make your hairstyle more interesting by adding bangs and sassy highlights in your looks.

medium haircut with medium layers medium length hair styles

15.) Beach Blonde Medium Shag

Adding a color in your looks is fun too. Just add honey blonde highlights with loose and soft waves that are very much in trend. If you are planning a beach vacation, must try this look. The beach blonde medium shag is one of the stunning medium hair styles.

A beached Waved medium length hair styles


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