20 Classy Medium Shag Haircut


Don’t let your beauty down with boring haircuts. Medium length is the best length to achieve the look. When we talk about shag hairstyle, we cannot forget about medium shag haircut. Add an edgy and twist in your hairstyle which takes you to the next level. So don’t wait, just select the best haircut and ask your hairstylist to magnify your look with amazing shag. Here is classy medium shag haircut.

20 Classy Medium Shag Haircut:

1.) Blonde Medium Cut

Give life to your dull and boring blonde hair with an amazing medium shag haircut. The blonde medium cut is modish medium shag haircut. Upgrade your hairstyle with this messy look. It’s easy to maintain and need no efforts. Even you can go out without combing your Tresses.

Blonde medium cut medium shag haircut

2.) Flipped shaggy Hair

Blow your hairstyle with flipped shaggy hair. In this hairstyle, blow dry your hair and blow the strands outward as oppose to inward. Add a little fun by giving a little flip to your shoulder length. If you have fine hair then try this hairstyle which will add bounce to your hair.

flipped shaggy hair medium shag haircut

3.) Balayage for Shoulder-Length Shag

Balayage for shoulder length shag is classy medium shag haircut. If you want to get an entry in the trendy season, you should try balayage shoulder length shag. So add some feathery layers to that balayage hair which look completely astounding. Add wow factor to your style by creating a bounce in your hairstyle, you just need to wrap a section of the hair on curling wand and leaving the end.

Balayage for shoulder length medium shag haircut

4.) Beach Waved Shag

These shaggy hairstyles are not necessary to look neat and clean. It’s a completely messy and tousled look which takes your breath away. Create a beach wave with the help of a curling iron. You just curl the strand and leave the end. The hairstyle is perfect for the beach vacation. The beach waved shag is the medium shag haircut.

beach waved shag medium shag haircut

5.) Medium Loose Chocolate Locks

Medium loose chocolate locks are medium shag haircut. If you want to brighten your thick hair, then go with a feathered haircut. It will reduce the bulk of your heavy hair and also give you shape. You can go out even without washing or combing your hair. The layers and feather tips are something that you should try.

chocolate locks medium shag haircut

6.) Honey Blonde Shaggy Hair

Forget about two tones, try something new for hair. Three toned is a new trend that looks absolutely stunning on shaggy hair. Honey blonde shaggy hair is one of the medium shag haircuts. Platinum, caramel, and honey is brightened the look that makes your hair brighter. Add some feathered bangs in your hairstyle to achieve this look.

Honey blonde shaggy hair medium shag haircut

7.) Long Layered Medium Bob

Have a side bang with an angular bob that looks fabulous. Long layered medium bob is one of the medium shag haircuts. Throw your hair to one side and wear side swept to add an extra point. The hairstyle is best for the perfect occasion. It’s a perfect natural shag that you love to flaunt.

long layered medium bob medium shag haircut

8.)  Windswept Shag

Windswept shag is a medium shag haircut. If you want to add body and life to your hairstyle, try this windswept shag. The hairstyle works best for fine hair. In this hairstyle, blow out your hair outward and flip the ends to magnify the look.

wind swept shag medium shag haircut

9.) Blunt Non-Nonsense Medium Cut

Blunt non-nonsense medium cut is medium shag haircut. You can give a new look to your thick and heavy locks. Mix some craziness in this hairstyle to achieve this look. You just have dry your hair with a diffuser to get a wavy and full look. And curls the top of the hair to get blunt no-nonsense medium cut.

Blunt medium non sense shag medium shag haircut

10.) Caramel-Colored Balayage Shag

Caramel-colored balayage shag works best for all shape, length, and color. In this hairstyle, the shag with two-toned effects looks amazing blended together to get the ombre effect. You can see in the picture how amazing is the hairstyle.

caramel colored balayage shag medium shag haircut

11.) Shaggy Silver Style

Shaggy Silver Style is a medium shag haircut. Don’t let the year pass without truly amazing hairstyle. If you are bored with red, brown and black, then add some twist in your hairstyles with shaggy silver style. Then what are you waiting for? Magnify your medium shag with silver.

silver shag style medium shag haircut

12.) Shaggy Auburn Waves

Shaggy auburn waves are something that you can’t resist. There is no limit of the experiment when we talk about the hairstyle. Try some cool melting technique and special colors like brown, bronze and auburn. It is a striking medium shag haircut.

Shaggy aurburn waves medium shag haircut

13.) Excellent Razor Job

This is a perfect razored look combined with medium shag. You add layers in your hairstyle to achieve this amazing look. The hairstyle can be achieved with a razor and enhance your facial feature.

excellent razored job shag medium shag haircut

14.) A Vibrant Feathered Look

A vibrant feathered look is full of spirit. Ladies who have fine hair, have an advantage of this hairstyle. If you have fine and delicate hair, then try a vibrant feathered look. Add a little volume with feather cut which gives you splendid effect.

A vibrant feather look medium shag haircut

15.) Neat Feather

Neat feather is medium shag haircuts that looks phenomenal with the elegant feathery finish. If you don’t have control of thick hair or you want to give shape to your thick hair, try neat feather.

Neat feather medium shag haircut

16.) Awesome Shaggy Long Bob

Awesome shaggy long bob is a unique and new gorgeous medium shag haircut. In this hairstyle, A-line swept textured change you completely. The hairstyle is best for the normal to fine hair. Add volume and bounce in your hair with awesome shaggy long bob.

Awsome shaggy long bob medium shag haircut

17.) Shoulder-Grazing Shag Haircut

Dark roots and blonde highlights are something that you should try. The shoulder-grazing shag haircut is one of the medium shag haircuts. The hairstyle gain fabulous volume and amazing texture. Try this shoulder length shag haircut, which is completely flawless.

Shoulder grazing shag haircut medium shag haircut

18.) Sexy Shag with Long Wispy Bang

Sexy shag with long wispy bangs is the dazzling medium shag haircut. The sexy medium shag with long wispy bangs is very eye popping and makes your head tuner between the crowd.

Sexy shag with long wispy bangs medium shag haircut

19.) Soft Rose Gold Shag

Soft rose gold shag is very beautiful and delicate medium shag hairstyle. The hairstyle is perfect for the special occasion and romantic date. Spread love with your charming smile and soft rose gold shag.

Soft rose gold medium shag haircut

20.) Black Shag with Side-Swept Bangs

Black shag with side swept bangs is one of the simple and natural looks in shaggy style. It is a medium shag haircut with side swept bangs.

black shag with side swept bang medium shag haircut


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