20 Classy Ombre Hair Color


Ombre is extremely faddish and always remain in the high demands. Ombre hair color gives you plenty of hair color ideas to add the glow to your look. Many women are crazy about the ombre hair color as it gets easily fix, very easy to maintain and look extremely sassy. We have shared some amazing hair color ideas with solid highlights. Here are 20 classy ombre hair color that fully satisfied your demand.

20 Classy Ombre Hair Color

1.) Red Hot Ombre

Many women found the red and black combination is too unnatural, but the right technique solves everything. Opt for an ombre dye job that fades the dark hair into lighter hue. For a better look, you can go for dark roots that will make the hairstyle troubles in the growing process. The hairstyle looks gorgeous on fair skin tone. Straight hair pulls off the look nicely. The red hot ombre is one of the classy ombre hair colors.

red ombre hair color

2.) Smoke and Silver Ombre

Ombre hair color is natural and truly flattering. You can achieve this look by implementing the fading process like from one hue to next hue from top to bottom. You can see in the picture, the blue and silver ombre makes a trendy color combination. Freshen up your look with a nice hairdo and color that can make the look or break the look.

smoke and silver ombre hair color

3.) Shimmering Wavy Bob

The women who desire for a natural look should go for balayage ombre. Apply a painted method that created a softer line which looks like caramel ribbon.  If you love the sunkissed look, then must try. Pull off the look with curly ends that is truly mesmerizing. The shimmering wavy bob is a sassy ombre hair color.

Shimmering wavy bob ombre hair color

4.) Crimson Ombre Hair

Get a worthy rockstar look with bleeding red ombre. Go for dark roots red ends that look stunning. Opt for shoulder length hairstyle with amazing color ideas. Go crazy with this rockstar look that looks fantastic. The crimson ombre hair is top ombre hair color.

crimson ombre hair color

5.) Champagne Ombre

Softer ombre or somber are very trendy hair color. Use color blending technique that adds movement and life to the hair. Go for lighter highlights at the bottom that give you enchanting look. The silky blend with your base looks lovely in shoulder length hairstyle.

champagne ombre hair color

6.) Purple Passion Ombre

Ombre hairstyles come with plenty of different hues. You can get this amazing hair color without having to use bleach or harsh chemical. The hairstyle won’t pinch in the hairstyle and give you very soothing effect. The purple passion ombre is lovable ombre hair color.

Purple passion ombre hair color

7.) Bleach Blonde Ombre

The widely used ombre style used in today’s trend. You can achieve this look that involves a fade from dark to light. Magnify your look with Beachy waves which needs low maintenance that look alluring in many different settings.

Purple passion ombre hair color

8.) Light to Dark Ombre

Let’s do something different with the reverse ombre hairstyle. You can opt for light to dark ombre color technique. The style is not recommended for thin strands as they highlight the fineness in the crown area. It is a playful ombre hair color for blondes with medium to thick hair. Light to dark ombre is the unique ombre hair color.

Light to dark ombre hair color

9.) Casual Beach Waves Ombre

A blonde ombre with beach waves give awesome vibes and confidence. Freshen up your look with a polished and inspirational look. The hairstyle suits almost face shape. And if you have a round face shape, then opt for middle part which works perfectly for round face shape or chubby cheeks. The casual beach waves ombre are striking ombre hair color.

causal beach waves ombre hair color

10.) Strawberry Blonde Ombre Hair

You can achieve this hairstyle with brown or black roots with a fade off from red to blonde. Opt for pale highlights that go well with muted red roots which create softer contrast than darker roots can. The hairstyle is truly dazzling. It is a classy blonde hair, which is suitable for shoulder length hair. Flaunt this look with your casual dresses.

Strawberry blonde ombre hair color

11.) Natural Long Ombre

Dark ombre hair is easy going and best hairdo for the women who give less effort. The light brown hair color adds depth and warmth to the hairstyle. As the blonde hair color doesn’t take much effort. Wavy and curly hair look best in the hairstyle.

natural ombre hair color

12.) Glamorous Bronde Ombre

Brown and blonde ombre style are not one size fit all. Select the right hue and tone that goes well with your complexion. Opt for a crisp, cool champagne hue that goes well with olive and dark skin tones. You can go for gradual ombre that is suitable for short lengths. The glamorous blonde ombre is amazing blonde ombre hair color.

glamorous blonde ombre hair color

13.) White Blonde Ombre

 Many cannot imagine blonde as edgy ombre highlights. You can opt for white and platinum hair color that makes an amazing contrast.

white blonde ombre hair color

14.) Golden Brown Ombre

If you are looking for natural ombre hair, then try complementary hair colors. You can go for dark mahogany and mute copper that look amazing with a warm tone.

Golden brown ombre hair color

15.) Platinum Ombre Curls

Platinum ombre curls are ombre hair color. Enhance your hairstyle with long loose curls that add texture and shape to your face.

platinum ombre hair color

16.) Long and Bright Hair

Opt for the dark and alluring combination like red and black. Add red tips in your hairstyle that look extremely sassy and highly in the trend. Long and bright hair is striking ombre hair color.

long and bright ombre hair color

17.) Shades of Blonde

Blonde hair is very easy to maintain. You can go darker roots and lighter tips which are truly magical. You can create this wavy texture with a curling iron rod.

shades of blonde ombre hair color

18.) Long Fine Ombre Hair

If you have thin locks, try ombre hair color that offers you the advantage of the illusion of thickness and texture to hair. The long fine ombre hair is classy ombre hair color.

Long and fine ombre hair color

19.) Mega Thick Bangs with Ombre Hair

Dark brown hair is truly gorgeous that look phenomenal with round bangs. The mega thick bangs with ombre hair are ombre hair color.

Mega thick bangs with ombre hair color

20.) Angled Ombre Color

Light brown to dark blonde which is perfect for light brown ombre arts. Add some creativity with ‘V’shape to your hair color.

Angled ombre hair color


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