20 Stylish Ombre Straight Hair


Ombre hair color is extremely sassy and a sizzling way to showcase your hair colors beauty without tons of efforts and maintenance. With right hair color and a flat iron, you can win this look without any complications. Every hair texture can pull off the look nicely, so add smooth fade and color transition to get this look. Just look at the 20 stylish ombre straight hair will absolutely worth to watch.

20 Stylish Ombre Straight Hair

1.) Bright and Bold Black To Red Hair

The best advantage of straight hair that it shows every vibrant hue very impressively. When you have straight hair, you don’t have to stick with the natural hue. Go Trendy with using bright hair colors that can easily get visible from distances. Go with bright engine red or you can use electric blue, cool purple to achieve the best look. The dark black color turns bright red from below the crown area. Bright and bold black to red hair is stylish ombre straight hair.

bright and bold black to red hair stylish ombre straight hair

2.) Straight Beauty

Opt for sassy highlights on straight hair that makes the long hair even longer. Accentuate long and luscious locks with dazzling highlights. If you are not born with straight, then you can use a flat iron to get the mesmerizing look. Go for straight beauty when you are hoping for a new look and want to change your hairstyle. The hairstyle looks thrilling on special occasions.

Straight beauty stylish ombre straight hair

3.) Going Dark with Light brown to Dark Brown Ombre

When you want to reverse your hairstyle with unique going dark with light brown to dark brown ombre. The going dark with light brown to dark brown ombre is stylish ombre straight hair. In this hairstyle,  the hair on the top cascading gets down into a lighter shade. Mixing these shades give you reverse ombre. The style is creative and gorgeous. Going Dark with light brown to dark brown ombre is stylish ombre straight hair.

going dark with light brown to dark brown ombre stylish ombre straight hair

4.) Shoulder Length Hair with Ombre Highlights

The shoulder length hair with ombre highlights is amazing ombre straight hair. Your hair doesn’t have to extremely long for shoulder length hair. The shoulder length hair gets the best visibility haircut and if your hair has medium thickness, then it becomes the best for any hairstyle or hair color.  The even shoulder length takes you less effort in styling and maintaining.

cgoing dark with light brown to dark brown ombre stylish ombre straight hair

5.) Dramatic Color Change

Get the classy and elegant look with dramatic color change. You will get many hairstyles with different color techniques, but you have to select the best one for you. In this dramatic look, dark hair with blonde ends looks fabulous on straight hair. The dramatic color change is ombre straight hair that is truly sensational.

Dramatic color change ombre stylish ombre straight hair

6.) Understated Color

Select the best ombre that enhances your personality and straight look. If you love ombre hair colors then add some creativity and interest to get the magnetic looks. If you are conscious about hair color, then add subtle highlights magnify your beauty. The understated color is ombre straight hair with curl ends.

understaded color stylish ombre straight hair

7.) Multicolored Ombre With Rainbow Strands

Try this amazing technique, dark to light technique. Get lively and energetic hairstyle by adding rainbow strands. The hairstyle looks best on the straight hair with some gorgeous curls. If you are planning a festival or party, then must have this look to get the all spotlights on you.

Multicolored highlights stylish ombre straight hair

8.) Black-Red-Blonde Ombre Hair with Bangs

Get fun and appealing look in one hairstyle. Add a different ombre hair hue in your straight hair to take your hairstyle to the next level. For the unique look add bangs in your look. The hairstyle softens your look by giving a beautiful frame to your face. Black-red-blonde ombre hair with bangs is ombre straight hair look.

black red blonde stylish ombre straight hair

9.) Short and Sweet Ombre For Bob

Having long hair always not makes you boring Disney princess. In reality, short hair is more acceptable, then long hair. Even school girls and college girls prefer short hair rather than which get easily style. Get a ravishing look in above shoulder length hair and ombre color.

short and sweet ombre bob stylish ombre straight hair

10.) Color Into Curls with Subtle Ombre

Sometimes straight look dull and weighed which steal all charm of hair color. You can get rid of this problem by adding curls in the end, which lock the volume and thickness in the hairstyle. The color into curls with subtle ombre is ombre straight hair.

Color into curls stylish ombre straight hair

11.) Creative and Bright

Go with ombre on your straight locks that are a perfect match for your special occasions. But it becomes more interesting when you opt for bright color from top to bottom. You can choose Fuschia on the top and orange and yellow at the end.

CreativAe and bright stylish ombre straight hair

12.) Sleek and Sassy Ombre for Black Women

Opt for short and straight ombre hair to take the style to the next level. Go for shoulder length layered haircut that showcases all the hair color.

Sleek and sassy ombre stylish ombre straight hair

13.) Shades of Blonde

Get a simple and sophisticated look that will not pinch in any one’s eyes. Opt trendy blonde hair on traditional straight hair. It adds dimension and shows the true dimension of hair color.

shades of blonde stylish ombre straight hair

14.) Highlighted Angles

If you want to highlight beautiful lines, then go for angled haircut with ombre hair color. In this hairstyle, the highlighted tip and darker shades at the top magnify ombre straight hair.

highlighted angles stylish ombre straight hair

15.) Lovely layers

Turn your long hair more beautiful with ombre hair color and layers. The lovely layer is ombre straight hair look which can be achieved with the blow dryer and round brush.

lovely layers stylish ombre straight hair

16.) Natural Looking Ombre for Straight Hair

Ombre beauty can reveal without any hard efforts. You don’t have to take so much stress, just visit your favorite hair salon and get the look.

natural looking ombre straight hair

17.) Into the Blue

When you have mega long hair, then don’t afraid of hair color. Just add any vibrant hue at the lower section of the hair to get the into the blue ombre straight hair.

into the blue stylish ombre straight hair

18.) Colorful Long Hair

Try this gentle hair color technique in which one color gently darken into the others. The colorful long hair is ombre straight hair amazing hairstyle.

colorful long hair stylish ombre straight hair

19.) Pretty in Pink

Go pink in the medium hairstyle to get the pretty pink look. Opt for pretty pink and reveal your crazy love for pink or you can go for any other bright hue.

pretty in pink ombre straight hair

20.) Burgundy Ombre Highlights for Black Hair

Gorgeous ombre with blending highlights. Select the best hair color that compliments your dark natural hair and adds a few highlights at the top to get the stunning ombre straight hair look. Curls your end to get the perfect look.

burgundy highlights in black hair stylish ombre straight hair


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