Short Weave Hairstyles


Short weave hairstyle is stylish and involves lots of fun. You can add bright hue to sexy layers that add life in your hairstyle. When you decide to do something unique, you will get plenty of options to work upon your hairstyle. Just look at the funky and discreet hairstyle that makes you popular in no time. Select one of the best short weave hairstyles from your gallery for an inspirational look.

Short Weave Hairstyles

1.) Honey Rain Down

Magnify your A-line weave with sassy honey color that adds life to the dull hair. For this hairstyle, you need to go with a center or side part to make the hairstyle ravishing. And you can wear your bob either curly or straight. You can add little angles toward the back of the head for the versatile look. You can carry this look with any outfits. The honey rain down is one of the best short weave hairstyles.

honey rain down short weave hairstyles

2.) Rainbow Statement

The long layers look more interesting with amazing hair color. You can opt for the regal blue or purple, which is a striking look for any occasion. The unique hair color will surely express your charming personality. Ask your hair stylist to give you front longer and back shorter for a whole new look. Black women pull off the rainbow statement nicely. Don’t forget your winged eyeliner and sassy lip shade.

rainbow statement short weave hairstyles

3.) Straight to the Point

When you are looking for classic style in short hair try straight to the point. This style is truly gorgeous. You can go for straight, thick and face framing with choppy layers that add confidence and glamor in your personality. The hairstyle looks best in medium to dark complexion. You can wear your floral shirt with amazing chunky jewelry for the best look. the straight to the point is one of the trendy short weave hairstyles.

straight to the point short weave hairstyles

4.) Pixie Cut Sew In

Quick weave style is highly popular nowadays. If you have the busy schedule and want to enhance your look with simple weave then try pixie cut sew in. You can add wow factor to your look with golden streaks that take the style to the next level. The hairstyle is best for every face shape. You can this style in your daily routine which takes your low efforts and less time.

pixie cut sew in short weave hairstyles

5.) Alternating Hue

One of the best aspects of a weave is to experiment with different hair color. If you are bored or hair is damaged then opt for this alternating hue. The style is amazing and best suitable for short hair. You can add this hairstyle in your daily routine to take the style to the next level. You can go for big eyelashes and sassy eye makeup for a stunning look.

Alternating hue short weave hairstyles

6.) Simple Black Weave

If you are in love with the simple and stylish look. Add this look in your daily routine with your natural hair. You can opt for the raven black pixie cut with long asymmetrical bangs. Add wow factor to your look to make the hairstyle gorgeous.

Simple back weave short weave hairstyles

7.) Straight and Curly

If you are looking for a best feminine look that look amazing in short hair. You can add body and bounce in your hairstyle with curls and straight side. Arched eyebrows with light lips look best with this hairstyle. Black women show off this hairstyle beautifully. The straight and curly is one of the simple short weave hairstyles.

straight and curly short weave hairstyles

8.) Uneven Lengths

Give life to your fine hair with uneven length. The style is gorgeous and best suitable for black women. You can opt for this hairstyle, which looks extremely stylish with beautiful blonde highlights with black and brown base. The hairstyle is suitable for every face shape.

uneven length short weave hairstyles

9.) Fire Up the Sass

Redhead look is known for the fun and fiery look. You can add a statement to your look by adding a flawless color in your look. The weave is chin length but you can decide your length according to your personal preference. Paired your look with casual dresses.

fire up the sass short weave hairstyles

10.) Honey Brown Side sweep

Another simple and stylish look for black women. Add a solid hue in your hairstyle to rock the look. You can opt for the honey brown side sweep that looks fabulous on American African women. Get this amazing and relaxed look for your weekend parties.

honey brown sidesweep short weave hairstyles

11.) Romantic Blonde

Short weave hairstyles look lovely when you add lots of ringlet in the style. The romantic blonde is one of the stunning short weave hairstyles.

Romantic blonde short weave hairstyles

12.) Diva Dye

Combine your sexy weave with sassy auburn hair color. The hairstyle is best for the women who don’t follow the crowd. You can go for the deep side part that adds mystery in the look. If you have straight hair then you should try this hairstyle.

Diva Dye short weave hairstyles

13.) Short Pixie Weave

When you want to add extra length in your pixie cut, then try a short pixie weave hairstyle. shorter length keeps the strand straight and required very less maintenance.

Short pixie weave short weave hairstyles

14.) Colorful Highlights

When you amazing looking for the short weave hairstyle then try colorful highlights. Adding highlight is the best way to take your style to the next level.

colorful highlights short weave hairstyles

15.) Short tousled Layers

Take your favorite side and jazz up with thick weave by adding layers and deep side part. The short tousle layers are one of the latest short weave hairstyles.

short tousled layers short weave hairstyles


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