20 Classy Braids for Black Women


Ages after ages have passed, but the fan following of braids have only increased. Braids never went out of fashion and are known to protect your hair from damage. Braids offer the versatility of styling and each braided style is noteworthy. Whether it is a casual event or a formal one, braids are always the top choice of black women. After all, it speaks about their personality, spirituality and cultural beliefs. Read this article and select the best braided hairstyle from the list of top 20 classy braids for black women.

Top 20 Classy Braids for Black Women:

1.) Cornrows with Braided Bun:

cornrows with braided bun braids for black women

You must have heard that phrase that fashion repeats itself. This cornrow bun with braids is a great style that women are embracing all over the world. The cornrows on the top of the head and the braided bun at the back is a great combination.

2.) Braided Ponytail for Black Women:

braided ponytail braids for black women

This is one of the most interesting and protective black braided hairstyles. These individual braids are combined together to form a ponytail. For a casual look, you can add some cornrows on the top of the head.

3.) Jumbo Coil Braided Bun for Black Women:

jumbo coil braided bun braids for black women

This is one of the classiest and modish braids for black women. If you are bored of the standard bun, then try this plaited bun. You can create this different and creative bun by using your big braids.

4.) Mohawk Braids for Black Women:

mohawk braids for black women

This Mohawk braid is simple to try and you can change your look without committing to a totally different style. There are endless ways to style long braids. It has become popular among African women.

5.) Criss-cross Goddess Braids for Black Women:

criss cross braids for black women

It is a perfect hairstyle if you want a break from the boring styling routine. This is a great hairstyle for a beach vacation as you don’t have to worry about hair styling daily. You don’t have to wait for too long to make this hairstyle.

6.) Box Braids for Black Women:

box braids for black women

Everyone wants to grab the opportunity of looking like a diva, but only a few chooses the right style. Choose this box braid hairstyle and be among that few. It is a flattering hairstyle for oval, diamond, long and round face shapes.

7.) Multi-colored Box Braids Updo Hairstyles:

multi colored box braids for black women

Girls who want something exciting each day should definitely try this hairstyle. It looks amazing when you create an Updo with your multi-colored box braids. No doubt that it looks good on every face shape, but oval shape wins the heart.

8.) Braided Side Bun for Black Women:

braided side bun braids for black women

If you are bored of the simple braided hairstyles or Updos then go for this braided side bun. Girls with broad face shape especially long and round should try this hairstyle. You can wear delicate earrings for extra beauty.

9.) Top Knot Braids for Black Women:

top knot braids for black women

The hairstyle that a holy man carries has only gained a good position in the civilian world. The bun on the top of the head with braids all over will make you look resplendent. It is also a great choice if you want to add a little height.

10.) High Bun with Mohawk Braid:

high bun with mohawk braids for black women

It is not always necessary that you use braids to protect your hair sometimes you can use braids as an additional beauty. The blend of Mohawk and a high bun is something new and exciting.

11.) Bun Wrapped with Braids:

bun wrapped with braids for black women

This is one of the classiest braids for black women. If you are just bored of braids all around, then make a sleek bun and wrap a thick braid around it. This braided hairstyle is perfect for a prom night.

12.) Queen of Braids:

queen of braids for black women

If you want yourself to be called out with this title, then try this hairstyle once. For sure, you will catch all the eyes in the party. Cornrows, braids and a bun are combined together to form a marvelous hairstyle.

13.) Cornrows with Pigtail Buns:

cornrows with pigtail buns

This is another amazing hairstyle that you can create with your cornrows. Create a middle part and make cornrows on both the sides. Twist your braids to create bun on both sides.

14.) Braids for Black Women with Sidecut:

braids for black women with sidecut

There are many unique ways of styling your braids. One of them is shown in this hairstyle. With a sidecut braid, you will set a new trend. Shave your head on one side and make cornrows and braids on the other side.

15.) Wavy Crocheted Braids for Black Women:

wavy crocheted braids for black women

If you are willing to highlight your feminine features, then this wavy crocheted braids is a perfect hairstyle to try. It not only outlines the features of your face but also add a lot of volume to your hair.

16.) Cornrow French Braids for Black Women:

cornrow french braids for black women

Who said that you can’t get protection and fashion together? This hairstyle is a real proof. This hairstyle offers you a cute and spunky look. It is a little time-consuming hairstyle but the results are awesome.

17.) Short Bob Box Braids:

short bob box braids for black women

As you know braids are very popular among black women because of their low maintenance. These short box braids will give your simple bob a new definition. It is a comfortable and convenient hairstyle.

18.) Black Kinky Braids:

black kinky braids for black women

Show out the wild side of your personality with this wonderful hairstyle. It is an acceptable hairstyle even for formal events. It is a combination of adventurous spirit and graceful poise.

19.) Dutch Braid Crown for Black Women:

dutch braid crown braids for black women

This Dutch braid crown looks amazing on black women. It is a great hairstyle for a wedding as well as formal parties. This hairstyle is perfect for days when you don’t want straight or twisted hair.

20.) Marley Twist Braids for Black Women:

marley twist braids for black women

Black women with naturally long and thick hair can recreate this hairstyle within minutes. But relax even if you don’t have long hair as you can add some Marley hair to copy this style. It is a great hairstyle that gives a carefree vibe.


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