20 Trendy Pastel Hair Color


If you are ready to make a big change regarding your hair, then the varieties of pastel hair color are just there for your support. Whether light or dark, pastel hair color is being on trend. Let us welcome uniqueness, creativity, and subtleness this year and enjoy the change. Read our article to find out the top 20 trendy pastel hair color. These pastel hair colors will make you look like alive dolls. It is a great idea to grab all the attention.

Top 20 Trendy Pastel Hair Color:

1.) Rainbow Pastel Balayage Hair Color:

rainbow pastel balayage hair color

This rainbow pastel balayage hair color will make your hair look creamy and dreamy. The different color patches on your hair will take you to a different world. Rose gold, pink, green and many more colors are welcoming you to attain a beautiful look.

2.) Candy Pastel Coral Balayage Hair Color:

candy pastel coral balayage pastel hair color

This pink and coral coloring combination will make you look like a sweet doll. It is a great color choice for spring and summer seasons. The waves and the playful curls add up to the beauty of this hair color.

3.) Emerald and Amethyst Balayage Hair Color:

emerald and amethyst pastel hair color

This is the trendiest pastel hair color. The two jeweled stones, emerald, and amethyst will make your hair look alluring. The smoky tones will give a charismatic effect to your hair.

4.) Pastel Pink Hair Color:

pink pastel hair color

This is the lightest shade of pink which looks delightful on girls with a fair skin tone. Whether it is a short pixie or a long layered haircut this pastel pink color will look awesome. You can easily achieve this color if you have blonde hair.

5.) Pastel Peach Hair Color:

peach pastel hair color

This pastel peach hair color is going to heavenly look. For sure this hair color is going to steal many hearts. The shine of this hair color will remind you of the sunset. This sun-kissed look deserves a try.

6.) Pastel Mint Hair Color:

mint pastel hair color

This unique shade of green looks great on girls with light and black eyes. You can either use this mint color all over your hair or try some highlights of mint on your blonde hair. It is a great choice for girls with light complexions.

7.) Pastel Blue Hair Color:

blue pastel hair color

This is one of the most peaceful shade of blue. It is the trendiest pastel hair color. If you are looking for a soft and a cool look, then this pastel is worth trying. It goes well with light and medium skin tones. The reflection of this color on your hair is just wow.

8.) Pastel Purple Hair Color:

purple pastel hair color

This beautiful lavender color has won the hearts of many people. The reason is that it looks ravishing and works well with all kinds of skin complexions. This purple hair color is very pleasing to the eyes.

9.) Pastel Ombre Hair Color:

ombre pastel hair color

The combination of light and dark shades of the same pastel color is a deadly combination. The dark roots and the light ends will make you look resplendent and outstanding. It is a great pastel hair color to amuse people around you.

10.) Three-tone Pastel Hair Color:

three tone pastel hair color

This is the most popular pastel hair color. The three dazzling shades of pastel in one hairstyle are something worth seeing. Make sure that all the three colors are well balanced. Try these three different shades of pastel and get a glamorous look.

11.) Rosy Pastel Hair Color:

rosy pastel hair color

Don’t get it confused with a pink shade. It is something different, it gives your hair a rosy effect. This offers you a vintage look plus makes you look more feminine. It is an exemplary choice for ladies with dark skin tone.

12.) Pastel Silver Hair Color:

silver pastel hair color

This unusual hair color will give you a magical and mysterious look. It looks great on girls with voluminous hair. The pastel silver hair color is going to give you a cool look. Be the magical queen with this hair color.

13.) Sand Art Rainbow Waves:

sand art rainbow waves pastel hair color

The combination of purple, yellow, pink and other colors look lovely. These colors alone are enough to capture the hearts of people. The roots look more cold and stark and it is a marvelous look to pine for.

14.) Queen of Lilies:

queen of lilies pastel hair color

The blend of pink and purple pastel hair color is an incredible combination. The fishtail or the crown hairstyle will give you the look of a queen. Go for this amazing hair color and come out like a mistress.

15.) Bright Neon Hair Color:

bright neon pastel hair color

This is the trendiest pastel hair color. Who said that rainbows are only in the sky? They colors of the rainbow can be right here on your hair. Purple, teal, green, pink, red make your hairstyle alluring and eye-catching.

16.) Fabulous Balayage Waves:

fabulous balayage waves pastel hair color

According to the today’s trend, girls are obsessed to have pink and lavender pastel hair color on their hair. The natural roots and the faded ends will make you look glamorous and lovely. This hair color for sure is going to increase the heart beats of many people.

17.) Opal Mermaid Hair Color:

opal mermaid pastel hair color

This opal mermaid hair color is going to give you a super sexy look. The different varieties of colors ranging from peach to pink will make you look awesome. You can pull back your hair to make a ponytail or make a mermaid braid to increase the beauty of this pastel hair color.

18.) Soft Mauve Metallic Balayage Hair:

soft mauve metallic balayage pastel hair color

The soft metallic mauve on your golden locks will give you a romantic and breathtaking look. The pearlescent sheen is going to transform the look of your hair completely. It is one of the best pastel balayage hair color.

19.) Metallic Beach Hair in Ombre:

metallic beach hair ombre pastel hair color

Beach waves is a perfect hairstyle to carry with this pastel hair color. This frosty mint pastel color is ideal for showing off your beautiful tresses. You can even try a half braided hairstyle to maintain the beauty of this hair color.

20.) Fire Neon Hair Color:

fire neon pastel hair color

The combination of bright and dark hair colors will just make you win the hearts. The roots are dark while the ends are kept is light. It looks gorgeous when you wear it in a summer season.


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