15 Nifty Medium and Long Red Hairstyles and Haircuts


Red hair looks hot and mesmerizing. You know a hair color reveals a lot about personality. You will be surprised to know that many stereotypes are associated with hair color. For example, redheads are considered with a fiery temper, blondes like to have more fun, brunettes look attractive. Though we do not take it seriously and consider it as an assumption, some people create the first impression by seeing your personality and obviously your hair color is an important part of your personality. Redheads are known to be passionate and explosive in nature. In this article, you will come across the best long red hairstyles. So experiment with the different shades of red that make you look stunning.

Best 15 Nifty Medium and Long Red Hairstyles and Haircuts:

1.) Layered Copper Waves with Side Sweep:

layered copper waves with side sweep long red hairstyles

Do you want a hairstyle that makes you look graceful and feminine? If yes, then just cast your eyes on this hairstyle with layered copper waves and side sweep. You can use a curling iron to define your layers and create light flicks.

2.) Fiery Red Locks with Lifted Roots:

fiery red locks with lifted roots long red hairstyles

This is one of the best long red hairstyles for girls with straight hair. It is a great style to bring shine to your locks. Lift up the roots and the front looks to get an attractive and impressive look. This red hairstyle is perfect for a sexy look.

3.) Ponytail Long Red Hairstyles:

ponytail long red hairstyles

A ponytail is a boon when you have a minimum time for styling and you want a decent hairstyle. One thing that you need to remember is that it is not necessary to have a sleek pony. You can even go for a simple pony with a little messy touch.

4.) Ginger Red Long Layered Hairstyle:

ginger red long layered hairstyle long red hairstyles

A good layered haircut is going to make your red locks look awesome. It creates a base for a simple casual hairstyle. Whether you leave the hair open or make a downdo or an elegant Updo, you will look charismatic and ravishing.

5.) Half Updo with Bangs:

half updo with bangs long red hairstyles

This red hairstyle is perfect for an evening look and casual purposes. This is an easy and stylish hairstyle that is optimal for most of the occasions. The side bangs draw the attention towards the beautiful eyes.

6.) Romantic Curls Long Red Hairstyles:

romantic curls long red hairstyles

Red hair does not flatter everyone. But if it flatters you then you are really lucky. When you style the hair this way you are going to feel the energy of passion. If you have natural curls, then it’s awesome otherwise, you can use a curling iron.

7.) Braided Messy Bun with Blunt Bangs:

braided messy bun with blunt bangs long red hairstyles

Girls having red hair will look beautiful in this hairstyle. You just need to create a simple messy bun at the side and twist the hair and pin it to one side. The blunt bangs will grab the attention.

8.) Bold Magenta Bun Long Red Hairstyles:

bold magenta bun long red hairstyles

Magenta is a mesmerizing and a beautiful shade of red. Girls with fair and dark skin tone will rock this magenta bun. This casual style is perfect for weekend errands and late night dates.

9.) Loosely-Braided Curls:

loosely braided curls long red hairstyles

There are two colors mixed in this hairstyle. One is the magenta purple and another one is the ombre. This is an awesome shade of red. It is a great hair color that suits most of the complexions and undertones.

10.) Braided Long Red Hairstyles:

simple braid long red hairstyles

This hairstyle is best if you are blessed with long luscious locks. You just need to weave a simple braid and don’t worry about the neatness. It is a great style for special as well as casual occasions.

11.) Naughty Red Loose Curls with a Zig Zag Part:

naughty red loose curls long red hairstyles

The contrast between the red hair and her pale skin looks improbable. Create a zig zag part and create some loose curls. Texturize your locks with a good styling product so that the curls stay all day.

12.) Sculptured Red Waves Long Hairstyles:

sculptured red waves long red hairstyles

This is one of the best long red hairstyles. If you want to impress someone in the first meeting, then go for this beautiful hairstyle. It highlights the cheekbones and facial features.

13.) Sleek and Straight Red Hair:

sleek and straight red hair with a middle part long red hairstyles

This simple sleek and straight hairstyle with a middle part look awesome. It looks great when you compare it with simple accessories and outfits. A little makeup will complete your look.

14.) Golden Red Curls:

golden red curls long red hairstyles

These golden red curls with a shattered texture will make you look ravishing. The messy touch, lovely pattern and texture are going to make you look improbable. Tease your locks at the roots for a mesmerizing look.

15.) Golden Red Hair Pinned at the Back:

golden red hair pinned at the back

This is one of the enchanting long red hairstyles. Backcomb your hair and hold two sections of hair from both the temples and pin them at the back of the head.


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