Deep Meditation Techniques and Procedures


Deep meditation techniques and procedures for beginners. The art of deep meditation has been in practice for more than 50,000 years by the Aboriginals. They reached higher dimensions of reality by using vibrational sounds; dimensions which are not known and never revealed of in the normal waking state, but could be only reached by practising deep meditation techniques.

Deep meditation will help you by focusing skills, and  help avoid mental distractions at bay, which helps us to attain the state of Bliss. It will also help in the attainment of higher levels of attentiveness, relaxation and comfort from stress. Experts have recommended people to do meditation for at least 10 to 20 minutes a day for relaxing the body and mind.

Deep Meditation Techniques and Procedures

Deep Meditation Techniques and Procedure:

  • The best place for meditation is a quiet place, away from distractions like cell phones, televisions, computers, family /friends and other distractions. Select a place that is quiet, calm and comfortable and is marooned. Try Using the same spot for meditation every day, by doing that you will also get used to a routine. In Principle, the best times for deep meditation are before sunrise or after sunset. Recommended times are 5:00 AM or before, or after 5:00 PM
  • It is very imperative to get comfortable and maintain a healthy posture, while trying to deepen your meditative state. Sit comfortably, with a  straight back, crossed legs, and hands on your knees. By Doing this, your mind will be less vulnerable  to distractions.
  • Simple breathing techniques can help you achieve deep meditation. A quiet environment is necessary to go through with deep meditation procedures. Totally free from distractions. Observe your breathing by spending few minutes first, feeling the movements, the upward and downward movement your chest and abdomen, and the passage of air through your nostrils. After three  to four deep breaths, you will find your breath clearly less frequent.
  • Experiencing anxiety and edginess is normal during deep meditation.. It may be in the form of anxiety, annoyance or thrill. Anxiety may force you to move or break silence or even stop the deep meditation procedure The best way to overcome anxiety is to stop meditating for the moment and calm down. Start over your meditation after some time.
  • Mentored images are exceptional  stress reduction tools, which make use of  visualization and mental imagery techniques, to lead the person to a calm place in their mind. Guided imagery will help in reduction of  blood pressure, and help in lowering cholesterol and glucose levels in the body.
  • Mindfulness is a practice that clears the establishment of mental babbling  or inner noise, to  make yourself  ready for deep meditation process. This is a powerful practice that will help you reorganize yourself, and also improve the quality of your life. While practising, the eyes should be downward, concentrating at the tip of the nose. Paying full attention to the feeling of air, working in and out of your body as you breathe. Mindfulness meditation will also help in improvement of your mood and boost immune function.
  • By focusing harder and Eliminating all the external distractions you can succeed in the deep meditation process. Flame meditation is a process which involves a physical object to concentrate, ideal for people who prefer to use a physical object.Objects like apples or a statue can be used. This technique is best performed in a subdued environment, where the focus can be entirely  on the flame and commence your meditation. Flame meditation is exceptional for building concentration.
  • Focusing on body parts is known as body scan meditation. First step is to sit comfortably and loosen up. Close your eyes and start your meditation by  concentrating on your own body. Start the body scan by focusing on a single part of your body. Thoroughly  observe that body part, deep inside and at the surface level. Keep doing this process for other body parts and finish the exercise by taking a 3-5  more deep breaths. For a quicker body scan, focusing  on larger sections of the body is recommended  and for an in-depth body scan; focusing  on smaller sections of the body is recommended.
  • Rising above the senses and soothing us in the most overpowering method. This method is known as sound or word mantra. This method  will not only improve concentrations, but will also take us on the far side  of time and space.


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