How to Fight Drowsiness Naturally?


In this article, we will tell you how to fight drowsiness naturally. All of us are getting sleep-deprived due to our changing lifestyle. There are times when you need to fight drowsiness, sometimes during your work hours. Instantly, your hand reaches to a cup of coffee or tea to keep sleepiness away. Some of you might be using energy drink to fight drowsiness. But these methods come with their side-effects. Caffeine rich drinks can disturb your sleep time and can affect your stages of sleep. At the end, you get a low quality sleep and feel drowsiness when you wake up. This vicious cycle remains on and on. There are various natural methods available to keep drowsiness at bay when you are at work. Read on to find some useful and effective tips to take the edge off sleepiness.

How to Fight Drowsiness Naturally

Top 10 Ways to Fight Drowsiness Naturally

1) Follow a Regular Sleep Routine to Fight Drowsiness

The main reason behind drowsiness is lack of sleep or a disturbed sleeping pattern. It may be due to your lifestyle, stress, medication, etc. Getting proper sleep may help you fight drowsiness naturally and effectively. You need to sleep 6-8 hours to help your body function properly. To have a sound sleep you need to make a sleep schedule and follow it with full commitment. After 10 pm generally we get an urge to go to bed. You can read a book, it can help you sleep. Turn off all the lights. Use comfortable pillows and mattress. Limit your exposure to screens of T.V and mobile phones before sleep. Instead of doing your left-out work at night lie on your bed right at the moment you feel sleepy. Wake up early in the morning after 6-8 hours of long sleep and start afresh.

2) Splash Cold Water on Face to Take the Edge off Sleepiness

It is a well-known method to fight drowsiness naturally. You must have used it often to make yourself awake. As soon as you splash some cold water on your face the sudden change in temperature leads to dispel that sleepy feeling. Your mental focus comes back to you and it improves your energy level. Standing before an air source can make this method more effective. Taking a shower in the morning with cold water can also help you fight drowsiness for whole day. Indeed it is one of the best natural ways to fight sleepiness.

3) Start Your Day with Sunlight to Avoid Sleepiness at Work

Being in sunlight in the morning hours can help you register that it is time to wake up. Get some sunlight in the morning every day. It helps in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. Sunlight is necessary for body and it helps in the absorption of vitamin D in the body. Some studies have shown that deficiency of vitamin D can lead to sleep problems. As soon as you wake up in the morning reach out in the park to get some sunlight for at least 15 minutes. There is no need to apply sunscreen at that time. It will surely be keeping your sleepiness away for whole day.

4) Drink Lemon Water to Fight Drowsiness Naturally

You can get rid of daytime sleepiness by drinking lemon water. Lemon water keeps you hydrated for whole day and you feel fresh. It flushes out harmful toxins from your body. Your brain becomes drowsy if you remain dehydrated for long because it affects oxygenation of the brain. Drink lemon water in an empty stomach in the morning and another 1-2 glass during the day. You can drink an ample amount of liquid things throughout the day like yogurt, shakes, juices, fruits, etc.

5) Get Up and Move Around to Avoid Sleepiness

Sticking to your seat for longer duration can lead to sleepiness. You can get up from your seat and take a short walk around the place to fight drowsiness naturally. A brisk walk can pump up your brain with energy as walking helps blood circulation in your brain, muscles and veins. If you are sitting for hours on your desk then make it a routine to get up for a small walk. In your meal break you can go out of the building to take a brisk walk. It will freshen up your senses and you will be less likely to get drowsy between your work hours.

6) Take a Nap to Take the Edge off Sleepiness

If you are getting drowsy and it is becoming nearly impossible for you to keep up with your work then you may opt for taking a short nap. This nap should be of 10-15 minutes. Ensure that you have a vibrating alarm so that you may not exceed your napping interval. However, it is not a good idea to take a nap on your desk but there are napping rooms in certain organizations. You should take at most one nap in a day and only if it is really required. In a case, napping is not possible then you can close your eyes for 10 minutes to get rid of drowsiness.

7) Start a Conversation to Avoid Sleepiness

You can make some chit-chat with your peers to get rid of drowsiness. Engage yourself in some interesting topics like business, politics, sports, religion, etc. It may fade out the need to sleep. A conversation may act as stimulation to your brain and it may help refreshing up your nervous system.

8) Take Deeper Breathes to Control Drowsiness

Breathing deeply can provide an ample amount of oxygen supply to your brain and it can help you to fight drowsiness naturally. So, breathe deeply for 10-15 seconds. It oxygenate whole body which energizes mental performance. As a result, you feel fresh and drowsiness does not come in your way. Carry out deep-breathing exercises at your desk. Breathing out like you are whistling slowly by pushing your belly inwards can be one of the exercises.

9) Switch Tasks to Stimulate Your Mind and Fight Drowsiness

By doing same monotonous work for whole day can make you feel sleepy. So, just switch your work to create a mental stimulation. You can take up any tough or engaging work at that time when you are dodging off. Any work which is of great responsibility can do good to your sleepy mental condition.

10) Exercise Daily to Fight Sleepiness

Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week can help regulating your bodily functions. It will improve your alertness and fights daytime drowsiness. Regular exercise will ensure sound sleep at night and in turn make you immune to sleepiness during daytime.


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