How to Get Paint Out of Clothes?


Have you ever discard your favorite cloth just because it got the stubborn paint which you could not remove? Most of the people run for laundry or dry-cleaning to get paint out of clothes. If you too are dealing with the same problem than you are at right place. Here we will tell you some easy remedies that can help you to remove the stubborn paint. So, without any further do let’s dive into the remedies to remove the pain out of the fabric.

get paint out of clothes

Remedies to Get Paint Out of Clothes:

1.) Remove Paint Out of Fabrics with Detergent

Removing the paint with detergent is first and primary option. This is the best way to get paint out of any fabrics. However, this is effective on the wet paint or fresh paint. Read more to know how to take off paint from the fabrics with detergent

  • First wipe off the wet paint or before it dries completely. Take a paper towel and rub it over the cloth in order to remove the wet paint. This will help to remove the paint and only traces will be left.
  • Once you have wipe of the wet paint from the fabric, turn the cloth and rinse the back of the stained part with the warm water. If the stain is due to the water color you will get a promising result. Rinse the stained area thoroughly, at first the color will start bleed and gradually the entire paint will come out.
  • If the stain or paint does not get out in previous method then use a mixture of detergent and warm water. In a bowl mix equal parts of the water and detergent. Make sure the detergent is compatible with your fabric. For this you can check this mixture on the inconspicuous area of the fabric. If the mixture does not damage the fabric then you can go ahead and dip a sponge in the mixture and bloat it over the stained area.
  • Do not run the sponge over the fabric. Otherwise the color won’t bleed and it will be difficult for you to remove. Bloat the fabric gently. You can also use your fingers for doing so.
  • After bloating the fabric, rinse the stained area with the warm water. Rinse it, if there are still some traces of the paint then bloat it again and later rinse it. After rinsing wring out the excess water from the fabric.
  • Repeat the process of bloating and rinsing until the paint is completely removed.
  • If you want, you rinse your garment in the washing machine after rinsing it manually with the hot water.

2.) Remove the Pain from Fabric with the Thinner

If the detergent does not give you effective results, then you should move ahead with another remedy. Thinner works on the stubborn stains. It works best on the oil based paints as compared to water based paints. However, it is toxic in nature so be careful while using it.

  • Before using the thinner wear hand gloves and goggles. In addition to this open the window for a good ventilation and do not use it near the open flame.
  • First wipe of the paint with the paper towel.
  • Turn the fabric and rinse it with warm water, rub it gently to get the paint out
  • Once you have rinsed the fabric from back side, spray some thinner directly on the stained area and rub it gently.
  • If the paint has set on the fabric, then you can use a spoon or knife to scrap the paint out.
  • Then wash the fabric with detergent. If you can bleach the fabric, then go for bleaching instead of using with detergent. Or simply scrub the detergent over the stained area.
  • After scrubbing, pour warm water in the bucket and dip the fabric in the bucket. Leave it in the bucket overnight.
  • Next day laundry the fabric and dry it.

3.) Remove the Paint with Ammonia and Vinegar

If you do not want to use thinner on your fabric, then use the mixture of vinegar and ammonia to remove stain. Be careful while using the ammonia. This is one of the best way to get paint out of clothes.

  • In a bucket pour cold water and soak the stained fabric into it.
  • On the other hand, mix, together a cup of ammonia, white vinegar and some salt in the bowl.
  • After a few minutes wring out the excess water from the fabric.
  • After squeezing the fabric spread it on the floor and dip a sponger in the mixture of ammonia, vinegar and salt.
  • Rub the mixture gently over the stain. Rub it until the stain is removed.
  • After scrubbing the fabric rinse it again.
  • If the stain has not been completely then repeat the scrubbing and rinsing.
  • Then run the fabric in the washing machine and at last dry it.

4.) Get Paint Out of Clothes with Isopropyl Alcohol

This is another alternative to remove the paint from the fabric. This will definitely work in your favour. It is good to remove the paint and other stains as well.

  • In a bucket pour some isopropyl alcohol and dip the stained fabric into it. Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Then take the fabric out from the bucket and scrap the stain with fingers or knife.
  • After scraping the stain wash it with the detergent. You can also wash the fabric in the washing machine.
  • This will definitely help you take off the excess stain or paint stick to the fabric.
  • Later check whether the stain has completely gone. If not, then repeat the entire process.
  • Once you have washed the fabric and satisfied with the result dry the fabric.

5.) Use Hair Spray or Window Cleaner to Get Paint Out of Clothes

This might sound weird to you, but trust this actually works. It works similar to the alcohol. Hair spray and window cleaner has a good content of alcohol that comes handy to remove the stain from the fabric.

  • With a paper towel or cleaning rag blot the stained area. Do not rub the area as rubbing will make it hard for you to get paint out of clothes. This step is applicable, if the paint on the fabric is wet. Otherwise directly spray hairspray or window cleaner over it.
  • Then dip the stained area into the acetone, leave it for a few minutes then take the fabric out and wring the excess nail paint remover also known as acetone.
  • Spray some hair spray or window cleaner on the sponge and rub it over the dampened area.
  • Before using the hair spray or window cleaner over the fabric test it on the inconspicuous area of the cloth to know whether it is compatible with the fabric or not.
  • If the remedy is compatible with fabric scrub the area with the sponge. Scrub it until the stain is not removed completely.
  • If the traces of the paint persist on the cloth take a knife and scrape it off. Do this carefully and do not ruin the fabric.
  • Once the scraping and scrubbing is done wash the garment thoroughly with the detergent or simply run it in the washing machine and later dry it as normal.

Things to Remember while Dealing with Paint:

  • Read the label of the garment and check the, remedy you are going to use to get paint out of clothes is safe for the fabric if not.
  • For effective results do patch test on the inconspicuous area
  • Oil based paints are easy to remove since they do not dry immediately. But if they dry it will be difficult for you remove the paint. So, remove the paint while it is still wet.
  • Water based clothes tend to get dry faster so dip it in the water before washing it.
  • While using the chemicals like chemicals like thinner ammonia cover your face and wear hand gloves. Moreover, open all the windows and do not use it near flame.


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