How to Clean Keurig?


Keurig is an award-winning beverage brewing machine by Keurig green mountains. Cleaning your keurig is very important part of the maintenance of the machine. In this article,we will discuss ways to clean keurig.

How to clean Keurig?

How to Clean Keurig?

1.) Disassemble the Coffee Machine

The first step to clean Keurig is to separate all its attachable parts. Open the cover by lifting the handle and grab the top holder of the machine with a hand and push the bottom of the k-cup assembly. It is lies below release eventually as you push up the bottom remove the cup holders. Be careful of the two needles inside that. It can hurt you. Open the other remaining pieces with the same ease. Later gently pull the funnel until it gets separated from the k-cup holder. Lastly, remove the drip tray by pulling it away.

2.) Clean the Attachments of Keurig

After you these assemble the machine it’s time to clean the k-cup, funnel, drip plate and the drip tray. To wash the k-cups you simply need to hold them and rinse them off. Use hot running water to cleanse along with detergent. Gently scrub the cups for general cleansing. For the funnel, drip plate you can immerse these in hot soapy water and gently scrub. Don’t use harsh scrubs you can use a non-abrasive cloth to scrub. Later rinse them well to remove the residue. After rinsing them off you can wipe them and leave them to dry.

3.) Clean the Needles of Keurig

The inside bottom of the machine has two needles. Its placed in the upper portion of the k-cup holder. Remove them carefully use a paper clip into each of the two needles to hold. You can make the cleaning process more easy by loading the coffee ground and cocoa mix. Loosen and remove the logged inside by using a paper clip in each of the holes. This will help you to clean the tubes. Do not poke the needles because the needles are located on the side of the k-cup, not the top.

4.) Clean the Water Reservoir

You can clean the water reservoir by using your hands. Scrub the inner and the outer surface using a non-abrasive cloth. This will not leave the reservoir with any scratch. Try to avoid chemicals as that may contaminate the water. Even though if you use detergent rinse it properly. You can also use a few drop of lemon to scrub the reservoir. Rinse it in running hot water, wipe properly and leave it to dry.

5.) Clean the Removable Lid

Clean the removable lead with your hand. Use a non-abrasive cloth and detergent to scrub the lid. The element should be wiped out thoroughly. You can use hot running water to rinse them properly. Wipe the lid and leave it to dry. Sometimes you can use a hand dryer to dry them fast. Use clean towel or a paper towel to clean them properly.

6.) Wipe the Machine from Outside

There might be stains or dried coffee grounds on the front of the brewer. To clean this use a damp a non-abrasive cloth and gently wipe away all the stains. If stains even stay you can use a soapy cloth for more thorough cleaning. If you are using a soapy cloth do remember to rinse off the residue with a damp cloth or you can also rinse it. Do not immerse the entire machine.

7.) Assemble the Parts to Clean Keurig

After cleaning its part its time to reassemble the k-cups, align the arrow on the top and the bottom of the k-cup. Be sure that the holder should be on the bottom and  the single tap should be on the front. Push the top rim to snap it back to place. Slide the drip tray and place it back into place until it makes a click.

8.) Rinse the Machine Using Vinegar

You can descale your machine every 3-6 months. Descaling removes excess of grime sticking inside the brewer. Be very careful while cleaning the machine any mistake or carelessness might degrade the heating quality of the machine. You can use vinegar to clean the machine.

Here are the simple steps to a run rinse your machine:

  • Take a ceramic mug and place it on the drip tray. So that it can catch the vinegar and let it brew through the machine.
  • Remove the k-cups.
  • If you are using a mini model you need to fill the water reservoir with 10 oz of undiluted white vinegar.
  • After pouring the vinegar lower the brewer handle for 5 seconds.
  • Press the brew bottle.
  • It will turn red and the begin brewing the vinegar through the machine.
  • In case if you are using the standard model pour 48 oz into the water reservoir and press the brew bottom.
  • Discard the dispensed vinegar.

9.) Rise Again Using Vinegar

To clean your Keurig machine you need to run rinse for the second time using vinegar. It’s the same way like rinsing it for the for the first rinse. So basically, you need to repeat the initial vinegar rinse. Here are the simple steps for the second rinse of your machine.

  • Place the same ceramic mug and place it on the drip tray.
  • Remove the k-cups.
  • For mini models, you need to add 10 oz of white vinegar to the water reservoir. Lower the brewer for 5 seconds by holding the handle. Later press the brew button.
  • Allow the remaining solution to set in for 30 minutes then brew out the rest.
  • Discard the hot dispensed vinegar.
  • For a standard sized machine add 48 oz of white vinegar to the reservoir. Later brew out the liquid.
  • Leave the rest of the solution for 4 hours, later dump the remaining vinegar.

10.) Fresh Water Rinse to Clean Keurig

The last step to clean keurig is to rinse it with water. Place a ceramic mug on the drip tray. Fill the reservoir with clean water. For mini models, it is 10 oz of clean cold water again for the standard once it is 48 oz of clean water. Press the brew button and discard the hot brewed water. Repeat this for 3 times to get a clean keurig.


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