How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Naturally and Easily


There is a truth in the saying “bad habits are hard to break”. It is a fact that to quit smoking is not easy. Whether you are a veteran of smoking or just recently started, breaking the habit is tough. But it does not mean that you can’t quit smoking. There are simple ways on how to quit smoking naturally and easily, but quitting smoking takes discipline and determination.

How to Quit Smoking Cigarettes Naturally and Easily

Quit Smoking Fast Quickly

Act Immediately to Quit Smoking

The only best time for quitting cigarette is now. There is no other time but today. You must act immediately on it. Quitting smoking must be done as fast as possible. You are saving yourself from the dangers of cigarette smoking early on if you act now.

Quit Smoking Gradual than Abrupt Quitting

When you decide to quit smoking cigarette, do it in a gradual manner. If you consume six cigarettes in a day, lessen it to three sticks in a day for one week. The next week, reduce it to two sticks in a day, and so on. Gradual quitting will do better than abrupt quitting. If you withdraw from cigarette smoking gradually, you are not totally depriving yourself of the habit. If you do it in a gradual manner, your body will get used to not smoking until you do not crave for it anymore.

Avoid Temptation

Cigarettes must be out of your sight. Avoid the temptation of lighting a stick by removing it in the places near you. You must not store cigarette in your home, car, or office table. If a friend offers you a stick, politely say no to it.

Do not Think of it

Distract your mind when you crave for it. When you see yourself thinking of a cigarette, immediately divert your mind to something else. Be busy. Set your attention to something that will turn your mind away from smoking. You can go jogging instead, or do gardening. You watch a comedy film to distract you. You can also play some crossword puzzle. Do anything that will take your mind out of smoking.

Ask for Support to Quit Smoking

Let the people around you know that you want to quit smoking. Let them know that you are serious in it. Ask them not to offer you a cigarette. Ask them to call your attention if they see you smoking. Allow them to be strict to you when they see you are tempted to smoke. Also, let your loved ones be a part of your plan to quit smoking. They will encourage you to quit. They will commend you when you are doing great on your journey.

Get Professional Help for Serious Problem

Talking to a doctor about your plans to quit smoking can be a part of your plan. Do not doubt on getting professional help. If you are challenged in quitting, your doctor will advise you on what to do. He can give medications or nicotine replacements that will help you through. Nicotine gums and nicotine patches may be given to you by your doctor.

Reward Yourself for Quitting Smoking

You have been doing a great job in your journey to quit smoking. If you are following the plan strictly and seriously, you are on your way to a cigarette-free life. When it happens, it is right to reward yourself. Rewards will also inspire you to do good in your quitting plan. Gift yourself of something you have been wanting to have. This can be travel, food, or anything that makes you fulfilled.

Know the Dangers of Smoking

The dangers of smoking must be enough to make you serious in quitting. Get more knowledge on the dangers of smoking. You must learn the consequences of smoking to inspire you to quit it.


  • Chemicals and Toxins– Cigarettes contain almost 4000 chemical substances. 400 of that are toxic elements that harm the health. That figure is really alarming. Tar in cigarettes causes cancer. The Nicotine in cigarette increases cholesterol level. Carbon monoxide limits the oxygen in the body. These harmful substances must inspire you more to quit smoking.
  • Cancer– Smoking cigarettes will cause lung cancer. Smokers are also prone to have a mouth, kidney, and bladder cancer. Bowel, pancreas, and stomach cancer may also happen because of smoking. Women who smoke have a high risk of getting cervical, ovarian, and breast cancer.
  • Heart Disease– Smoking may lead to a build-up of fat substances in the heart’s arteries. Smokers have a high risk of coronary heart disease. This disease is the leading cause of heart attack. Smoking also raises blood pressure. All these results in the damage to the heart.
  • Death– Combining all the health hazards of smoking will result in death. Cancer will lead to organ failure. Heart diseases result in heart attack and heart malfunction. When you do not stop smoking, you are taking away years of your life. All the complications of smoking lead to death and that is why you must be serious in quitting.



  1. please i need an urgent reply for how should i quit smoking as i had tried too much to quit but again iam smoking.
    so far, now i have decided to quit smoking but i want you help in this regard i quited for 3 months but i started again i was feeling drowziness and feeling not well my mind brain was not working properly as i had very swear headche so please can anyone can guide me in this regards it would be much appreciated
    looking forward to have your prompt reply
    many thanks

    • You have to make yourself very busy and make a note of timing when you feel like smoking…..try yoga and do some other activity like swimming and similar activity to stay away from smoking.


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