How to Treat Pink Eye?


In this article, we are discussing the remedies to treat pink eye naturally and fast. It is also known as conjunctivitis. The itchiness, discomfort and constant tearing can be frustrating. This can easily transmit to your family members. Normally, the infection goes away in 7 to 10 days, but you can speed up healing by opting try and tested home remedies.

When it is caused by bacterial infection, it generally affects both the eyes and appears with pus tearing of the eyes. If it’s a viral infection, it will only affect one eye first and then the other eye, after some days. The release from the eyes is watery and clear. In both cases, the infection is extremely transmittable. Allergic conjunctivitis consists of similar symptoms, distressing both the eyes and causing watery discharge, but it is not infectious. It can be generated by allergens like smoke, pollen, dust mites, makeup, air pollution or eye drops. Also, it is common among those who suffer from hay fever and other allergic diseases.

Causes of Pink Eye:

The main types of conjunctivitis are based on cause:

  • Viral Conjunctivitis – It is caused by a virus, like the common cold. This type of pink eye is very infectious, but generally will clear up on its own. It takes a few days without any medicinal treatment.
  • Bacterial Conjunctivitis – It is caused by microorganisms, this type of conjunctivitis can cause serious harm to the eye if not treated on time.
  • Allergic Conjunctivitis – It is caused by eye pollutants such as pollen, animal dander and dust among vulnerable individuals. Allergic conjunctivitis can be seasonal (pollen).

How Do We Get Pink Eye?

  • Direct contact with a person already infected with pink eye, usually spreads through hand-to-eye contact.
  • Spread through bacteria in the person’s own nose/sinus.
  • Poorly cleaned contact lenses and using decorative contacts or badly fitting contact lenses.

How Long Does Pink Eye Last?

With viral conjunctivitis, symptoms generally are bad in beginning about 3-5 days after the eye illness begins. If your illness is not due to bacterial or viral causes, then you might get allergic conjunctivitis. In that condition, pink eye from allergic reactions to dust, pollen and animal dander can last for a longer period of time or a few weeks. Particularly depending on the time of year. Allergic conjunctivitis is not likely to reduce on its own unless you avoid or remove the cause of the reaction.

Best Remedies to Treat Pink Eye

1.) Saltwater Eyewash to Get rid of Pink Eye

Salt is best known for its antibacterial properties. It helps best to treat pink eye, as long as you can bare stinging. To try this remedy take one cup of boiling water and add some amount of salt into it. When the salt settled down in the water, let the water come down at room temperature. With the help of an eyedropper wash your eyes several times a day. It will give immense help from the symptoms. This is one of the best treatment to get rid of pink eye fast.

2.) Cold or Warm Compresses to Treat Pink Eye Naturally

A cold compress is used frequently to relieve the swelling and itching caused due to pink eye, especially when it is allergic conjunctivitis. Warm compresses help soothe and relax the eyes. They also stop excess of discharge from your eyes. To try this method, soak a clean washcloth or cotton ball in hot or cold water and squeeze it out. Put the cloth over the affected eye. Keep it on for 5-10 minutes. Repeat this procedure for 2-3 times a day. Make sure you do not use the same cloth again and again, especially when only the single eye is infected. This is one of the great remedy to remove pink eye overnight.

3.) Calendula to Cure Pink Eye

It is one of the most effective remedy to treat pink eye at home. Calendula is a herb with antibacterial and antiviral properties. It helps combat infection and cure conjunctivitis. Additionally, as an anti-inflammatory, it calms eye uneasiness and irritation. Take a hot water and soak two teaspoons of dried up calendula flowers for 30 mins. Let it cool down and then strain the solution. Use this mixture as an eyewash numerous times all through the day. You can also soak a clean cloth in this mixture when it is still hot and use it as hot condense.

How to Treat Pink Eye

4.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Remove Pink Eye Overnight

The advantages of apple cider vinegar cannot be defined in a word. It is one of the best remedy for pink eye. Apple cider vinegar is one very powerful treatment for viral, bacterial and contagious infection. Taking ACV inside will remove or kill down any infections, microbes or protozoa’s that may be nagging inside you. To use this method, mix one tablespoon of vinegar and one cup of water and mix them well. Now, with the help of a clean towel or cloth soaked in the mixture. Then place the cloth nearby the eye surface. It works great to cure pink eye or conjunctivitis quickly at home.

5.) Milk Yogurt to Get Rid of Pink Eye

Milk yogurt is a good home remedy to get rid of the pink eye and puffiness in the eyes. It has an extensive amount of useful bacteria that can lessen the conjunctivitis. As an alternative of cultured yogurt you can also use raw milk of a cow or goat. Yogurt is refined with lucrative bacterial that helps clear out the infection and unwanted irritants present in the eye. To try this method, put some drops of  yogurt in your eyes using an eye dropper and let the contaminated water discharge from the eyes. You can also consume this yogurt in order to remove the contagious infection flush out of the body.

6.) Raw Potato to Treat Pink Eye Permanently

Potatoes are helpful and natural home remedies for under eye bags and conjunctivitis. This is easily available in your kitchen. This ingredient is useful for your health as it supports your bone and heart health. Moreover, potatoes also help you reduce irritation, reduce risk of cancer, blood pressure and boost the immune system. To use this remedy, take a potato and cut it into slices. Now, take out some juice of potato and put it into your eyes. Leave it for 20 minutes. Repeat this process every third day to get the best results.

7.) Aloe Vera to Avoid Pink Eye

Aloe vera is a helpful ingredient to recover the pink eye. It is great for reducing inflammation, itchy skin, and to cure pink eye. To use this remedy, take an aloe vera leaf and take out the gel from the leaf. Now, put few drops of aloe gel in the infected eye. Wash it off with cold water after 5 mins. This is one of the most helpful treatment for pink eye at home. This is one of the excellent home remedy to treat pink eye in one day.

8.) Fennel Seeds to Get Rid of Pink Eye Quickly

Fennel seeds are also important elements to treat conjunctivitis as well as puffiness and under eye bags. It also helps reduce obesity, strengthens the digestive system and helps other health benefits. To try this method, simply boil some fennel seeds in  water and then use that water to rinse your pink eyes. It is one of the easiest remedy to treat pink eye.

9.) Garlic to Reduce Pink Eye Fast at Home

Garlic is a brilliant spice in your kitchen. It consists of antibiotic and antiviral properties to get rid of pink eye naturally. Along with this, garlic has other health benefits too, like to boost immune system, reduces infection, etc. in order to use this remedy, take some cloves of garlic and take out some juice out of it. Now, rub this juice over the affected eye. This home remedy works great for the removal of pink eye overnight.

10.) Tea Bags to Treat Pink Eye Fast

Many people use tea bags to reduce the puffiness under their eyes as well as rejuvenate tired and pink eyes. In addition, tea bags can remove the irritation and fatigue that cause pink eye. To try this method, get a used tea bag and put it into a refrigerator to cool them. Now, place the tea bag over the affected eye and leave it for 15-20 mins. Usage of the cold tea bag will reduce the swelling around the eyelid and lessen the puffiness. You can also wash your eyes with the boiled tea bag water once it cools down. This is one of the best treatment to get rid of pink eye.

11.) Eyebright to Remove Pink Eye

Eyebright is also known as Euphrasia officinalis. It is another helpful herb for treating pink eye and under eye bags, sties, strained eyes, bloodshot, and weeping eyes. It has antibacterial and astringent properties. To use this remedy, boil a cup of water and let it cool down. Now, add 4-5 drops of Eyebright of it. Use this water as an eyewash, if possible in an eye cup.

12.) Boric Acid to Treat Pink Eye Overnight

Boric acid is brilliant for treating a number of eye problems like dryness, redness, a burning sensation, pink eye, under eye bags, puffy eyes, tearing due to its mild antifungal and antibacterial properties. It also relieves eye inflammation and cleanses the eyes. Boil a cup of water and mix a teaspoon of boric acid. Now, use this water as an eye wash. Rinse your eye with warm water. Repeat this process for two or three times a day. This is one of the best home remedy to treat pink eye fast.


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