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After writing how to get rid of fruit flies?, how to get rid of bed bugs?, how to get rid of ants?, and how to get rid of fleas?, we are now writing the best home remedies for roaches to get rid of roaches naturally and effectively. Nobody wants their homes to get occupied or shared by the roaches. Roaches running over your kitchen items makes life hell and you want the home remedies for roaches infestation. Don’t worry! there are natural home remedies for cockroaches removal from your kitchen and house. Companies with big names always try to sell their products, which contain chemicals and toxins at a high price. You may be hesitant to use them because of their toxicities. It may cause harm to your kids and pets also. In this article, we will tell you the best home remedies to get rid of cockroaches. Chances are there that nobody told you about them so far. Doesn’t matter, keep reading the article to know the best home remedies for cockroaches in your house.

Home Remedies For Roaches – Get Rid of Roaches Naturally

1.) Repel With Bay Leaves 

Yes, the solution lies in your kitchen. You must have seen the bay leaves or used it as a ingredients during cooking. It is this leaf, which is famous for its pungent and nice smell. Bay leaves is an effective home remedy for roaches, which will help you to to repel the roaches and work as natural cockroach repellent. If you crush these leaves a little bit, the essential oils come out of the leaves with strong fragrance.

If you keep these crushed leaves at your shelf corners or tuck in bed cushions, the roaches will immediately run away from that place. This smell doesn’t kill the roaches, but helps remove them from your rooms and they will never come back. The better the quality of the bay leaves, the stronger will be its fragrance, which will help remove the roaches faster.

2.) Sugar and Baking Soda Mixture

Baking soda and sugar together is among the best home remedies for roaches. Sugar attracts the roaches with its sweet starchy smell and they take it as food. Baking soda in the mixture, combines with the stomach acids of the cockroaches and kills them. Baking soda destroy the digestive system of roaches and they will die. This is a non-toxic bait and wont harm anyone in your house. Mix baking soda and sugar powder in equal quantity and put it to the areas, where the roaches move frequently. Sprinkle this mixture to all the possible areas, where the roaches prefer gathering and get rid of their presence in your home or office. Try to sprinkle the mixture at night before going to bed since that time roaches are most active.

3.) Use The Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the best home remedies for roaches removal. Due to the smell of the cayenne pepper cockroaches cannot stand. They will not come near to the cayenne pepper. Take 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper and mix it with a crushed garlic clove and white onion. Now boil 4 cups of water and then add this mixture to this water. Allow it to cool and then put this solution into a spray bottle. Spray the solution in the cockroach infested areas. Repeat this method as needed.

4.) Catnip Will Help

Catnip is one of the natural remedies for cockroaches removal. It is a herb and act as a natural repellent for cockroaches. It will not harm your kids and pets. Take small sachet of catnip and place them where you find cockroaches. Another method, prepare a catnip tea by boiling 1 tsp of catnip in 2 cups of water. Use it as a spray and spray it around the infested areas. After some time you will see the dead cockroaches.

5.) Soda Bottle Trap

You can make your own trap at home. You can use empty soda bottle to make a trap for cockroaches. Take a plastic soda bottle and cut the top of the bottle. Now place this detached top of the bottle in inverted position into the body of the bottle. Take out the cap and now it act like a funnel. Use the tape around the rim. Now mix soap and a little water and pour it into the bottle. Place it where you see the cockroaches. Cockroach will come into the bottle and will drown.

6.) Garlic, Onion and Pepper Solution

All these ingredients will make them effective home remedy for roaches. Take 1000ml of water in a mug and add one garlic clove, one tablespoon of cayenne pepper powder and one onion paste. Keep the mixture for about an hour and then add one tablespoon of liquid soap solution to the mixture. You can drain the liquid mixture to all the places where the roaches make regular visits and this will help you to get rid of roaches.

Home remedies for roaches cockroaches

7.) Petroleum Jelly Trap

Take a jar and apply petroleum jelly in the inner side of the jar. Put a few peelings of fruits having strong fragrances like banana, apple and mango inside the jar and keep it in the area, where the roaches are most frequented. The sweet smell of the fruit peels will attract them inside the jar, but the petroleum jelly on the inner side will not allow them to escape. So, discard all the contents of the jar in a bucket full of soapy water and flush down the toilet or somewhere else.

8.) Spray The Soapy Water

The detergent that you use to wash dishes can also be efficiently to get rid of cockroaches completely. Dish detergent is one of the best home remedy to kill cockroaches. Cockroaches breath from their lower side or you can say lower side is their breathing lung. Dish washing detergents create a film around their lung and make difficulty in breathing for roaches and suffocate roaches to death. What you have to do is, mix some 1 portion of dish washing soap to 4 portions of water. Pour the prepared water in the spray bottle. Spray it on the cockroaches and the places are most active. Allow the place to dry and spray it again. Spray it for days till all cockroaches die completely.

9.) Use The Coffee Beans

Coffee is also one of the most effective home remedy to repel the roaches. Cockroaches are attracted towards the smell of the coffee. Thus you can use it to make a trap. What you have to so is make a paste with coffee powder and use it as a trap against the cockroaches. Follow the given steps to use it, take a jar half filled with water. Place a small cup in jar and make sure that water don’t go in cup and remain all around the cup. Add some grounded coffee to it cup. Keep the jar where roaches are mostly found. Check the jar after a week. You will find it flooded with roaches. Replace the jar as per your requirement.

10.) Make Use of Hair Spray

You can also use hair spray to kill cockroaches. Hair spray is sticky so the wings of cockroaches get glued and they cannot escape. Also, it create difficulties in breathing them and they suffocate due to hairspray and die. Spray the hair solution in infested areas. You can also directly spray it on cockroaches also. When the cockroaches die put them in dustbin and clean the area with a damp cloth.

11.) Ammonia Water Solution

Ammonia works as a repellent for cockroaches due to its pungent smell. Clean the hard surface with ammonia water solution. Add 2 cups of ammonia in 1 bucket of water. Now use this solution to wash the hard surfaces of your bathroom and kitchen. Cockroaches will leave your home due to this solution. Use this solution once in 2 weeks to prevent cockroaches from entering in your house. Keep the windows open after using ammonia water since it has strong smell.

12.) Make Cucumber Trap

Cucumber is one of the best home remedies for roaches removal. When you place cucumber in an aluminium then it react to the metal and produce a stink that cannot be tolerable to cockroaches and they die. Peel the cucumber and place its peels in the aluminium can. Now place it where you will see the cockroaches. Wait for sometime to see the died cockroaches.

13.) Keep Your House Clean

Cockroaches prefer living in dark, damp and dirty places. So, regular cleaning of your interiors may help remove the cockroaches with time. Mostly, they enter the rooms through drain pipes. So, cover it up properly before you go to bed. Also, you need to cover up your garbage cans in the house all the time. Food materials should always be stored in sealed containers and bags. This will effectively reduce the appearance of the unwanted cockroaches in your residence. So, try to clean up your space as much possible to get rid of roaches.

home remedies for roaches get rid of cockroaches

14.) Corn Flour And POP Mixture

In case, you are not willing to use the chemicals available in the markets to kill the roaches, you may prepare one at your home with cornflour and plaster of paris (POP). Corn flour and pop is the the best home remedy for roaches. Add equal quantities of each of the cornstarch and plaster of paris powder and sprinkle it on the cracked walls or affected areas. Roaches will eat this mixture because of cornflour and POP will help to kill them. It will surely work effectively and help you get rid of the roaches fast.

15.) Use The Listerine

Listerine is said to be cockroach deterrent. You may create a solution using one portion of Listerine, an equal portion of water and one or two drops of dishwashing liquid. Fill up a spraying bottle with this solution and start spraying it right on the roaches. They will definitely search for an escape route drastically and never return.

16.) Use The Borax

Top shelves of your cupboards are the potential hiding places for the cockroaches. If you sprinkle borax to these places, the roaches will get poisoned and once the poisoned animal go back to their nest, they will also contaminate the rest of the lot. So, it’s a very effective way to deal with the situation. But, never forget to keep the borax out of the reach of the children or pets in the house.

17.) Identify Roaches Nests

Before applying the remedial solutions, all one needs to know is to find out the nests of the cockroaches. Roaches generally love to stay in dark, damp areas. And they become active at night taking advantage of darkness. So while they are active in your kitchen or any other dark place in the house, just disturb them by switching on the overhead lamp and follow their route to the hiding place or nest. Rest all is quite easy.


  1. Usually I don’t read post on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to take a look at and do it!
    Your writing style has been surprised me. Thank you, very great post.

  2. I tried the Listerin with water and dish soap combination and it worked like a dream!! I haven’t had anymore of those big, nasty cockroaches come back to my apartment. Its safe to use around my pets and my apartment smells minty fresh to boot!????

      • It is written clearly…see the remedy 10….

        You may create a solution using one portion of Listerine, an equal portion of water and one or two drops of dishwashing liquid.

  3. Hi I am a Buddhist, and we are forbidden to kill or harm any life– but I would like to say good bye to the cokies, with out killing them—
    any suggestion’s?

  4. Hi Kattey… Thank You for the tips… not yet tried any… but will soon try out a couple of remedies… Appreciate your time and effort in posting an article on this aspect.


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