Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House


After writing, how to get rid of bed bugs? , how to get rid of cockroaches?, how to get rid of fruit flies?, and how to get rid of wasps?, we are now writing the home remedies to get rid of fleas in your house. Fleas are harmful insects by nature. They tend to suck blood from humans and animals so it is important to get rid of fleas. You need to get rid of fleas from your pet’s body, in carpet and from your complete house. They cannot be seen under normal eyes. They remain under the hair/fur of certain animals (Dog, Cats, Rabbit, Humans too).

Fleas favor to inhabit in cool and humid areas. They cannot fly independently, but can jump to cover long distances. They also transmit various harmful micro-organisms from one body to another. In this article, you get best home remedies to get rid of fleas in carpet, on dogs, on cats and in your house. Flea can bite and their bites are also very painful. They usually bite in parts of the body like knees, ankle and armpits. Their bit can be easily recognized because of the big, inflated red pimple like scar they leave behind (it will also be very itchy). Fleas do not disturb humans very often, but if you have a pet in your house, then you are likely to get infested by fleas. Getting rid of fleas is tough, but not impossible. Here are some of the ways, you can apply to get rid of fleas in house.

Home Remedies To Get Rid of Fleas In Carpet, On Dog, On Cat and in Your House

1.) Make Your Own Flea Trap

If you want to get rid of fleas fast, this is one of the easiest ways to kill and catch the ugly fleas. Dishwashing liquid is beneficial to kill fleas, to try this method, make your dog, bathe with this solution then you will be able to kill the fleas on its body. However, a flea trap will allow you to clean up your complete house of fleas.

  • You can make your very own flea trap to get rid of fleas in home. You just need to make a solution of water and dish soap. Then put this solution into a shallow aluminium/steel dish or plate. Finally, set the dish next to a light source.
  • Fleas will land after it, but cannot escape easily because of the solution of dish soap and water. Afterwards, you can kill them manually or just discard the water to get rid of fleas. (if they do not die automatically).
  • Just use these methods will not suffice; to get rid of fleas permanently and to prevent future infestation, you must take the proper prevention measures.
  • Vacuum your households regularly and always keep your pets clean. Only then you can secure a permanent ‘loss’ of fleas from your household.

home remedies to get rid of fleas infestation

2.) Use The Vacuum Cleaner

Directions to Follow:

  • Develop the habit of vacuum on a daily basis to get rid of fleas. Along with the commonly infested areas, vacuum every other nook and cranny of your house. Also, do not forget to vacuum the rugs and carpets carefully.
  • In the dirt tank of the vacuum cleaner, you can put some mothballs in case if the fleas happen to survive the vacuum by chance (less likely to do so).
  • If the vacuum tank (dirt storage) is full, then empty it out in a sealed bag and dispose of it properly.

3.) Make Your Own Herbal Flea Spray

This is one of the best home remedy to get rid of fleas in your home and on your pets. Have you ever thought of flea bomb full with all natural things to get rid of fleas from your house, you must think again once and give a shot to this herbal spray as a substitute. This homemade flea spray uses, such ingredients as witch hazel and lemon juice. They are totally safe for your kids and pets. Here’s the method for this herbal flea spray. You need:, Lemon juice 500 ml, Vinegar- 4 liters Water, 1 Fresh vacuum bag, Witch hazel 250 ml, 1 Home and Garden Sprayer.

  • You need to do the cleaning and then spray with the flea spray. Collect everything that cannot be cleared and wash it. This helps kill the eggs of fleas and larvae.
  • Now clean properly. Clean each corner, stuffing as well as corners with the help of vacuum. Use the clean vacuum bag. This ensures free air flow. Waste that collects from earlier vacuuming may slow down smooth air flow.
  • Now mix, water, vinegar, witch hazel and lemon juice. Fill this mix into the sprayer. Sprinkle using a heavy spray. Now, Spray your, furniture, carpet, pet bedding, floors, window sills, every corner of your house.
  • Do this each day for at least 2-7 days, depends on the severity of flea infestation in your house.
  • When fleas become less visible, you may then do again every 3-4 days and afterward once a week during the flea time of year.
  • If you begin using this non toxic spray at the arrival of flu season, you will need to spray only one time a week during the flea season.

4.) Take The Help From Salt

Salt is one of the common ingredients and best home remedy to get rid of fleas in carpet and in the home. How does salt work to get rid of fleas? Salt becomes a drying agent for fleas that dry out the flea’s body. So, how to use this low-priced way to control fleas? Here’s what you need to do. You need: Table salt amount depends on the size of the infested area, big spice bottle with a shaker top.

  • Make sure you get a fine salt powder. Now, Fill up your spice bottle with salt, leaving some space on the top to shake and sprinkle salt.
  • Start sprinkling the salt on your carpets in each room. The salt should cover all the area equally. Leave it 12 to 48 hours. After 1-2 days, vacuum carefully.

5.) Diatomaceous Earth Will Help

Brush off all your carpets and clean carefully. Rinse off everything that you cannot clean, try to wash with hot water. Now, wherever you feel their larvae or fleas might hide, spray the DE in thin layers. You can securely sprinkle DE on pet bedding and carpets etc.

  • Keep the Diatomaceous earth for about 12-48 hours. While fleas start declining 4-6 hours after you treat your home with DE, it’s still good to leave the material for long.
  • Now clean away all the powder and keep in mind to throw away the vacuum bag. You may even apply this Diatomaceous earth in your backyard, but this will require a huge quantity of powder.

Precaution: Always buy the best quality of DE. Diatomaceous earth is nontoxic, it is still a powder that may get irritated your throat or eyes. It is advice-able that to cover your face while working with any such fine powder. Don’t ever purchase DE for pool filtration systems as they are dangerous when breathed in. Diatomaceous Earth, however, is not so helpful in moist environments and also when it is wet. Use it in dry form only. Try to avoid coming in contact with DE especially the skin of your pets as this may lead to dehydration of their skin.

6.) Use The Rosemary

Rosemary is another effective way and home remedy to get rid of fleas in house naturally. You may even wash your dogs with rosemary water if they are bitten by the fleas. You may even pour rosemary oil on the collar of your pets to prevent them from fleas. To use this kind of remedy, just follow the ways given below. For this, we need need the rosemary, wormwood, fennel, coffee grinder or mortar and pestle, rue and peppermint. Here are few simple tips that you may follow to prepare this remedy.

  • Take all of the above ingredients and grind them together. You may use mortar, pestle or a coffee grinder to grind them.
  • Grind all of the above ingredients together till you get the fine powder. Grind all these ingredients well till they become the fine powder.
  • After this, sprinkle this herbal powder on your carpet, pet’s bedding, furniture, below furniture, window sills to prevent fleas. This is one of the best natural flea repellents to get rid of fleas in the house.

7.) Use The Cedar Chips

Use cedar chips in infested areas to get rid of fleas. Cedar chips are available in your neighborhood pet or home change store. Bugs despise the scent of cedar and will do practically anything to evade it. Verify your pet isn’t hypersensitive to cedar. Many mutts can be oversensitive to cedar. So while shooing the bugs away is a decent thing, making your canine miserable plainly isn’t.

Place cedar chips in the corners of rooms, in the canine’s pen or couch, and under furniture. Keep cedar chips close edge like entryways and windows so as to keep the insects from coming in. Place cedar chips in a cotton fabric underneath your pad and, if conceivable, in your bedding. This will guarantee that your bunk stays vermin free. Additionally, it will make your bunk smell decent and new.

8.) Clean Your Garden Effectively

Directions to Follow:

  • Your lawn and garden can also be a hangout place for fleas if they do not get adequate exposure to sunlight.
  • In that case, you have to clear any unnecessary bushes and dark spots (you can use them for a better purpose).
  • Fleas hate cedar wood chips and Eucalyptus leaf so you can collect some of these and spread them over your lawn (you can do it in particular infestation places too). It will kill the fleas and destroy the larvae too to get rid of fleas.

9.) Pet’s Cleaning and Bathing

Directions to Follow:

  • Cleaning and bathing of pets are required after a set interval of time to get rid of fleas. But instead of shampoos, you can use natural insecticides/flea irritants like rosemary oil, tea tree oil (harmful for cats), cedar oil (harmful for cats), Citrus oil and Eucalyptus oil.
  • Avoid using tea tree oil and cedar oil on cats (they just cannot tolerate them). It may be a bit irritating for your pets, but they will certainly be deadly for fleas.
  • Apply these natural insecticides over your pets’ body before giving them a bath (will be better if you mix with a bit of water).
  • Start applying from the neck or head (because once the fleas start to feel the danger, they will take advantage of their jumping ability and will try to escape by moving upwards and then jumping off the body of your pet).
  • Ensure proper use so that you do not miss a single part of their body. Keep the lather for at least ten minutes.
  • Then wash your pets’ body with lukewarm water (for at least 10 minutes) and cleanse the soap along with other body parts (where the fleas can be hidden) evenly.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas in Your House carpet

10.) Get Rid of Fleas With Yeast

Directions to Follow:

  • For certain reasons, fleas cannot tolerate yeast. So as an additional method, you can try sprinkling some yeast over your pets’ body.
  • You can also make a citrus spray. Just take a slice of lemon, extract some juice from it, mix it with a bit of water and boil it to a heating point.
  • After that, you can put the solution in a sprayer some over your pets’ body. You can also try to spill some salt on your carpets or rugs (hopefully will be toxic for fleas).

11.) IGRs to Get Rid of Fleas (In Carpet and Curtains)

Directions to Follow:

  • Carpets and curtains are favorite hideout places of fleas, and you cannot get rid of them with ordinary vacuum.
  • In that case, you have to spray IGR (insect growth regulator) on your carpets and rugs.
  • Normal aerosols do not have the ability to kill fleas efficiently. But these IGRs are something totally different.
  • They prevent the young larvae to develop into mature adults.
  • That means even if they cannot be removed by vacuum, they still will not be able to grow as adults. 

12.) Get Rid of Fleas with Washing (On Dogs & In House) 

Directions to Follow:

  • Keeping your home clean and clear is the key to success in your battle against the fleas.
  • They do not like to come to places which sparkling dirt free.
  • So wash your and your pets’ everyday items like bed sheets, pillows, clothing, rugs and other items of this sort.

13.) Get Rid of Fleas With Comb 

Comb your pets’ fur/hair with combs, which are specialized in removing fleas from your pets’ bodies. Make sure the bristle density and length are enough.

14.) Botanic Dust and Boric Acid

Directions to Follow:

  • Botanic dust and boric acid are good natural pesticides to get rid of fleas. Botanic dust has low toxicity, so it is safe to use them around humans and pets.
  • For a better effect, you can mix botanic dust and boric acid together and dust the common areas of flea infestation.
  • Additionally, you can dust your furniture and other items too if you want extra protection. A good side of this mixture is that it will seek out both, adult and young fleas (larvae) like bees do with honey.
  • It will also put a hold to future reproduction of the fleas. Leave the mixture on your items for about a day and vacuum or wash them afterwards.


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