How to Get Rid of Ants? (Naturally & Fast)


In this article, we are discussing several ways to get rid of ants fast and naturally. Ants are dangerous to the environment in several ways, but they speedily become pests when they attack your home seeking food and shelter. As you spend time gardening, outdoors or just relaxing on the terrace, ants are the most common insects you see around you. They will move to the area where they are not required, i.e.: heading towards the home. There are several chemicals and repellents available in the market. The use of chemicals can be harmful and dangerous to your kids and pets.

When it comes to pest termination, not all people aware of how to get rid of ants in the house. It looks as if that these insects know several ways to get in your house: floor, holes in walls and crevices in the ceiling foundation, attic and basement. Amongst a vast variety of ants that get inside are black, carpenter and sugar ones. So in this article you can learn different ways to kill ants fast and naturally using home and natural remedies.

Best Ways to Get Rid of Ants Naturally:

1. Keep Your House Clean

The odor of food draws ants towards your house. Take away all the food crumbs and other things from your kitchen. Keep the boxes of syrup, sugar and honey tightly closed. Also, clean cupboards, floors and counter tops frequently.

2. Dish Soap to Get Rid of Ants Fast

Dish soap is an effective remedy to get rid of ants. To try this method, take dish wash liquid and dilute it in water mixing equal amounts of each. Fill it up in a bottle and shake it well. Spray this solution over ants. The ants will halt or suffocate. Clean these dead ants with a wet cloth. Use this remedy until you see the best results.

how to get rid of ants naturally fast

3. White Vinegar to Remove Ants Permanently

You can make a natural insect repellent by mixing water and vinegar in equal parts. Put this mixture in a spray bottle. Spray it directly on the ants to kill them. Use wet paper towel to clean them up. Also, spray this solution, around your doorways, windowsills and other places, where you find ants frequently. You can also clean floors, windows and counterparts with this solution. This can work as an excellent household cleaner that also helps keep ants away from your house.

4. Lemon Juice to Control Ants Fast

Lemon is acidic in nature that is great for killing ants. To use this method, to use this method, mix some amount of water and 1 part of lemon juice. Mix well. Spray this mixture onto ants and the infested areas around your home to get rid of ants fast and naturally.

5. Boric Acid to Kill Ants Permanently

Boric acid is also a beneficial repellent to control ants in your home. To use this method, take a boric acid powder and sprinkle a thin line in the areas like baseboards, window sills, cracks and other infested areas you observe the ants. The moment ants will consume boric acid, they will die as soon as possible. This is one of the best remedies to treat ants fast and naturally. Use boric acid until you see no ants in your house.

Note – Keep it away from the children and pets.

6. Baking Soda to Get Rid of Ants Fast

Baking soda is a great repellent for ants. To use this method, take a small amount of dish soap and baking soda. Mix them equally to make a solution.  Now, mix well. Sprinkle the solution in cracks or at the edges of doors and the ant infested areas to kill them fast and permanently.

7. Black Pepper to Treat Ants Naturally

It is a poison-free and safe home remedy to get rid of ants. Place some black pepper in your windowsills, sections around the food, and near your pet bedding keep the ants away from your house.

8. Borax and Peanut Butter to Prevent Ants

This is the best trick to kill ants fast and naturally at home. To use this method, prepare a mix of 1 tsp of peanut butter, sugar and borax. Fill a container or bowl with this mixture. The sugar and peanut butter will attract ants whereas borax will kill them once they consume the mixture. Place it next to ant lines to get rid of them permanently.

9. Essential Oils to Kill Ants Fast

This is one of the best remedies to kill bed bugs fast and naturally. Ants hate the odor of essential oils. To try this method, add a few drops of essential oil in a cup of water. Spray this solution on the ants and the infested area around your house. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it in the areas occupied by ants.

Note – You can use several essential oils such as lavender oil, cedar oil, peppermint oil, oil eucalyptus and lemon oil.

10. Red Chili Powder to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Red chilies can also be successful in treating ants. To try this method,  make a paste out of red chilies mix with few amount of water. Use this paste in the infested area and this paste will prevent ants from entering into your house. Alternatively, spray chili powder directly in the places from where the ants are coming from.

11. Cream of Wheat to Treat Ants Fast

Wheat is also an efficient remedy to kill ants. Prepare a paste or cream of wheat and place it where ants can consume it easily. Ants will not be able to digest it. The wheat cream swell in the stomach of an ant that results in its death. Does this process 2-3 times a day and until you see them dying to get rid of ants fast and naturally at home.

12. Adhesive Tape to Prevent Ants Naturally

Tape is also a successful remedy to kill bed bugs fast and permanently. Is an army of ants walk toward the cookie jar? Use adhesive tape to prevent ants fast. Create a channel around the object or any container by wrapping it with adhesive tape placed sticky side outwards. The moment ants come near to the jar it will get attached to the tape.

13. Chalk to Kill Ants Fast

This is a helpful remedy to treat ants fast and permanently. This is one of the simplest method to prevent ants. Take a piece of chalk and draw a number of lines at each entrance of your home. Since chalk consists of calcium carbonate and other helpful components, it will help keep away ants in a really significant way. Draw a heavy, thick line around entrances and repeat as needed. This usually needs to be combined with another method of eradication of ants. Do this process until you see ants moving away from your home.

14. Honey Pot to Deal with Ants Fast and Permanent

Have you tried everything you can to eliminate the ants, but it’s just not effective? A honey trick can do wonders to get rid of ants. To use this method, take some tablespoons of honey, water or sugar. Mix them well and place it in a paper bowl little away from your house so that ants won’t come back. Once they attract towards the bowl, they automatically will move away from your house. Once they are exposed the pot, keep moving a little bit further and further away from your house, refreshing and refilling it as needed. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent ants.

15. Rub Alcohol to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Get a spray bottle and put some alcohol and dish wash in the bottle. Shake the mixture well. Then fill this bottle with water, keeping some space on the top and close it the cap tightly.  Shake well the mixture until you see some bubbles in the bottle. Now, spray this solution on the ants and the infested area in your house. This solution will help kill the ants fast and naturally. You can also rub alcohol on the doors and windows and the corners and edges of the kitchen counter to keep them away from your house.

16. Salt to Treat Ants Fast

This is one of the great remedies to get rid of ants fast and naturally at home. If ants are leading a path to your home, stop them by sprinkling some amount of salt around the corners and door frame or any other direct path of the ants. This will prevent them cross the salt barrier. You can also use pepper instead of salt to stop them interfering again and again in your household chores. Try this method until you see them vanishing from your place.

Additional Tips to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

  • Keep your house clean.
  • Mop and sweep your floor twice a day.
  • Keep your food in tightly packed plastic containers.
  • Avoid leaving your food uncovered in the kitchen.
  • Avoid moisture in your cabinets, kitchen, floors and counter-tops.


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