How to Kill Gnats? (Get Rid of Gnats)


This article is about ways to kill gnats. Gnats are tiny pesky insects flying around the house. These tiny beasts are not harmful but annoying. The worst part about them is that they multiply themselves like anything. They roam around your house and are generally found in the kitchen. They love being around fruits and water. You can find them in your kitchen and near the fruits remains. In this article, we bring to you some of the best ways to kill gnats. You can use the simple and easy methods that will help you get rid of gnat completely. Read the article to more about gnats and ways to kill it.

Methods to Kill Gnats:

As said above, gnats are not harmful but annoying. Getting rid of them becomes important as these irritating insects become a subject for embarrassment at times. Here we are going to discuss some of the methods that will help you kill gnats. Methods to kill gnats are:

How to Kill Gnats

1.) Ammonia to Kill Gnats

Ammonia can be used effectively to kill gnats. This is the best way to get rid of gnats if they are active around the skin and the drains. What you have to do is imply pour ammonia in the sink and the drains. Ammonia is equally harmful for humans as well. So, you need to be careful before using it. What you need to do is leave the sink with water for a couple of hours before using it again.

2.) Baking Soda to Kill Gnats

Baking soda is another amazing way to get rid of gnats. What you have to do is pour two table spoons of baking soda in your sink and add a cup of vinegar over it. Allow it to sit for a few hours and then run water in it. This is a natural way to avoid gnats. You can also use it frequently to get rid of it.

3.) Apple Cider Vinegar to Kill Gnats

You can also go for apple cider vinegar to get rid of gnats. What you have to do is make a trap using apple cider vinegar. Take a used can and add apple cider vinegar to it. Make some holes in the cap of the can. Gnats are attracted towards the smell of apple cider vinegar. When they are trapped in the can, you can throw it away.

4.) Red Wine and Soap Water to Kill Gnats

You can also go for ride wine and soap water to get rid of gnats. What you have to do is take a shot glass and pour wine into it. When the glass is three-quarter filled with wine, add a drop of soap water to it. Mix it well and keep it near the area where these gnats are more active. Gnats will try to sit on the surface of the solution but will fall in it.

5.) Gnat Trap to Kill Gnats

Gnat traps are easily available in the market and can be used effectively to get rid of gnats. These traps are designed in the way that kills gnats effectively. This is one of the best ways to get rid of gnats effectively and completely.

Ways to Stop Gnats Infestation:

We discussed the ways to kill gnats. Now, it’s time to learn the ways to prevent future infestation. Ways to avoid gnats’ infestation are:

1.) Throw Away the Fruits Remains

This is one of the best ways to keep gnats at bay. What you have to do is do not allow the fruits to be collected. When there are no fruits and foods remain, these gnats will not get attracted to your house. These foods are their food as well. So, throwing these foods will also avoid gnats.

 2.) Cover Bin to Kill Gnats

It is always advised to cover your dust bin. When you keep your dust bin cover, these gnats will also not find the reason to be in your house. So, it is advised to keep your dust bin always covered.

3.) Do Not Overwater Plants

Gnats are also attracted towards the logged water in the plants and the surrounded area. This not only prevents these gnats from entering your house but also prevent the multiplication also. Gnats use these water to lay eggs.


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