How to Kill Termites?


Termites are the small insects that can create a problem for you. They work as a silent killer. They can appear on any wood material or any plant without indicating their presence. There are five types of termites that can be present in your home. These types are Conehead, drywood, dampwood, Formosan and subterranean termites. It doesn’t matter where your home is located, any of these types of termites may be present in your home. But the most common is drywood termites as they consume wood, wallpaper and plastics within the home. That is why, it is necessary to have a pest control plan that can be implemented at any time. In this article, you will get to know about some methods to kill termites.

They can be a serious problem for your home as it damages your interior and wooden furniture. Killing such type of pests is not an easy task, but still there are some best ways to kill them. You need to identify the termites before killing them. Sniffer dogs, gas detectors and acoustics are used to detect the termites.

Causes of Termites Attack:

Moisture- They create their colonies in the soil due to the presence of moisture. Standing water in or near your home attracts such types of pests.

Wooden Structures and Wood-  Termites get easily come in contact with the wooden structures. Wood contains cellulose and they feed on cellulose.

Openings in Your Home- In the search of moisture, they can take advantage of any opening nearby your home. Even cracks in your walls offer opportunities for termites.

Signs of Termites:

There are some common signs that can indicate you about the presence of termites:

  • They can damage the interior of your home. The paint on your walls will start to bubble. Walls may also crack due to the presence of termites.
  • The mud tubes or mud like material can be found in the galleries of your home or building.
  • You may find their wings near doors, closed windows and some other places.

How to Kill Termites

Best Ways to Kill Termites:

You can use home remedies and pesticides to get rid of termites. There are several ways to to kill them, which are mentioned below:

1.) Insecticides and Foams to Kill Termites

Insecticides and foams are the most common method to get rid of termites. To use such types of products you need to vacate your home for some time. The insecticides comes in many forms from liquids to gases. You need to spray the insecticides into the colony of termites. The foams are also great as it allows the poison to get into the cracks of the wood, resulting kill termites. You can easily buy insecticides and foams from any pest control shops. These both insecticides and foams are an excellent method to get rid of them easily.

2.) Use Bait to Get Rid of Termites

Using boric acid at bait stations is one of the effective ways to deal with such type of pests. Boric acid is one of the best methods to kill termites. Boric acid helps to damage the nervous system of the termites and kills them quickly. First, you need to set the bait station. Then spray or coat boric acid in the wood. Bait attracts them. When they reach at the bait, the boric acid will destroy them. You will need to apply the boric acid to the bait station regularly.

3.) Use Nematodes to Get Rid of Termites

One of the popular methods for killing termites is the use of nematodes. Nematodes are a small worm and works as a natural parasite to kill termites. These worms are able to find them and burrow into them. Nematodes basically target their larvae and help in reducing termite populations. You can purchase nematodes online or from the local garden supply store.

4.) Orange Oil to Kill Termites

Orange oil is an extract of orange peels which is insoluble in water. Using orange oil is one of the great home remedy  to destroy such type of insects. It is also referred as orange oil termite. This orange oil helps to destroy their cell membranes, thus resulting termites death. Inject or spray the orange oil into the infested wooden item and into the hollow spaces. Wear gloves before using orange oil. Don’t consume orange oil as it is harmful for health. This method will help you to get rid of them quickly.

5.) Hot and Cold Temperature to Kill Termites

Termites are not able to survive in extreme cold and hot temperature. Temperature less than -20 degrees Fahrenheit and more than 120 degrees can help to get rid of them. Place the infested wooden or any other item under the sun. Exposure to the sun will help to evaporate the moisture of the item and kills them. For the extreme cold temperature, use liquid nitrogen to kill them. Another way to kill termites in cold temperature is to freeze the wooden item into a large freezer. Keep it for two to three days in the freezer  and you will see the dead termites.

6.) Electrocution to Get Rid of Termites

Electrocution is one of the simplest methods to eliminate such type of insects. The electrocution devices are available in the market. Pass the electric current to them, which helps to kill termites. Don’t expose yourself to it as it can cause harmful effects on your body.

7.) Cardboard Traps to Kill Termites

The termites not only feed on wood, but also on cardboards that contains cellulose. Using cardboards as a trap  is the best way to kill them. Take a cardboard and cut it into flat strips. Wet these cardboard strips and place them in an area where they usually present. Now, they feed on cardboard (cellulose) and make it an excellent spot trap. When they come on the cardboard, then take it out in a safe area and flame it out. Wear gloves while taking out infested cardboard. Repeat the process several times, if needed.

8.) Essentials Oils to Get Rid of Termites

There are a number of essential oils to eradicate the termites quickly. These essential oils include Vetiver oil and clove bud oil are used to kill them. Both the oils help to get rid of them. However, vetiver oil is generally referred to killing them. Take a mist sprayer and pour any of the oil to it. Spray this oil on the infested wood and any other infested areas. After some time, you will notice the dead termites. Repeat this treatment as needed for better results.

9.) Sodium Chloride to Kill Termites

Using sodium chloride is one of effective home remedy to kill the termites. Sodium chloride contains cellulose that helps to attract them. Spray sodium chloride directly to the infested area. Another way is to take some cotton balls and dab it into the sodium chloride solution. Place the cotton balls near the infested area. These cotton balls attracts the termites and kill them. This remedy also prevents them from recurring.

10.) Petroleum Jelly to Kill Termites

Using petroleum jelly is one of the best ways to get rid of them. You can purchase petroleum jelly from the market. You need to rub it on the dry wooden item or furniture. Leave it for one or two days and then use a soft cloth to clean your furniture.

11.) Termidor to Kill Termites

Killing termites with the help of Termidor is the best way. It is a professional product which is recommended in extreme condition. To use this product, take the professional’s help. When they eat Termidor then the Termidor kills them.

12.) White Vinegar to Kill Termites

White vinegar is also the effective home remedy to kill such type of insects. Take a one-fourth of white vinegar and a cup of olive oil. Mix both the ingredients very well. Pour this solution into the sprayer. Spray this solution to your infested furniture. After some time, this solution will help to kill them.

Do’s to Kill Termites:

  • Clean your house daily and protect your house before getting affected by the termites. So, check them around the home daily.
  • Wear gloves and mask before using insecticides and pesticides around your house.
  • Cut down the branches of the trees or plants that are coming inside the boundaries of your house.
  • Maintain the moisture level of your house.
  • Remove all the dead plants around your house as they increase the chance of getting termites.
  • Flooding the infested region with termites is one of the best way to kill termites. As water will help to drown them.
  • Before killing such type of insects, remove the food sources that attracts such type of pests.

Dont’s to Kill Termites:

  • Do not store extra wooden items as they create too much moisture and attracts the termites to attack them.
  • Avoid using unauthorized products to kill such type of pests as they can damage your wooden furniture.
  • Do not let any unnecessary opening in your house.


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