How to Become Friends with a Girl?


Friendship is a great relationship which tends to bring people together and bond them for the lifetime. When it comes to making a friend then you need to make them feel great in your company. If there is any particular girl in your mind with whom you want to be friends then use the tips given in this article. Read further to become friends with a girl.

How to Become Friends with a Girl

Steps to Become Friends with a Girl

1. Find Ways to Interact to Become Friends with a Girl

There can be many ways to talk to her. If you both are in the same class then there must be something which you can found to talk about with her. you can ask her help to understand any particular subject or you can borrow her notes to interact with her. There are many things which are common to talk about if you are in the same school or in the same class. You can pass a comment on the head of the school or make any funny remark about the teacher. Do not be afraid to interact with her. She is a human being too and she will not eat you up for talking to her.

2. Stay Confident to Become Friends with a Girl

Confidence is the key when it comes to making friends. You might be just the kind of friend she wants to have but you need to make her feel that. You need to get to know her and make her know you well to become friends. Reach out to her and try to interact with her as much as possible to become friends with a girl. Be bold and try to start a conversation with her whenever you can to become friends with her. Do not fear when it comes to starting any conversation as these conversations will only lead you to become friends.

3. Have a Good Sense of Humor to Become Friends with a Girl

If you can make her laugh then you can easily get her to become your friend. She would love to spend time with you if you can make her laugh easily. If she will enjoy her time spent with you then she will try to be with you more. This will trigger your friendship and you two can get along easily. Try to keep situation light and fun to impress her to stay in your company. Make her time well spent whenever she is with you. This way she will like to be with you more.

4. Help Her Around to Become Friends with a Girl

Helping her is also a great way to become her friend. There could be many situations when she will need your or anyone’s help. You need to look for the situation to help her out. Whenever you see her in trouble ask her if she needs any help and try your best to help her out. If she needs any notes then lend her notes and also ask from her when you need it. It will help you both to get along well. Share things with her that’s what friends do.

5. Respect Her to Become Friends with a Girl

You cannot gain any girl’s friendship without respecting her. If you really want to become friends with a girl then you should show her your respect. Value her and respect her in your life, show her that she is valuable to you to let her friendship. You should not only respect a girl or value her if you want to date her but respect every woman in your life and value them to have them with you forever. Show gentleman gestures to her such as hold doors for her and offer to pay for her if she is short on money. Ask her is she is alright when she does not come to school. This will help to strengthen your friendship.

6. Spend Time with Her to Become Friends with a Girl

The more time you will spend with her the more your friendship will deepen. To become friends with a girl you need to spend time with her. Go out with her, include her in your group. Hang out with her on daily basis. Make plans to go out with her. You can even bring her along in your group when you go out with your old group. You can make weekends plans with her. When she and her friends go somewhere you can tag along if it is a group party, not a girls night out. Well, it does not mean that you need to be with her all the time but it does mean that you need to make her a priority in your life. When you will spend most of your time with her then it is very obvious for you two to become good friends.

7. Find Mutual Interests to Become Her Friends

Well, it is a good idea to become anyone’s friend. When you want to become friends with someone then you need to have something in common to do it together. If she does something which you would like to do too then do not wait and go ahead. To get a girl to become your friend find out what are her hobbies or what are her likes and dislikes. If she likes to play an instrument and you too like music then tell her about it and try to compose a song together. Doing things like those would help you to get along easily.

8. Introduce Her to Your Group to Make Her Friend

You both have started going out together and have become good friends but if you want to take it further then getting along with her as much as possible would be best. Try to get her into your group and get into her group too. Try to be friends with her friends and introduce her to your friends so that you all can hang out together. This will give you more opportunities to know her better and spend more time with her.

9. Connect on Social Media to Become Friends with a Girl

These days everyone is on social media and you can find a lot of deal of information about anyone from their social media accounts. If you want to become friends with a girl then becoming her friend on social media is also an important part. Ask her to add you on various social media platforms on which she usually stays active. Do comment, like her posts and tag her into your posts to become a part of her social media group too. More places to interact with her would give more opportunities to make her used to you and think of you as her friend and a part of her world.

10. Tell Her about Your Emotions

You just want to be her friend nothing else then you need to get her clear about your emotions. When you want to become friends with a girl then you should tell her that you just want to be her friend nothing else. It usually happens when people get close they tend to start having feelings for each other. When you both will know that there is nothing else than friendship then she will also not think of you more than  friends.

Tips to Become Friends with a Girl

  • Be genuine to her when telling her about your feelings. Do not fake anything or your friendship might not last long.
  • Treat her equally as your friends to make her feel good in your company.
  • Do not give her mixed signals about your feelings to become friends with a girl. Keep your intentions clear that you just want to be her friend.
  • Do not act like a pervert when she starts getting along with you.


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