How to Keep a Boyfriend?


You have a boyfriend worth keeping and you do not want to lose him at any cost. Keeping a relationship is a tough task than getting into the relationship. Everyone has a different meaning of a relationship. But most of the individuals want the same thing when it comes to staying happy in a relationship. There are a lot of people who have lived a long relationship and willing to live together forever. It is also very much possible to keep your boyfriend loving you forever, just follow the tips given below to keep a boyfriend.

How to Keep a boyfriend

Tips to Keep a Boyfriend

1. Make Him Feel Special

When you want your guy to stay with you forever and keep on loving you then you need to make him feel that he is special to you. In a relationship, it is a responsibility of both the person to keep each other happy and make them feel good by appreciating them. If you will keep your boyfriend happy then he will definitely stay with you forever.

2. Make Him Feel Loved

Love is indeed the backbone of any relationship. When you want to keep a boyfriend then showing him affection and love are very necessary. You should make him realize that you love him a lot and no one will ever love him that much. When you will know your love he will know that you are not a thing to lose.

3. Do Not Set Boundaries to Keep a Boyfriend

You should try to understand that he is and individual entity. Do not try to captivate him and encage him. He should be free to take his own decisions like what he wants to eat. What kind of clothes he likes to wear and other such things. Set him free to do things on his own and do not restrict him from doing things.

4. Cook Food for Him to Make Him Love You Forever

If your boyfriend is a foodie or not, everyone loves to eat good food. When it comes to pleasing your boyfriend then nothing can be better than cooking good food for him. Know what he likes to eat and prepare those dishes for him. Impress him further with your cooking skills.

5. Be Romantic to Keep a Boyfriend

Never let the romance go if you want to keep your boyfriend. Arrange romantic fated for both of you. Make him feel good for staying in the relationship with you. Do small things to make him feel loved. Do not forget to get closer to him after getting into a relationship. Wear sexy clothes for him. These will make him like you more.

6. Respect Your Boyfriend to Keep Him Hooked

No relationship can flourish without respecting your partner. When you want to have a long-term relationship then respect should exist between you two. If you do not respect your partner then there is no use of staying in such relationship. Respecting does not mean you will follow his every demand, it actually means you like and praise him for his real self. Give importance to his thoughts and try to listen to him what he says.

7. Be Understanding to Keep a Boyfriend

If you do not understand your boyfriend then he won’t be able to stay with you forever. Everyone needs an understanding partner in their life. A partner who would make your life easy, not difficult to live. Try to understand things from his point of view. Do not fight over petty issues and make it hard to live with you.

8. Possess a Good Sense of Humor

Girlfriend with a good sense of humor is desired by every guy. If you can understand humor and takes it in a cool manner then you can easily keep your boyfriend. Laugh with him and crack jokes. Having a good sense of humor can help you to solve the complex problem easily with a smile on your face. Try to keep things interesting between you both.

9. Do Exciting Things Together

Doing exciting things together will keep you both interested in each other. Go for an adventurous trip to rush your adrenaline gland. When you want to be a boyfriend keeper then do things with him which will make him happy in staying with you. Doing things with your boyfriend will get him love you more. It will also keep your relationship interesting and fun.

10. Solve Fight Soon to Keep a Boyfriend

Having fights are not bad and you can have a new start after every fight which makes your lives better. Do not quit after fights and try to resolve it as soon as possible. This will make him how much he is important to you and how greatly you value your relationship.

11. Small Gestures to Make Him Feel Loved

Hug him for no reason to make him feel good. Do not wait for him to initiate showing affection every time. Show him love without any reason. Kiss him on his cheeks and hug him out of the blue he will get startled and will love your this action. When he works late in the office message him any sweet message to cheer him up. If he feels sad try to cheer him up doing funny things.

12. Give Him Preference to Keep a Boyfriend

He is your partner and makes him your priority. When you want to keep a boyfriend then you should never make him feel neglected. Try to make him your priority, do not ignore him when other people or friends are around you. Like you do not want to be ignored same ways do not ignore him. It will make him feel that you are not happy with him. Make your man feel as the most important part of your life. If he will feel that he is important to you he will also give you priority and importance.

13. Trust Your Boyfriend to Keep Him

Your relationship can’t flourish if you do not trust your boyfriend. To keep your boyfriend forever with you make him feel that you trust him a lot. If there is anything in your mind which bothers you then ask him directly about it. There might come many situations in your life when you will not be able to agree with his viewpoint. Then you can put your view point in front of him and you both can have a healthy discussion. If you will show your faith in your man he will feel lucky to have you in his life.

14. Help Him to Keep a Boyfriend

You both are together and you both should stand up for each other whenever such time comes. To get your boyfriend to keep loving you always you should try to make efforts to make him feel good when he is with you. Be there for him whenever he is sad or feeling miserable. Be a shoulder for him to lean on. If a man has a strong woman in his life who can comfort him at the time of needs then he can achieve anything great easily.

15. Never Make Him Feel Insecure

You cannot keep anyone in your life if they will have to struggle for their spot in your life. He is your boyfriend, a very important part of your life and he deserves to be appreciated. Guys hate to feel insecurity if he will that way he might start avoiding you and getting distant from you. His love will also start fading away if you will not give him enough importance he deserves.

16. Be a Cool Girlfriend to Keep a Boyfriend

Do not exaggerate everything and learn to ignore small things. You do not need to make a fuss every time your boyfriend comes late to visit you. Be an understanding and a cool girlfriend. Try to take interest in his interests. Go out to watch his favorite games with him. Play video games with him, have a good sense of humor and get along with his friends. This way you can make him love you more and he will never even think of breaking up with you.


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