How to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You?


You get a strong vibe that something is probably not right and maybe you are right. It may be hard to deal for you to see your boyfriend with someone else. But before making any further guesses and doubting his loyalty try to get the solid proofs and get sure if he is really cheating you or not? You cannot always hire a detective to check on your boyfriend and if he is not then it would be too much for him to handle. First, work out a bit on your own too if your boyfriend is cheating on You. There are few signs given in this article which will help you to know if your boyfriend is cheating on you.

how to know your boyfriend is cheating on you

Steps Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

1.) He Uses Phone a Lot

You will find him busy on his phone most of the time. e might say that it is related to work and he will even start hiding his phone from you. You cannot be sure with just considering this point as he may really be working or upset about something. But if he starts hiding his phone from you which he never used to do before then his actions are suspicious.

2.) He Stays Out More

You will know if your boyfriend is cheating on you or not by a change in his staying out routine. When you will start seeing that he has started to stay out often and more time than before then it can be a reason because he is with someone else. He will give excuses like to have an office party or some office work. He will spend his most of the time outside house unlike before. You will also see changes in his behavior. He will start showing less interest in you.

3.) He will be Defensive

A sign of knowing that your boyfriend is cheating on you is to see if he gets defensive too often? When you will ask him anything related to his behavior or ask him for an explanation. He would get irritated easily even when questioned once and it would make you wonder if he the same man who used to love you. If he stays happy on his own and when he sees you he turns out to start shouting and scolding you then probably he is cheating you.

4.) Increased Expenses

If you have noticed recently huge unexplained expenses from his account then too it can be the cause that he is using his money on another woman. He must be taking her out on dinner dates and great places to keep her happy and it might be hitting his pockets. Keep an eye on his expenses and if he has started spending a good deal of money then you have a clue for your boyfriend cheating on you.

5.) Your Sex Life Has Changed Drastically

If you have not got intimate from ages then it can be a huge hint indicating that your boyfriend is cheating on you. The man who used to be close to you all the time now has started to give excuses to stay away from you. He will never take any initiative and will also not show any interest in you. Even if you do something special for him he would not show much interest in it like he used to do before.

6.) Notice these Body Language Signs to Know if Your boyfriend is Cheating on You

His body language will help you to know if he the culprit or not? To know if he is cheating or not check few signs which he shows unconsciously. He knows that he is doing wrong therefore, he would avoid making eye contact with you. He will not make a direct eye contact with you as he is a culprit he would not have the confidence to do so.

Few might be good at fooling by making eye contact but mostly they would avoid doing it. He would also hesitate to get closer to you and will not show much interest in you. These signs are a great hint to know that he is not much interested in you and probably because he is interested in someone else.

7.) He would Need Privacy

You will find him talking about space and personal privacy. He would often complain to have very less space in his life. He would also change his password of his social network accounts and he has started to put a lock on his mobile phone. since you are his partner it is your right to ask him questions and keep an eye on what is going on in his life. If he is not showing any interest in maintaining the trust or he does the same thing again and again then it can be concluded that he is cheating you for someone else.

8.) Change in Routine to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

His behavior has changed so his routines are. To know if your boyfriend is cheating on you take notice if he has started to taking more time in using the restroom and he goes inside with a phone. When you will ask him about it then you will find him getting irritated about it. You might also see him going to sleep early or using the phone when you wake up in the night. If these things are happening on the daily basis then your speculations were right about him cheating you.

9.) More Active on Social Networking Sites

Suddenly he has started taking interest in his social networking sites and he has a new friend on his Facebook. He stays online mush of his time and he has also started taking interest in social life. These are signs that he is into someone else. You can even search a bit his phone and his social accounts to b very sure about it. Without proof, you should not blame him he would put it back to you somehow and would blame you for not trusting him.

10.) Drop by Unannounced to Know if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on You

Once in a while, drop by means of unannounced to their office or come again house early. Don’t make it obvious that you are just spying on them. As an alternative, invariably have a satisfactory excuse to walk in unannounced. In case your partner is cheating on you, the very first thing they’d do is disguise some thing or show up surprised or even angry.

11.) Follow them After a Fight

Most cheating companions intentionally attempt to choose fights, slam the door and stroll away, considering it makes a satisfactory excuse to slip out of the apartment and meet their adulterous lover. If your accomplice’s been opting for fights and strolling out of the residence ordinarily not too long ago, attempt to comply with them on the pretense of apologizing if they catch you.

12.) Change in Sleeping Habit

If your boyfriend is cheating on you, then his sleeping habits may get changed overnight. They’ll stay up longer using the excuse of work, or you may capture them sneaking around the condominium late at night time.

Fake such as you’re asleep as quickly as you hit the bed, and take a look at to see if your partner’s up to whatever. Do they get out of bed for lengthy periods of time?

13.) Changed Grooming Habits 

Hitting the health club, carrying new garments and perfume are all signs your partner desires to seem higher. However, are they going overboard with their appearances? Has your mate has become hygiene concerned all of the sudden and never take much interest in you.

14.) Use GPS to Catch Your Boyfriend

Are you the one who needs to trap your associate pink passed? Then the stalker mode may be just right for you! Decide upon up a tiny GPS device that may be fixed to the underside of your companion’s automobile. You could track their movements and pounce on them when their pants are round their ankles in a sleazy resort out of town!


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