How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend?


Jealousy sometimes can be cute but when you become over jealous then it can even break your relationship into pieces. In the starting, your boyfriend may not get bothered about your this behavior and can take it easily but eventually he  will get frustrated. When you want to have a long-term successful relationship then you need to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend. Jealousy can cause a lot of trouble in your relationship it may even cause fights, mistrust, and fear of insecurity. To stop being an overly jealous girlfriend first of all you need to trust your guy. If your boyfriend is trustworthy then you have no reason to be jealous. You cannot hold someone forever if that person does not want to stay with you. Whether you want it or not if he will want to go he will not wait for your permission. We have few tips for you to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend and keep your relationship happy.

How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Tips to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

1.) Trust Your Boyfriend to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

The most important thing in any relationship is the trust. If you do not trust your boyfriend then there will be fights and jealousy. If you do not trust your boyfriend it means you do not love him. Where there is true love there is trust and if you do not trust your boyfriend then you need to find out the cause which is making you doubt him.

Tell him about it and have a healthy conversation and try to reach any conclusion to avoid it in the future. Whatever makes you feel uncomfortable and make you mistrust your guy talk to him about it so that you both can sort it out. Knowing what bothers you will also realize him to take care of it from next time.

2.) Give Him Space to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Everyone has a personal space which they want to spend on their own. When you want to stop being an overly jealous girlfriend then you should try to give him his time. Let him be on his own for a while do not keep on bothering him for small topics. If you want to know just ask what is bothering you and he will make you realize that it is just you whom he loves. Still, everyone needs to spend time with themselves. Do not bother him if he wants to be alone for a while or when he is going alone on a trip with his friends. When he is busy you can make your own plans.

3.) Let Him Know About Your Insecurities

Communicating is the best thing in any relationship. When you communicates lots of problems can be sorted out easily. To stop being an overly jealous girlfriend think what is it that makes you insecure. When you will tell him that what makes you insecure then he will try to be careful to not do it next time or if he can’t avoid it then he will try to make it clear to you about his feelings. Talking will help you both to get your thoughts clear and will help you to have a happy and a long term relationship.

4.) Look with His Point of View to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Try to see things from his point of view. One cannot know how other is feeling until they stand at their position. Maybe your jealousy is screwing him up and he is tired of all this. Few things which might be not a big deal for you can be a lot to handle for him.

Try to stand at his place to look things from his point of view to understand your boyfriend more. Other’s situation always seems better when you are looking from your point of view. Trying looking up things can be hard in the starting but your little efforts will even make him happier.

5.) Find Cause of Your Jealousy

Jealousy is said to be the prominent factor when you need to look for love and sometimes it is cute as well. When limit gets exceeded then it starts to cause fights. Finding the root cause can make you help to get rid of it. When you can know the cause of your jealousy you will try to make your boyfriend realize it better and he will be able to understand it better. You can be jealous of many reasons, it can be because you feel yourself not that good for your boyfriend or maybe you do not trust him. Try to overcome the cause of your jealousy to be a super awesome girlfriend. Try to get rid of this nature or try ignoring it to have a great life together as a couple.

6.) Do Not Underestimate Yourself

You are the one who is with him and he chose you over many other girls, you completes his life and he loves you. You know all this is true then you do not need to worry about losing him. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. He loves you the most that is why he is with you. Comparing yourself with anyone will make you less confident and you will start having doubts about yourself. There might be many girls in his surroundings but still, he is with you and you should be proud of it. Also, when you will be comparing yourself to other girls your guy might feel bad and offended.

7.) Keep Informed to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

One gets jealous because they do not know the truth and keep wondering what if something is happening behind their back? When you will know about his schedule and people around your boyfriend you will not be jealous that often. Keeping yourself informed about his schedule will make you less worried and you will have fewer factors to get jealous. Ask him about his schedule beforehand to not have stupid doubts on him. Everything every day will not happen according to the regular schedule and you should not make it an issue. He also needs to go out and enjoy with his friends some time which he might not be able to inform you about.

8.) Try to Ignore to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Ignoring does definitely not mean to overlook if anything is happening wrong. It just means to ignore your stupid thoughts which evokes your jealousy factor. If you will over think about every situation then you are likely to never become a great girlfriend. Cut him loose with stupid fights. You know your boyfriend loves you and wants to be with you, therefore, you have got to ignore few things which might cause trouble in your relationship. When he does not pick up your call then it might be the case that he is really busy, do not exaggerate it and spoil your relationship.

9.) Know His Friends to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Know who his friends are, knowing his friends will assure you that he is with good company. Try not to judge his friends and try to be friends with them. It will also help you to know him more and help you to be a great girlfriend. When you will be friends with his friends then you guys can go out together and it will make you less jealous. Also, do not try to get into his group plans every time if it is making him uncomfortable. Few times friends want to stay within themselves and do not invite their partners and you will have to understand this to be an understanding girlfriend.

10.) Be Understanding to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend

This is the most important fact in any relationship. Most of the time relationship fails due to lack of understanding. Even if you both love each other still there is no use if you both do not understand each other well. It is very important to develop an understanding relationship if you want to cherish it forever. When you want to keep your relationship happy for a longer period of time you will have to understand him. It is also important for stop being an overly jealous girlfriend. When you try to understand him you will try to analyze the situation from his point of view which will make him like you more.


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