How to Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbows?


How to get rid of black knees and elbows? Do you wish to wear those sleeveless tops and skirts, but could not till now because of black knees and elbows. Or the same reasons force you to stay alert at the gym. These dark areas  of our bodies usually make us embarrassed time and again. Had you not rested your elbows on the desks or kneeled down during sports, no doubt you wouldn’t have gotten those dark elbows and knees. It could also be because of the reason that most people avoid exfoliating these parts of the body. There can be many reasons, the positive news is that with a little effort and some great home remedies, you can get clear of the problem of black knees and elbow. The best solution to the problem of black knees and elbows is lemon juice. This can be used at home whenever convenient

By doing the methods given below you can get rid of black knees and elbows.

Tips to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

1.) Oil Massage to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Even in the early ages people without had smooth skin with the absence of any modern day cosmetics. People in various countries used oil, a full body oil massage before bath was considered essential. With the busy schedules of people these days, hardly a few can afford that much time. Moisturization of knees and elbows is necessary as they are one of the most dry parts of a person body. Keeping it moist and smooth can be done with the help of oils.

Application of any oil can help with the problem of dark knees and elbows,e specially coconut oil, almond oil, sesame oil and olive oil.

Rubbing of mustard oil for 10-15 minutes, gently after bath and can also be done in spare time. Mustard oil contains linoleic, eruric acid and oleic acids that exquisitely lubricate your dark joints and also help in preserving melanin pigment. To avoid more dirt, make sure you wash your clothes nicely with warm water.

Vitamin E oil is essential for many skin problems. Just cut  a Vitamin E capsule and use the oil in it to rub massage on your knees and elbow. Get smoother and clearer skin within a matter weeks.

How Get Rid Of Black Knees And Elbows

2.) Mint to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Get rid of dark knees and elbows by using mint. Mint helps refresh your elbows and knees along with your mouth. The antiseptic and anti- inflammatory agents of mint and  its essential oils help in synthesizing white blood cells and collagen in our bodies. It is also helps in clearing scar tissues from within. You need a mint mixture for this remedy.

You will need:

  • Mint leaves- a few of them
  • Lemon juice- half lemon
  • Water- half  cup
  • Balls of cotton
  • Lukewarm water to wash

How to Use Mint to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

  • Boil water and put a few mint leaves and let it boil for a few more minutes.
  • Add the lemon juice to the boiling mint water.
  • Now leave it for a few minutes to cool down naturally.
  • When the boiled water has cooled down and become bearable for your skin, Soak a cotton ball with it
  • Take a cotton ball, and apply the mixture to your knees or elbow using  the cotton ball.
  • Leave for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

3.) Natural Exfoliates to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

The negligence and rugged use of our elbows and knees leads to the problem of them becoming dark. It is imperative to make use of some natural ingredients to make some scrubs to get rid of the problem of dark knees and elbows.

Milk and Baking Soda to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

  • Grab a tablespoon of baking soda and make a thick paste by adding some milk.
  • Rub it on your knees or elbow.
  • Rub gently in circular motion.
  • According to the intensity of damage do it daily or once in two days.
  • Once results are visible, start doing it once a week or once every two weeks.

Olive Oil With Sugar to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

This helps with you with both exfoliation and moisturization.

You need 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of sugar

How to Use:

  • Make a thick paste  by mixing sugar with oil, Sugar granules should stay intact, warm olive oil is recommended.
  • Apply it thoroughly on your knees or elbow.
  • Rub mildly gently with fingers.
  • Through the rubbing process a reduction in the size of sugar granules will be noticeable.
  • Go with the process for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse with a placid soap and water.
  • This can be done daily till the dark areas are gone.

4.) Onion and Garlic to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Onion and garlic are not only good to flavor food, but also contain essential oils which help in lightening skin. You can get  rid of dark knees and elbows by using onion and garlic in the way given below.

Ingredients needed

  • 1 fat clove of garlic
  • 1 piece onion
  • An equipment for grating onion

How to Use:

  • Grate the garlic after peeling it, if not able to do that, simply crush it to get small chunks.
  • Grate the onion and mix garlic and onion.
  • Apply to dark areas of knees or elbows.
  • Scrub mildly for about 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Smell can become annoying, try mixing it with soap to get rid of the smell.
  • Application of rose water mixed with glycerin can also help with the smell. But this should be done after the scrubbing is done.

5.) Gram Flour and Yogurt to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Get rid of dark knees and elbows by using gramflour and yogurt. Gram flour contains many vitamins and proteins that make it a brilliant exfoliating agent.  This helps with dark skin tones, blemishes and pigmentation.

You will need:

  • 2 tablespoons gramflour and enough curd to make a thick paste.

How to Use:

  • Mix Curd and Gramflour.
  • Rub it on the darkened areas of  elbow or knees.
  • Leave it there for 15-20 minutes.
  • Use your fingers to massage in a circular manner for 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Yogurt can be replaced with fresh cream in case of really dry skin. Use of yogurt Is recommended in case of oily skins.

6.) Yogurt and Almond to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Almond is a boon for good health and almond oil is amazing for skin too. If used almond oil in the right way, it will lighten your skin tone. Almonds can also be used to exfoliate your knees and elbow.

You will need:

  • 8 to 10 almonds and 2 tablespoons yogurt.

How to Use:

  • Ground almonds. Don’t let them turn into smooth powder.
  • Add yogurt to almond powder.
  • Rub on black knees and elbow.
  • Leave it for a minimum 15 minutes or till it dries up.
  • Massage gently with wet fingers.
  • Rub in circular motions.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Do it daily once or two times in a week.

7.) Coconut Oil and Walnut to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Coconut oil is skin friendly as it contains many fatty acids and minerals along with nutrients that helps your skin and exfoliates it.

You need 3 to 4 walnuts and 1 tablespoon coconut oil.

How to Use:

  • Ground walnut. Do not make it tender.
  • Mix walnut powder with coconut oil.
  • Rub on knees/ elbow.
  • Scrub in a circular motion for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse off with warm water.

8.) Natural Bleaching Agents to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

Exfoliation and Moisturizing are primary to any skin care routine and more so requires for black knees and elbow. However, extreme cases, one may need to bleach them. Using chemical bleaching agents is not recommended.  They may harm your knees and make it darker than before. Use some naturally occurring bleaching agents to whiten the skin tone of your dark knees and elbows.

Lemon Plus Honey to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

  • Lemon juice is one of the best natural bleach and honey is the best natural moisturizer.
  • You will need 1 tablespoon of honey and juice from 1 full size lemon.

How to Use:

  • Mix Honey and Lemon Juice.
  • Apply on darkened areas.
  • Leave for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • Initially it is recommended to do this everyday. Later thrice, twice and once a week after you start getting results.

Bleaching Fruits Plus Veggies to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow:

While lemon is  the best naturally occurring bleach, there are many other fruits and vegetables that have similar bleaching properties. They  can used to lighten the skin tone of your dark knees or elbow. Grate them, take out their juice or cut a slice. Slices can be scrubbed as can be the grated things. You need to apply the juice for approx. 15 to 20 minutes. The procedure is same, only the ingredients change. Use one of the following fruits or vegetables.

  • Grapes
  • Cucumber
  • Oranges
  • Potatoes
  • Tomatoes

9.) Yogurt Plus Vinegar to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbow

While yogurt acts as an exfoliating agent, it is also works as an excellent bleach due to the presence of lactic acid in it. When mixed with yet another good bleach, the vinegar, which contains acetic acid, darkened areas of your knees and elbows will start getting lighter.

You will need 1 tablespoon of vinegar and yogurt.

How to Use:

  • Mix Vinegar and Yogurt.
  • Rub on dark knees and elbow.
  • Leave for about 20 minutes.
  • Rinse off with water.
  • This can be done daily as the curd is very gentle on the skin. It also balances the  effect of acid in vinegar.



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