How do You Get Scabies?


Scabies are highly contagious and you may get scabies in many ways. The infection is basically because of the transfer of mites. These microscopic organs are eight-legged once. They produce small bumps and blisters in the webs between the fingers, on the wrists and the backs of the elbows, in the growing and on the knees, and on the buttocks. Men sometimes get what look like pimples on their genitals. It is helpful to know that not every bump is a bug. In most cases of scabies in otherwise healthy adults, there are no more than 10 or 15 live mites even if there are hundreds of bumps and pimples.

The first Symptom after you get scabies are usually and annoying itchiness and irritation in the affected area. This is an initial warning sign. Later if not treated it could result to one of the worse skin conditions. The physical symptoms of scabies are different from other infections or skin conditions. You will easily notice scabies as they are unmistakable noticed. You can see, they appear as rashes in the area, with some slightly raised bumps like pimples or blisters. Scabies mostly attack places more with a lot of skin folds, such as between the fingers and toes, the infestation can develop on any part of the body including the face, scalp, neck and even on the hands and legs.

These the areas where one can get scabies. Most commonly afflicted with scabies symptoms for both men and women:

  • Shoulder blades
  • Buttocks
  • Around or under the breasts
  • Soles of the feet
  • Around the waist
  • Between the fingers
  • Knees
  • Around the genital area
  • Infer elbow area
  • Along the inside part of the wrist
  • Armpits

How do You Get Scabies?

1.) Pets Can Cause Scabies

Sometimes the main reasons behind being infected by scabies are the pets. If you have a pet at home be careful, sometimes your pet gets infected by different types of mites these can infect the human. The animals are not the source human scabies but if your pet get scabies this will surely infest you. Scabies on dogs is called mange and when canine or feline mites get in contact with on human skin.

This produces a mild itch that goes away on its own. This is unlike human scabies. You should treat them because it can get worse. So if your dog or cat is infected visit a veterinarian. You should stay at a distance until and unless they get fully cured. Don’t them to get on your bed or couch. If you have an infected member in your home or any of your close once use disinfectants to clean your floor.

how do you get scabies

2.) Direct Contact Causes Scabies

You can get scabies as soon as you come in contact with the mites. In this case, if you come in contact with a person who gets scabies you will get scabies. Here the only risk factor is direct skin contact with someone who is infested. The mites get transmitted from skin to skin by touch. These contact can be one in social, official or school settings are not that much infecting once.

One of the areas for such infection is the area between your fingers so if you might get infected in that way too. Holding hands for too long may get transfer the mites. Hugging a person can also be a cause for infection. Sexual contacts are other types of physical contact which can highly spread the mites. The other contacts that spread scabies are sexual once. Physical contacts and close physical contacts such as hugging and sexual contacts. This contacts can spread the condition to quick. You might get clusters or breakouts on your skin. When infected one gets rashes, bumps and pimples.

3.) Contaminated Clothes Spread Scabies

Scabies mites can’t fly or jump, which means they can only move from one human body to another if two people have direct and prolonged physical contact. Apart from physical contact, there are other ways you get scabies. The mites can survive outside the human body for 24 to 36 hours, making infection by coming into contact with contaminated clothes, towels or bed linen a possibility.

Sharing clothing, towels and bedding with an infected person can spread scabies. You must not share your personal belongings with other in times of infection. Do not share clothes because they might contain mites that can get transferred by sharing clothes with someone who is already infected. Even using the same bed can be the cause of the infection the bed of an infected person may contain the mites. These mites get transferred to another body when used. Always use antiseptic solutions to wash the clothes.

4.) Confined Environment Spreads Scabies

There’s an increased risk of catching scabies in confined environments, such as schools and nursing homes. You  can get infected by this mite’s in places where people are in a close walk or leave in close proximity to one another. The contaminated environments are apt to spread this disease. The mites can spread to places over and lastly infect other bodies. They get easily transferred to other bodies as they spread much in crowded places.

An infected person should avoid social gatherings and even if he has to go to some places like the hospital he or should not make any contact with others or touch other. the infected person should also avoid using other things and properties. You should not walk in close proximity with a person who is infected with scabies as this might result in transferring the mites.

5.) Weak Immune System Cause Scabies

Having a weakened immune system also increases the risk of getting scabies. The elderly and people who have a weak immune system due to diseases such as HIV/AIDS, lymphoma, or leukemia have an increased risk. People who received an organ transplant also have a higher risk. There are various vitamins which strengthen our immune system and defends our skin from various infections and infestations.

The chief vitamins which defend our skin are A, B3,C,E and D. There are also minerals which are essential for our skin. These minerals are zinc, copper, magnesium, potassium and silica. You should have these essential nutrients in your body to keep your skin and defend them from various infections and infestations. You may get scabies if you have the deficiency of this vitamins and minerals.


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