How to Prevent Acne?


This article is about how to prevent acne. Acne is one of the most common skin problems that affect a number of Americans. It is a very common skin problem marked by whiteheads, blackheads and blemishes. It is teenagers who are mostly affected by acne. However, adults can also develop some degree of acne. Acne is irritating not only till time it persists. It is also irritating after it leaves. This is because of the reason that it leaves behind scars and marks on the face. Getting rid of acne is not an easy task. Acne is stubborn and do not leave your face easily. Thus, we bring to you some of the best ways that you can follow to prevent acne. Read the article to know more about the topic.

Causes of Acne:

You might have noticed that some teenagers have clean and clear skin while some, of same age, have their face covered with acne. This is because some are more prone to acne while others are not. Here are causes of acne outbreak:

  • Oily skin
  • Oil based cosmetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Humidity
  • Exposure to dirt
  • Certain type of medication

Ways to Prevent Acne:

As said above, once acne breakout, they are hard to treat. You go for different home remedies and medication but still, they are not easy to get rid of. As said prevention is better than cure, it is better that you go for prevention. If your life is surrounded with the causes given above, it is better that you go for precautions. Here are some of the best ways that you need to follow in order to prevent acne.

how to prevent acne

1.) Keep Your Face Clean to Prevent Acne

This is one of the best ways to prevent acne. You should always keep your face clean. Wash it twice a day. This will remove oil, dirt and impurities from face. It also helps remove dead cells. Oil and dirt are the main causes of acne outbreak. When your face is oil and dirt free, the chances of acne outbreak get reduced to half. Make sure that you do not go for over washing. This can even harm your skin.  If there is inflammation in the skin, do not exfoliate it. It can worsen the case. Always pat dry your face. Do not scratch the face with towel.

2.) Change Your Pillow to Prevent Acne

You should maintain all over hygiene to prevent acne. Maintaining personnel hygiene will not do the job. Changing your pillow is also a great option in order to prevent acne. It is better to  keep switching your pillow case every week rather than spending money on those expensive creams for acne. Every night, your pillow come in contact with oil from your hair and face, make up, and dirt. This is mainly because you go to bed before washing your face. When your face come in contact with these accumulates impurities again and again, you become prone to acne. So, avoid using a same pillow for more than one week. If you can wash it frequently, do it weekly and get rid of acne.

3.) Acne Friendly Make-up to Prevent Acne

Girls, the cosmetics you use also increases the chances of acne outbreak. The products you spend a lot of money for, also have potential of acne outbreak. What they do is they clog your pores and clogged pores among the most prominent reasons for acne outbreak. So, whenever you o to buy make-up, opt for acne friendly product. Always go for the products that say ‘non-comedogenic’. Also, it is better to avoid make up as much as you can.

4.) Moisturizer to Prevent Acne

If, because of the outbreak, you have turned to acne creams and gel, there are chances of skin becoming dry. So, in order to prevent your skin from becoming dry, you are advised to go for light moisturizer. Cleansing and moisturizing your face is very important as it removes excess oil and dirt from face. So, go for products that have glycerin and huyaluronic acid.

5.) Don’t Touch Your Face to Prevent Acne

Don’t touch  your face again and again in order to prevent acne outbreak. When you touch your face again and again, then dirt, oil and sweat get transferred to your skin. This results in acne outbreak. So, if you are in the habit of touching your face again and again, avoid it completely. Pay special attention to this habit if you are in class or office.

6.) Watch Your Shampoo to Prevent Acne

It is also advised to review your shampoo. Shampoos with strong fragrance and chemicals can irritate skin and the chances of acne outbreak increases. It is better to go for shampoo with weak fragrance. It is better if you go foe herbal products. You should also make sure that your shampoo and conditioner has completely rinsed out from the hair. Do not wash your face in shower if there is shampoo in your hair,

7.) Check Your Detergent to Prevent Acne

If you experience more break out then there are chances that detergent is responsible. Detergents with strong fragrances are often responsible for increasing the chances of acne outbreak. These strong fragrances of detergents causes skin irritation that further lead to acne outbreak. So, switch to the detergent that has less fragrance.

8.) Be Away from Stress to Prevent Acne

Stress is also another reasons for the occurrence of acne. If you have any mental problem like stress or depression, it will be reflected from your face. Stress is also responsible for early signs of aging. Taking stress invites wrinkles before time. So, try to keep yourself away from stress. Do what you like the most to beat stress. Meet your friends and listen to music for the purpose. Best way to get rid of stress is yoga and meditation. Going for a walk daily in the morning also makes you positive.

9.) Stay Away from Sunlight to Prevent Acne

A little sunlight, early in the morning, is good for your skin, but too much sunlight can damage your skin adversely. Exposure to sun during peek hours of the day can affect you skin very badly. When you are exposed to sun during peak hours, you skin exposed to harmful UV rays of the sun. So, it is good to stay indoor during peak hours of the day. Even if you are going out, it is advised to always keep your face covered with scarf. You can also wear sunscreen but many times, these sunscreen can also not add enough layer to your face that would protect you from sun. So always cover your face with a cotton cloth. Wear goggles and also wear hat.

10.)  Drink Water to Prevent Acne

Water is the best remedy for almost all the health and skin related problems. If your body is hydrated, you will be able to keep a number of skin problems away. It is very important to drink water in order to prevent acne outbreak. You can call it the best way to prevent acne outbreak naturally. Water works as a natural detox. Drinking water makes you urinate again and again and thus you are able to flush out toxins from the body. So drink 8 glasses of water a day and you will be able to keep acne at bay.


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