Best Foundation for Dry Skin


If you are searching best foundation for dry skin, then you are at right place. The perfect and right foundation is very important for a beautiful makeup application. Many women don’t use foundation according to their skin type which is not good. Foundation adds comfort to your face. Foundations can be difficult to find. Do not afraid to try foundation because of dry and sensitive skin. Many foundations on the sensitive and dry skin appear to clog the skin so it is good to search foundation that allows your skin to breathe and provides hydration. A flawless face complexion is the base of any look. Dryness can make your skin a little dull. Foundation contains moisturizing agents and added ingredients that treat and hydrate your parched areas. It also helps to hide your visible wrinkles, acne and sun damage like hyperpigmentation. You should use right skin care and foundation according to your skin type. In this article, you will get to know about some best foundation for dry skin.

Best foundation for dry skin

List of Best Foundation for Dry Skin:

1.) Clinique Super Balanced Makeup

It is the best foundation for dry skin. Dry and sensitive skin has a great amount of moisturizer. This foundation is best for this purpose as it acts as a moisturizer. It provides moderate coverage that leaves your skin with a matte and smooth finish. It is an oil free foundation that provides moisture and absorbs oil from your skin.

Steps to Use:

  • Apply this foundation after using 3-step skin care system that cleanses, exfoliate and moisturize your skin.
  • Apply it evenly with the help of fingertips or foundation brush.
  • For a seamless look damp your fingertips and blend edges.

2.) Mac Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

Mac studio is a gel based foundation that will provide light to full coverage. Its creamy texture hydrates your skin and removes dullness. It helps to cover scars, dark circles and blemishes. This foundation lasts throughout the day and feels fresh. You need to start with a small amount as it can spread easily on your skin.

3.) Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

The Maybelline foundation gives a fresh look and provides mild coverage. It is also long-lasting and also gives a dewy finish which is best for the dry and sensitive skin. After 8 to 12 hours of application, this foundation settles on your skin and manages to give an even skin tone. Apply this foundation with the help of a foundation brush to get flawless coverage.

4.) L’oreal- Visible Lift Serum Absolute

If you are looking for anti-aging and dry skin products, then this foundation is good for you. This foundation provides full coverage, remove scars, freckles, and dark circles. If you are in the age between 45 to 50, then this foundation will help to regenerate skin to give you a younger look. With the help of brush applicator, you can apply it on your skin.

5.) Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

This is the best foundation for the sensitive and dry skin. It is very light and ultra hydrating. This foundation helps to restore the moisture and adds the glow to your face. Apply this foundation with the Armani Blender Brush for airbrushed and seamless finish.

6.) Makeup Forever-HD Foundation

This type of foundation can be used for both dry and oily skin. Due to HD, it will give you a soft focus on your skin. This foundation is good for hyperpigmentation, scars and dark circles. It provides a flawless finish and gives full coverage on your face. This foundation is long-lasting and gives a natural finish. Apply nourishing on your skin and then apply it with the help of a brush.

7.) Victoria’s Secret Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Tinted moisturizers are the best foundation for dry skin and sensitive skin. This foundation has a lower pigment level that gives a natural look and provides sun protection. It will not dry your skin. It is lightweight and it creates the look of beautifully perfect and balanced skin.

8.) Bare Minerals Bareskin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation

Bare minerals are one of the best foundations for your dry skin. This foundation will brighten and even your skin tone. It protects your skin from sun exposure and is great for all skin types. This pure foundation will improve your skin tone. Apply only one drop of this foundation. If you need more coverage then you can use a little and apply it on your skin. For dry skin, apply moisturizer to hydrate your skin and then apply this foundation.

9.) Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation

This foundation is also the most effective and the best foundation for dry skin. It has a whipped and mouse like texture that will make your skin perfect. It balances the skin for a flawless look. It is long-lasting and gives matte and soft finish. It is perfect for summer. This foundation is bouncy, smooth, creamy and comfortable on the face.

10.) Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Full Coverage Foundation

Tarte is good for skin care and it is a perfect makeup product with many natural materials. If you want the matte look, then this foundation is the perfect product for you. It will give you full coverage and it doesn’t damage your skin. This foundation is full of minerals and vitamins that will soften, moisten and brighten your skin. Take a little amount of this foundation and apply it on your face with the help of an air brush in a circular motion. Blend it outward to get complexion perfection.

11.) Chantecaille Foundation

Chantecaille is the best foundation for dry skin. This foundation is packed with water and seaweed which is a moisture retaining ingredient. It is the gel-based foundation that provides build coverage. This is an oil free foundation that delivers hydration to the skin without using oil. After applying the primer and skin care, apply this foundation with the help of a brush.

12.) Covergirl Foundation

Covergirl’s flawless finish foundation is mixed with benefits of olay’s hydrating serum in this foundation. This foundation is good for keeping skin smooth and hydrated all day long. Use a disposable sponge wedge or fingertips, dab a little amount of foundation on the center of your face. Blend it outward toward the edges of the face, concentrate on uneven areas and decreases intensity toward the hairline.


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