Reasons And Cure For Dark Circles Under Eyes


After writing how to get rid of dark circles under eyes?, how to get rid of bags under eyes?, and how to get rid of puffy eyes?, we are now writing the reasons and cure for dark circles under eyes. The under eye circles are one of the hurdles to look beautiful. How to get rid of dark circles and the puffiness as well is the question, which I usually I asked to myself every day. But thinking about it is not much enough. I decided to work out the reason for dark circles and their cures. I came to know that there are many reasons that why we get these dark circles and also there are many methods to get rid of them. The following article will show you the reasons and how we can remove these dark circles and puffiness under the eyes:

Reasons & Cure For Dark Circles Under Eyes:

1.) Leave The Oily Cosmetics

The oily cosmetics products play a very special role in the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. For the best results we should use the lighter products which are water base. The products which have water in them, they are much lighter than the oily products. The water based products in the cosmetics is much valuable for those people who want to get rid of the dark circles and the puffiness. The skin also feels lighter and soft by the use of the water based products.

2.) PMS For Women

The monthly cycle is a noticeable thing in this regard. You should have a proper check and balance on the monthly cycle of the PMS menstruation cycle. During this period women loss essential vitamins and minerals from body and this is the main reason for dark circles to appear. You should take a proper and balanced diet in order to in order to have a healthy PMS menstruation cycle. This will help you a lot to give a fresh look to your skin and particularly the eyes.

3.) Treat The Medical Issues

The problem of the dark circles can be due to the reaction of some of the allergic things. It can also be a problem of the kidney infection. If there are other symptoms are also there like fever, rash of the skin, or the problem of breathing, etc. then go ahead and contact with your doctor. If the reason is the allergy of these dark circles and puffiness, then you should get to know that which things are responsible for this allergic reaction in your diet. Once you get to know about those food items or anything else, then tell them good-bye forever in order to look more healthy and fresh. The allergic reactions can cause due to the commercial pasteurized milk from the cows which are hormone treated, etc. The allergic reaction can also cause due to the cosmetic products which are made by the high use of the chemicals. Read how to treat allergies?

Cure for Dark Circles Under Eyes

4.) Use Wet Paper Towel

This is a great thing about the wet paper towel that it can help in the disappearing of the dark circles and puffiness from the eyes. Keep the wet paper towel in the freezer in night. In the morning, you just have to get that freeze wet paper towel out from the freezer and give it some time, and then place that wet paper towel around your eyes. This treatment can give you the best results in just two weeks and this remedy has been told to us by one of our reader.

5.) Treat The Nasal Congestion

The nasal congestion can be the reason of the darkness under the eyes. So we should focus on it also to cure dark circles. You can also read how to clear a sinus infection?, how to get rid of a stuffy nose? and how to stop a runny nose?

6.) Use The Sunscreen

The sunscreen is a very important factor. It helps the skin to protect from the dangerous rays of the sun. The sun rays is one of the major factors in order to darken the skin. So use of the sunscreen is best to reduce the dark circles if you go out in sun more.

7.) Enlarged Blood Cells

The enlarged blood cells can also be the reason for the darkness of the eyes and puffiness. To avoid this you should start using a double pillow. This is needed in order to stop the blood flow towards the eyes during your sleep time. The remedy for this is to use the chilled steel spoons. Put two steel spoons in the freezer and then take them out after some time. Now cool press them under your eyes, do it 3-4 times with cool steel spoons. It will remove the puffiness and cure dark circles.

8.) Avoid Excessive Smoking or Drinking

In this heading we are going to talk about the habit of smoking and drinking. The excess of smoking and drinking can cause many health and mainly skin problems. The results in very poor on blood circulation. You should reduce your consumption and then you will see the remarkable results. Read how to stop smoking?

9.) Give Attention To Hereditary Problem

The puffiness and darkness can be a problem, which is being inherited from the family. If this is the problem with you then you need not to choose any remedy or any other method from the world of cosmetics. The only thing you can do is to use the concealer to hide all these things. Read best concealer for dark circles under eyes.

10.) Exercise Facial Muscles

This is a great fact that if we do the exercise of the facial muscles then we can get a very fine tuning to our muscles. This will give a great look to our face. This will make the blood flow better and the small creases will be removed down.

11.) Get Enough Sleep

To get enough sleep is a main factor in order to remain fit and fine. The sleep should be satisfied completely in order to get healthier skin. The tiredness of the eyes will get removed if the sleep will be good. Read how to fall asleep? and how to make yourself tired to fall asleep?

12.) Soothing Eye Cream

The soothing eye cream is a good option to remove the dark circles and the puffiness. There are many soothing creams which are made of many natural products. They can give the best results to you. Read best eye cream for dark circles.

Other Natural Things to Get Rid of Dark Circles:

The nature is the best thing in this world. The natural remedies always give benefit. They have no side effects. They should be used regularly in our daily life. The slices of cool cucumber, the lemon juice, the potato, the tomato, the milk, cream, etc. are the natural products which can help in the removal of the darkness and the puffiness of the eyes.

1.) Don’t Take Stress

You should avoid stress. The stress can cause very serious damages to your health. The eyes are always getting more rapidly affected by the stress.

2.) Drink Lots of Water

The water is the best thing for the living things. The water allows the skin to get hydrated. The proper hydration is very necessary to avoid all kinds of skin problems. It helps in the normal blood flow. Read benefits of drinking water.

3.) Have Enough Iron

The deficiency of the iron can also be the cause of this problem. The iron deficiency can lead to various skin problems. There will be the symptoms of yellowing of the skin and the nails. You should go ahead for the test of the anemia. The proper diet and supplements eatables should be taken accordingly. Read foods high in iron.

4.) Maintaining a Healthy Diet

A fit and healthy diet is a good thing in all manners. The diet is the responsible for all the fitness of the body. There should be a good usage of the Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and the folic acid. The fruits are the best option for the intake of these vitamins.

5.) Remove Make Up Every Night

The make-up is one of the important things in our daily routine. We should remove the make-up on every night before going to the bed. This is necessary as the makeup always contains chemicals, which can harm the skin and the eyes.

6.) Don’t Be Too Close to TV

While watching the TV or while sitting in front of the PC, we have to take good care of the eyes. The eyes should not be exposed too close to the TV screens. As the TV screens emit the rays which can harm our eyes and it can also affect our eyesight. So we have to be very careful about it.

7.) Under Eye Concealers

The concealment is one of the major factors in covering our affected skin parts. The best the concealing is the best look we will have. The under eye concealment should be chosen in accordance with the skin color and skin type.


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