10 Best Foundation for Oily Skin


It is very important to take care of your delicate skin as it suffers from various problems on a daily basis. Are you experiencing the problem of oily skin these days? If yes, then it is really important to take this condition sincerely before it becomes worse and create various other skin-related problems. This article will guide you regarding 10 best foundation for oily skin.

Causes of Oily Skin:

There are various causes of getting oily skin. They are as follows:

  • You can get the problem of oily skin through your ancestors or family members. This is a genetically inherited skin-related problem that may pass on to you if you have family history regarding it.
  • Even if you overuse skin products then also you may develop the problem of oily skin.
  • Seasonal changes may cause the problem of oily skin.
  • Using harmful wrong products on your skin.
  • Taking lot of stress on a regular basis.

Identify Oily Skin Type:

Few people have oily skin tone. Hence, it is really important to identify your skin type. Here are few signs that you will notice due to oily skin.

You will experience enlarged pores on your skin.

10 Best Foundation for Oily Skin

10 Best Foundation for Oily Skin:

Here is the list of the 10 best foundation for oily skin. Use them to get rid of oily skin. This foundation can work on your skin like anything. It can help a lot in reducing the impact of oily skin.

1.) Studio Fix Fluid Foundation for Oily Skin:

It is the most famous and recommended MAC product. This amazing product contains silica that has various oil-controlling properties. It is one of the most amazing product used to reduce the impact of oily skin by minimizing the visibility of open pores. All fans of MAC, this is another great product for your oily skin. It provides all kind of benefits your skin needs. This product is the another example that why MAC is such a huge brand. This foundation contains a very special formula that helps in reducing open skin pores. It also helps in a minimizing appearance of pores. It contains SPF 15 that plays a major role in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays. It provides medium coverage. So, apply it on your skin to experience flawless skin. It also offers SPF protection from harmful UV rays. This product has long-lasting property. It may stay up to 8 hours on your skin. It is one of the best products that can control oil effectively and provide full coverage. Buy this foundation for $23. There is only one con of this foundation that it does not come with a pump. So, you need to buy that separately. Hence, start using Studio fix fluid as it is the best foundation for oily skin.

2.) Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation for Oily Skin:

This is the most famous foundation used by celebrities. This foundation is basically developed for TV industry. It gives the great complexion to your skin on off-screen as well as on-screen. It enhances the features of your face while hiding oily and open skin pores. Now you may see a range of 40 new shades matching different skin tones. So, choose your foundation according to your skin tone. It is a great foundation for oily skin. It helps in intensifying the radiance of your skin. Your skin will look so stunning even in harsh lights if you apply this foundation. Buy it for $43. So, go for it to prevent oily skin and gain charm in your personality by using this foundation.

3.) Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation:

This foundation is loaded with vitamin E, vitamin A nutrients, and green tea leaf extracts. It provides great moisture to your skin. It also provides important antioxidants to your skin pores. This light weight foundation is completely oil-free and it provides the long-lasting impact on your skin. It creates even and full coverage. This foundation stays on the top layer of your skin without getting settled into skin pores and fine lines. Buy it for $45. It is one of the most effective foundation for oily skin.

4.) Stila Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer:

It is one of the most innovative and amazing foundation for oily skin. The best part about this foundation and concealer is that it uses oxygen technology and provides great texture to your skin. It nourishes and hydrates your skin pores without using any oils on it. This technology can also prevent premature aging of your skin. Stila stays all day foundation is made up of botanical extracts that help in promoting blood flow to your skin pores. It also includes a brush and concealer with the foundation to provide a flawless glow to your skin. So, buy it for $44 and add it to your list of cosmetic products.

5.) Bareminerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation for Oily Skin:

This foundation provides full coverage by using just 5 ingredients. It is used for enhancing the texture of your skin by providing a smooth texture to it. This product has been proved to improve the appearance and texture of your skin by using it on a regular basis. Also, it contains SPF 15 which can protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays of skin. You will never get the feeling of wearing a makeup on your skin by using this foundation. It is very skin-friendly product and does not cause any kind of irritation as it is completely oil-free. Buy it for $28.50. It is a great foundation for oily skin.

6.) Kat Von D Lock-IT Tattoo Foundation:

If you find that foundation for oily skin doesn’t provide full coverage. Then, think again. Kat Von D Lock-IT Tattoo Foundation is one such product which fits in your expectations. This foundation contains 21% pigment. This product provides full coverage plus it is long-lasting. It is an amazing and effective foundation that can cover tattoos as well. It includes natural polymers that help in absorbing oil of your skin. It provides the matte finish and shining texture to your skin. So, if you are planning to go to a party, then it is the time to use Kat Von D Lock-IT Tattoo foundation. This oil-free foundation is guaranteed to last for whole day i.e 24 hours. So, go for it and buy it for $35.

7.) Lorac Natural Performance Foundation:

Are you having both sensitive as well as oily skin? If yes, then this is the foundation for you. This foundation is both oil as well as fragrance-free. It is rich in vitamin A nutrient and contains olive leaf extracts. It provides a soothing effect to the sensitive skin. So, use local natural performance foundation for oily skin. Hence, upgrade your cosmetic products and add this product for $36.

8.) Clarins Ever Matte Oil-Free Foundation:

It helps in tightening open pores of skin by providing a smooth texture to it. So, use this foundation for oily skin to gain smooth texture on your skin. You will experience no signs of wear by applying this foundation to your skin. It can be used on all skin types, but it is basically famous for oily skin type. So, buy it for $49.342 and get an improved skin tone. Therefore, start using this foundation and get numerous skin benefits from it.

9.) Clinique Pore Refining Solution:

You can get a range of foundation choices with Clinique. This product is a must try that can help to shrink pores. It can provide flawless glow and the perfect finish to your skin. Even in the day, it won’t wear off easily. It can reduce the appearance of blemishes and give a rejuvenating effect to your skin. So, buy it for $63.044.

10.) Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation:

This foundation gives the semi-matte finish. It provides medium coverage. It is an effective foundation for oily skin. It is neither too heavy nor too light. It is a skin friendly foundation that can hide acne scars and skin pores effectively. It provides a natural finish to skin while giving a smooth texture to it. Your skin appears more beautiful in real as well as in photograph by applying this foundation on it. It also includes SPF 15 that helps in protecting your skin from harmful UV radiation of the sun. So, buy it for $38.50.


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