How to Put on Eyeshadow?


Here is an article which will help you to put on eyeshadow. this article is dedicated to various shapes and styles of putting on eyeshadow. Eyes are the most elegant and expressive part of a person. It is said that eyes reveal what your heart hides and speaks that your cannot. For various reasons eye makeup is the essential part of your makeup. I believe it the detailed explanation  in the article will help you to put on eyeshadow like a pro. Eye makeup should be carefully chosen according to your facial features, occasions or events. Mostly loud colours are preferred for parties or receptions other than that low hues and nude colours are to enhance your no makeup look. This look is preferred for office, daily look or date. Choose a good product other corrupt products may cause skin irritation and irritation to your eyes. For applying eye shadow you should have the brushes in your stock. To put on eyeshadow firstly get a pencil brush, a stiff dome brush, a soft dome brush and a flat stiff brush. Now let’s brush like a pro.

Different Ways to Put on Eyeshadow:

How to Put on Eyeshadow?

1.) How to Put No Makeup Look Eyeshadow?

This makeup gives you the natural look. It makes you look flawless and your eyes look bright and beautiful. After your hair do’s and facial makeup. It’s time to define your eyes now. The best part of this makeup is that it looks totally natural so put on eyeshadow of nude colour or of the shade of your makeup. Keep the colour parallel to the shades of your facial makeup either you can choose a shade darker than your skin or one shade lighter than your skin. Here are the simple steps.

  • Take a stiff dome brush and apply the shadow to the brow bones.
  • Apply it on the inner corner of your eye and around the tear duct.
  • Take a crease brush and brush along the lower lashes and it into the crease. Make sure that it blends properly so that there are no hard edges.
  • If you want to line your eyes apply a thin line of the liner to define your eyes.
  • Fill your brows.
  • Apply mascara.

2.) How to Put Cats Eye Eyeshadow?

Cats Eye is in vogue now. Beating the winged eyes trend the cat’s eye was made most popular by stars. This makeup is easy to carry and very elegant. After the famous star Adele appearance in cat’s eye makeup in her hit musical number the girls have gone crazy and obsessed with the style. Here are the simple steps towards Adele like cats eye look.

After you are done with the facial makeup and hair do’s.

  • Apply primer to the eyelids if not applied.
  • Using a stiff brush to put on eyeshadow of champagne colour with a pop of shimmer over the eyelids, to make it subtle smoky eye.
  • Now apply a soft brown shadow using a crease brush in windshield motion in left to right strokes.
  • Now use a dark colour on the outer edges of the eye with a crease brush. Apply in a circular motion. Bend properly.
  • If you want to add the beauty with a fake flash. Put it on now.
  • Use an angled brush and apply gel liner. Make a winged shape. Fill the wings with gel.
  • If you want a smoky look mess up your thick wings at the ends and the second pair of falsies to balance the outline.
  • Apply some expresso powder onto the lower lash line.
  • Apply mascara.

3.) How to Put Smokey Eyeshadow?

The smokey makeup is a classic eye makeup. It is considered as the hardest one and is very artistic. The secret of this makeup is the trick. There are the simple tricks for this classic and sophisticated makeup. Here are steps to put on eyeshadow in a Smokey way.

  • Apply a primer and blend it properly over your lids and under eyes to ensure that your makeup remains smear proof.
  • Dark circles can spoil your make up so use a concealer to conceal them. Pad translucent powder over it and gently wipe off the powder with a tissue.
  • Curl your lashes with a curler.
  • For smokey look use a dark shade of shadow. Colours like grey, navy, brown with shimmers or green are most popular for this makeup.
  • Use a Q-tip brush or a smudge brush to smudge lightly. It brings the shadow effect. Crease it along the bottom lashes.
  • Line your eye. Use a creamy liner to define your eyes. If you want to add extra effects define your inner bottom lash line.
  • Apply a highlighter add some shimmers on areas along your eyebrows. It opens up your eye area and adds radiance to your eyes. For fair complexion use a pearl hue. For girls with darker skin tone use a champagne shade.
  • At last but not the least apply mascara.

4.) How to Put Cut Crease or Open Banana Eyeshadow?  

If you have hooded eyes you must apply the shades on the crease your eyeshadow this way. It also looks good on all other eye types. Here are simple steps to put on eyeshadow on your crease of your eye. This is the style where you can go for heavy contrast and party ready look.

  • Choose a crease shade. You can go for matte medium brown colour, if you want it to be loud chose some dark colours or colour which goes along with your outfit.
  • Use a fluffy brush and apply the shadow on the hollow part of your crease. Let it cover ¾ of the inner part of your eye from the end of your eyebrows. Keeping the inner eye part nude and untouched.
  • Use a blender brush and blend properly.
  • Now it is time to make crease wings. Draw a wing shape from the crease creating using upward stroke wing.
  • Line the eyeliner on the upper eye line and slowly highlight the outer edges of your lower eye to give a broad and elegant look to your eyes.
  • Apply mascara on the eyelashes.

5.) How to Put on Round or Close Banana Eyeshadow?

If you know how to put eyeshadows in cut crease technique then you will find it identical with the closed banana shape eyeshadow. It is that eye makeup which makes your eyes look wider and your eyelids longer. If you are going for a party and you are a party animal this look is perfect for you. For this look, you need to follow the following steps.

  • Apply filler on your upper eyes.
  • If you have dark circles use a concealer and blend it properly using a blender brush.
  • Choose a shade or you can use two shades of same colour one a lighter one and the other a darker one.
  • Use a stiff brush and apply the darker shade on the crease keep the initial inner eye part untouched.
  • Draw the lower lash line and let the upper line meet the lower one. Keep the inner eye corner nude and start with lighter strokes. Making it dark at the outer edge.
  • Now use a soft dome brush to apply the lighter shade on the upper eye, fill it and blend it properly.
  • Line your eye with a thin line.
  • Apply mascara to lift your eye lashes and give a wide and elegant look to your eyes.


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