How to Pick Up Girls in High School?


Teenage is the time when girls and guys step into the world of dating. No one is much experienced therefore being nervous is quite obvious. When you need to pick up girls in high school then first thing which you need to take care of is to be confident. Well, she is not gonna eat you up. Worst could be her denial but big deal! move on to the next one. This will only help you to be better in the world of impressing and dating girls. You need to make a girl feel special and as if there is no one better than her to pick up girls in high school. Read more in this article to know great points on how to pick up girls in high school.

How to Pick Up Girls in High School

Steps to Pick Up Girls in High School

1. Approach to Pick Up Girls in High School

This could be the hardest part as this is your first time and you must be nervous to approach any girl if you haven’t done it ever. Wear confidence and you can get any girl. When you yourself would feel confident then you can ask girls out easily. She is in your school then you must have many topics to talk to her. Find out what activities are she into and it will help you to talk to her.

For instance, if she in a dance group then ask her “what kind of dance forms are being taught in the club as you too would like to join” she will help you out for sure. Talk to her something which makes sense or else she would not pay any attention to you. Keep in mind not to start with a cheesy pick up line or any stupid line just to start talking to her.

2. Get Yourself Better to Pick Up Girls in High School

Well, of you are a cute and a handsome guy then you do not have to do much to get the attention of girls. Do not be the guy who has to chase girls be the guy who gets chased by the girls. If you really want to pick up best girls in the school then focus to better yourself. Change your style and do something which would attract girls towards you in a positive way. Adopt latest fashion trends or be the one who is good with studies to get liked by girls. You may have your own talents.

Do not try to be others if only change for being a better person. If your fashion sense is horrible then ask any of your friends to help you in deciding what to wear. Maintain a proper hygiene, stay clean and smell good. Shower daily and also maintain oral hygiene. Find clothes to wear which will make you look smarter do not wear clothes which make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Stay Friendly to Pick Up Girls in High School

Wear a welcoming smile on your face it will make you appear friendly. If you are a popular guy then it won’t be hard for you to attract girls and pick one of them. Make a lot of friends to be popular and having a friendly smile on your face will help you to achieve that. Talk to people and get to know more of them to know many people. Appear friendly and people will come to you.

Try to help others whenever you can this would earn you bonus points. Get involved in activities like sports or whatever is your interest. It is also a good way to become popular and liked by a lot of girls.

4. Know Topics to Start Talking to a Girl

When you will approach a girl you definitely will need a conversation starter. Your conversation matters a lot and will help you to mark an impression on her. You cannot talk about anything which does not make sense as it will get you more embarrassed and you might even lose the courage to talk to her ever. Therefore think of a good conversation starter beforehand to approach a girl in high school.

You can ask her to help you out on something to make it look very common to talk to her. You can ask her about the places which are great to look around. Ask something which does not actually concerns her to make her answer conveniently. Indirect approaches are good when you are not much confident. Use direct approach like “I have never seen a beauty like this in the town” well it could even put you in trouble, therefore if you are not confident enough then indirect approach would be better.

5. Go for Compliments to Pick Up Girls in High School

Who does not likes to get praised? Everyone likes it when someone tells a good thing about them. When it comes to picking up a girl in high school then complimenting them is also a good way to approach them easily. Here also you can directly compliment them if you are confident or compliment them indirectly by complimenting something about them or something which relates to her.

For instance, you can tell her “wow you have a great dressing sense, I never found anyone pulling that kind of dress so greatly”. This is a great way to compliment a girl and show her how that you are interested in her without actually saying it. This will definitely make her respond back and grab that opportunity to get to know her more or ask her out for the next time.

6. Carry on the Conversation to Pick Up Girls in High School

Once you have started talking and she is responding back with a smile you should try to talk to her more. you can ask her to show the school or if is she new you can offer her to show her around. Keep on having a conversation while walking with her. Do not talk about things which boys generally talk about i.e. cars, sports etc. Ask her about herself to know her more.

Knowing her more will give you the opportunity to impress her better. Start with asking general questions regarding the place or school. You can tell her something funny about school or anything related to school to keep her interested in talking to you.

7. Tell Her About Yourself to Pick Up Girls in High School

It is good to talk about her but you should not only keep it about her. To pick up girls in high school you should tell her about you too. That way she will get to know about you, which she wants to do. You do not need to brag here about yourself but you need to tell her what you are good at without sounding as you are bragging. Tell her about some incidents which will reveal to her about your cool side.

You can tell that yesterday when you were composing a song on your guitar then your cat suddenly jumped over you. It will tell her about your guitar skills indirectly.

8. Ask Her Out to Pick Up Girls in High School

Everything got great till now but it will be of no use if you will let her go just like that without taking her number or without asking her to meet for the next time. Most of the guys do this mistake which does not fetch them any result even after trying so hard. When it comes to picking up girls you need to keep moving forward.

When you know that you are going towards different directions then you can ask her to meet her again at the same place tomorrow. You can even say “okay see you tomorrow I will call you when I will reach but I don’t have your number. Never mind I will just wait” it will surely help you to get her number. You can even give her a side hug when you say her goodbye to escalate your relationship. Keep hug casual to not make her feel awkward.


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